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    Computing, and IT, and Computers and a wide range of Computer-related-stuffs.
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    Primarily a 'Mac' guy, by that I mean I use OS X day-to-day with my Macbook Pro 15inch w/Retina Display and my 27inch 5K iMac but also greatly interested in IT in general, working for the NHS in the UK.
    I am completely unbiased in terms of platform wars, owning both two PCs and two Macs as well as an Xbox One and a PS4 + HTC One M8 as well as an iPhone 6 + iPhone 6 Plus. I aim to be as neutral as possible when discussing either.
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    IT Support Technician - NHS South Devon


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    Intel Core i7 - 5820k - 4.5GHz
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    ASUS X99 - Deluxe
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    4x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2600MHz
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    Nvidia GTX 770 2GB (MSI Lightning)
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    Fractal Design Define R4
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    OCZ Vector 150 240GB + 120GB Kingston V300 Game Storage Drive
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    Corsair AX750w Modular
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    2x LG 23EA63V
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    Corsair H100i - 2x SP120 Quiet
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K70 - MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Performance Mouse
  1. Hello, I am about to start a home project to sort out the networking in my home. My network currently sits like this: Virgin Media (110Mb) > Apple Airport Time Capsule [AC] > GBe to 8 Port dumb switch > Xbox One+PS4+Apple TV [streaming] > GBe to 5 Port dumb switch > iMac, Gaming PC, File Server I was wondering what recommendations somebody would make to this network. I usually stream from my file server via my Time Capsule's AC WiFi to my MacBooks and from the File Server over the GBe line to my Apple TV via the 5port and 8port switches. These are just dumb 1GBe switches bought from Amazon for around £15 and £20. I am willing to spend money to upgrade this setup. ANY recommendations and constructive criticism is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Thankyou to everybody who replied, I have been working quite a lot recently hence the lack of contribution from myself. You are correct in thinking that I do not want to transport my HD650s around, I wouldn't mind as much if they werent open-backed but the sound leak is just to much to use on public transport, or in an office for example. In reply to what kind of music do I listen to, embarrassing its mainly Top 40 music and regretably I cannot describe the 'kind' of music but can give a few examples of Artists if that helps? - Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, The Fray, The Killers, Maroon 5, Scouting for Girls, The 1975 Thankyou all again.
  3. Hello! I have been using the standard Apple 'EarPods' headphones for the past two years, and whilst they are actually O.K. given they are free earbuds, I feel it's time for a change. It's severely annoying changing between them and my HD 650s around the home. (I guess that and... well... my EarPods' connector frayed...) I am looking to spend anywhere up to £250 (Great British Pounds) on some quality In-Ear Monitors/Headphones. Given I am a 17 year old Apprentice I do not have unlimited funds, and with daily living as well as saving for a car I didn't want to blow a stupid amount on fancy earphones. I have been looking at some Sennheiser IE 80 earbuds but they seem to be quite difficult to get hold of in the UK and finding them below £300 has been a mission if nothing else. Looking for any suggestions! Thank you for your time in advance guys!
  4. Hello! *Please no hate on any products that I have chosen to buy, I am asking for some friendly advice on products to improve my setup* I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD650 headphones, to use with my X99 gaming rig, and my Macbook Pro with Retina display, just for around the house music listening. I have found that my MacBook cannot power the headphones properly, and they are not very loud at all. Even at full volume I still find myself trying to raise the volume some more. My gaming rig handles it a bit better, but my Z77 rig has the same issue as my Macbook. I am looking at the Fiio E10K, its only £69 and i've heard stellar things about it, and all it needs me to do is set up a Mini-USB in my office on the desk and one in my bedside cabinet for my Macbook and I have an audio amp anywhere. Any other recommendations? That will maybe be a bit cheaper and perform as good if not better? Thanks for all of your time! :rolleyes:
  5. Oooo I smell HTPC + Steam box potential! Was looking into these the other day.
  6. I was going to spend a LOT of time on this, but I realise by the time I had the thread would be dead, so I was beginning to make a White ASUS Mobo; here it is: Pls realise this took like 10 minutes, I do want to do a full photoshop edit on it, but it would take, Way to long..
  7. I heard some ramblings a few years ago at somebody doing another White PCB motherboard, I would LOVE to see that surface, as a limited edition of course, but it would be great to see..
  8. This is personally how I would've chosen the colours for the Z97 Launch.
  9. Had to pick something, and that was all that was in my downloads folder.
  10. Completely agree. Its like its a whole new team designing the motherboards, that hasn't looked at their previous work or anybody else in the market.. Great shame.
  11. As did I, it was actually going to be my board of choice before I realised they have completely cut it. It's sad because Nobody else has a board that isn't Red and Black, Gold and Black or Yellow and Black.. Where are my Blues! Greens! Any. Other. Colour. PLEASE.
  12. Hello, First off I don't know wether I have posted this in the right sub-forum or not, so if not please alert me and I will delete the post I'm on the search for a new Z97 system, that I can later upgrade by popping in a Broadwell CPU, so after scoping out most of my parts it came to the motherboard. Usually I go with GIGABYTE motherboards, as I have always had good experiences and as shallow as this may be, I have always liked the design over the ROGs or the M-Powers of our industry. So like usual I went to the site and began searching and I've realised... GIGABYTE have lost all sense of Identity?! Every board either resembles an ROG board from Asus, or one of their mainstream boards from the Z87 line. I realise this is a highly opinionated subject but has anyone else noticed this and agree with me that the previous 3-4 generations colour schemes and designs have been much, much nicer? We've hit a point really where if you're buying a high-end board your getting mostly the same features across all vendors and the appearance of a board is a big selling point, and I feel that GIGABYTE have ditched their well known colour schemes that identify them, e.g. G1 Gaming boards being bright green, and have now fit comfortably into the 'trend' that all board makers have decided to follow. [Red+Black] I've chosen my board as the Asus Z97-A motherboard as it has a great price point, full ATX size versus the skinny models that you find here and there, SATA Express support. Can somebody please tell me as a bonus if the PCB is Black? because in some images it seems brown, and the thought of having to pay an extra 50% cost just for a black PCB on a similar board scares me.. Anyway let the opinions flow! Thankyou.
  13. MKBHD Didn't really do that video correctly, the iPhone 5s, One M8 and G3 all use different panel types and different colour temperatures + different contrast ratio's. It would show the thesis more clearly if he had showed Macro footage of text and icons, not only a third of the screen taken up by 3 smartphones all displaying the same image. You literally CANNOT notice the difference between 6-10 inches away, where you should be holding your smartphone. its a different story if you're sat with your phone up to your eye trying to see a difference. It probably will become the new standard but its bloody pointless. It takes an LG or a Samsung to try and get the best numbers on a spec sheet to say they were the first, and it makes everyone else look bad, and the whole market moves toward this pointless, more expensive, and higher power usage display that 98% of the target market don't give a flying linus about.
  14. I have an iPhone 5s and a HTC One and the difference is Minimal, but I agree they could do with a little increase in density, maybe 370 would be enough but its hard to guess. I Apologise for rash assumptions.