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  1. think your getting ripped off, try living in Australia, Telstra owns the lines so the other ISP's have to rent the lines, since december this is what my nets been like. i have continuely complained to my ISp about how Telstra fracked up the lines, then left.. IN DECEMBER!, and knowingly left it, as it was i only got like 4.6Mbps but 4.6 is alot ducking more then 1.42Mbps. so do yourself a favor, make sure the reputation of your ISP and line owner is a good one, if your lines are Flucked n they fix it. thats awesome. it be worth a few bucks more, as for telstra, the lot of them need to talk a real bloody long was of a short pier, useless bunch of mouth breathing space wasting knuckle dragging back birth bastards, may they all root in hell with hitlers hair ass always in their face
  2. do a Netspeed test, it ifs online stuff that u slow on then its probably netspeed related
  3. fair enough, it needs work yes, but i cant see it being a shit game, it might not be as good as it could be, but i dont think its going to be bad, im looking forward to new squad mates, im sad that we will never see Tali garrus wrex and grunt again (dont care about liara), but new worlds and new type of game shold be good, also i heard someoen reviewing it said they undersold Cora in it, and some of the stories are in the Codex.
  4. this is the problem with everyone who "likes" mass effect. you just like ME2. or compare everything to ME2. spoilers its not ME2... its not ME or ME3... it is a completely different story, place and time to the original trilo. stop expecting it to be Mass Effect 2. you go into the game expecting it to be ME2 you are going to be sorely disappointed. MEA has it a soft reboot. get over the fact it has bugs, ffs Darksouls still is buggy as fuck, they haven't fixed that. and its still a fucking awesome game. bugs are just something that happens. the story might need some work, some bugs fixed, but from what i have seen the game looks like it has alot to offer, and its got alot of room to make new games, stories. if you think bugs ruin a game, play any of the dark souls games. they might be annoying but the games are still amazing (camera lock on ds1 is god awful, keeps making me 180 an die. an to think the game wasn't hard enough)
  5. well as i said, ea is still to blame XD. it should be rolled back for another 2 months at least. the game doesn't look that bad, i think people are just blowing it all outta proportion. it might not be the same as the original. but i dont think its going to be bad, it just wont be shepard and the crew, thou i will say, they shuold have populated the galaxy better.
  6. i like how people blame Bioware, but not EA, the company that forced bioware to change the ME3 ending to the starchild ending because of a leak, with just a few weeks till launch EA forced the change n release, which inturn made the original makers to leave, MEA was made by the ME3 multiplayer devs, and i can bet that its EA forcing the launch again. you want to blame someone blame the fuckwits at EA. oh btw EA was also the reason Deadspace 3 was a flop, because they were trying to turn it into a FPS not a horror game
  7. im guessing your from AUS ? if so then complain to your ISP, and hope they fix it. atm we have hardline issues out where i live, have complained about it, telstra still thinks they can fix hardline issues from a chair 1500km away. taken just after my net started shitting itself annnnnnd this is telstra telling me they have fixed the problem (today. 21/3/17) correct me if im wrong but having 2500ms in a game isn't normal, and 1.86Mbps is a bit lower then 4.65Mbps
  8. -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -nomansky put that into the launch options in steam. library-right click ark-options-set launch options - paste ^^ that should help a bit. i have a shitty little FX4300 (4.62Ghz oc) and a r9 270, R9 doesn't have a problem running the game, i lose FPS when the cpu is under heavy load. thou putting in the code above defiantly helps boost FPS
  9. well if you know how to force core useage on it and have a decent GPU the FPS is fine, thou its more CPU bound i have found, decent RAM is always a bonus, it can be toxic as, but there are also some servers out there that are really good, just make sure u pick your tribe mates carefully, i got over 1000hrs in it, playing modded can be alot of fun, Vanilla nower days is server v server. so its not quite as toxic on that front, but its grindy as hell. also the introduction of trodons and pegos makes being a naked a bitch half the time, as if carnos, raptor and dilos werent bad enough haha.
  10. I have currently purchased a Asrock aB350 pro matx mobo, sadly its on a 1 month wait. i have been kinda thinking i want to get this MSI thats going to be avilible sooner rather then later. BUT my biggest problem is, power phases. the asrock is sporting 9, MSI is sporting 6. i know some companys have cheaper mosfets and phases and i was wondering, who has the better ones. is MSI's 6 P-Phases able to out class asrocks on quality and delievery or am i better of just going with more is better, and wait that 1 bloody month... which has already taken to long! :(. here some specs Asrock MSI the asrock is defiantly sporting more kit has good heatsinks doesn't look bad at all and i have been using asrocks since 2008 , but MSI is more likely to be better quality, looks good (also inline more with my intended color scheme) and should be more readily available, but last MSI i brought was a can of worms on their rags with suicidal tendency's
  11. something like this will do just fine for what you are needing. thermal paste remove... isopropyl alcohol and lint free cloth. make sure you get some good thermal paste BTW, cheap stuff will not work well, good stuff is well worth the price.
  12. righto, good news, your CPU's are heaps cheaper then mine are lol, if you can wait a few days or so, Amazon or Newegg. ill have a quick look
  13. what country do you live in ?
  14. post beeps (post codes) shuold come from the motherboard speaker, or u might have to plug one in, consult your manual for either front IO config and see if there is a plug for the speaker... but most new mobos have a tiny inbuilt speaker. umm without a CPU no display no nothing, mobos wont run with out a CPU. if you remove your ram and its not beeping, then it is a completely CPU issue, as one its not noticing the CPU is there... and there for not seeing the ram either
  15. look any techie worth his salt should know how to do a bios update, and keep up with hardware. i designed a listed a computer for a mate, but i like 1500Kms away so he had someone else build it.... and they never installed the M.2 because of incompetence, they first told him it needs a case, then said it wasn't made for the mobo, then told him it needed special software once installed, i told him to tell old mate to "sack himself as he is bloody garbage at his job or give me his number and ill flame him"... (the guy who built it tried to tell my mate that the PC could of been designed better and wasn't going to be great for gaming... then pulled the who cant install a m.2 excuses. [6700k asus maximus vii 2Tb SSHD 500Gb evo SSD 250 m.2 16Gb RAM, 240 AIO etc.] i was about ready to drive 1500km and knock this filthy casuals block off tradie style) if you don't have a techy like this then you should be sweet. im not going to say i know everything, still alot to learn, but i have found that i know more then half the people in the i.t retail shops. at least here in AU