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  1. I seemed to fixed the problem, I changed the power plan to high performance in power settings. And check if your cpu is overheating too.
  2. i have the exact same problem, I get so many frames but I get frame drops especially in gunfights. My specs are i3-8100, RX 580, 8GB RAM. I've tried everything and nothing seem to work...
  3. PcNo0b

    good deal?

    The specs are:I5 6600k quad core cpu8gb of ddr4 hyperx memory2 x gigabyte windforce gtx 660s 2gb in SLISli bridgeAsus z170-ar motherboardCoolermaster hyper 212x evo cpu coolerAntec vp600p 600w power supplyHyperx fury 120gb ssd1tb western digital hard driveDeep cool caseDvd drive also comes with 60hz 1080p (dont know the model) and spare 550 ti for some reason... all for $650 AUD
  4. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/82CMPs I wanted it to be in the 800-900$ range but if you can edit some parts out to lower the price down, i'll be thankful.
  5. I’m just wondering your thoughts of getting a second hand gaming pc.
  6. I just bought an audio splitter for my earphones so i can use the mic and hear from it at the same time but its making this err sound and it stops unless i turn down the microphone boost down to zero.
  7. I somehow fixed it by going into safe mode and went to system config and chose normal startup
  8. Same gpu as before it’s 750 ti so it doesn’t need power cords. My cpu is a8-5600k. Motherboard: a78m-e45 v2
  9. I installed my gpu to my pc then went to device manager to get the updated driver. It told me to restart the computer for the driver to work but then this popped up “a required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed”. If I press enter to try again BSOD happens then goes back to recovery. I tried going into safe mode to try and factory reset the computer but when I click troubleshoot no reset option was there... help!!!
  10. im just going to stick with my 750 ti for now. might just save up for a new build.
  11. dont think the ryzen would be compatible for my mobo?
  12. would my cpu bottleneck it
  13. I don't know which one to get. They are both good cards but which one is more compatible for my computer? CPU: AMD A8-5600k MOBO: MSI A78M-E35 V2 RAM: 8 GB 1 question, would both of them cards get bottlenecked by the cpu?