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    DDR3 Gskill 16Gb
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    Sapphire R9 270 2Gb
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  1. for complete shits an giggles, who do you think would win. im backing Achillies, known as one of the greatest warriors ever. (oh the whole magic demi God stuff is irrelevant, both are pure mortal, this is about combat skills, not who was a magical pixie demi god from pandora with rainbow farts).
  2. this is what AMD looks like this yr XD... (consult pic) haha yeeeeah!!! just wait a bit but leaks on board prices are out and CPU. rams already there but id wait to check compatibility, BUT at least you can start pricing, a Asus Alphaprime board (enthusiast grade) $380 AUD which is typically the most expensive boards. (if your not aussie expect lower price... our government loves to ass rape with prices and taxes ..)
  3. Luxury, ours is about $70 ...
  4. i think i offically have the most garbage net speed here!, this is what Australian Government considers plenty fast enough..
  5. ok that is a upside to 1 where i live and 2 the post service. both services if parcel is too big to fit in mail box give you a "pick up" slip to aviod the door parcels, OR a parcel guy drives about. thou he has been known to leave them on the front door. unless people complained and then he leaves them at post office or somewhere out of site at your house. upside thou is the street i live in (just outta town) no one is going to steal ya stuff, but if you lived in Vegemite village in town, you wouldn't leave a broken garden gnome out the front of your house.
  6. so sounds like the gov funded services are pretty much the same, USPS an AusPost are equally shit. i ordered 2 things from the same shop for fun i put one on startrack and one on auspost. star track 2 later on my door and in my RIG went my new GPU...... AUS post 9 days later (working days) on their 7 working days policy post... good thing i put the mouse mat in that post...
  7. ok but why is USPS so bad, elaborate haha. i heard UPS and fedex are suppose to be good
  8. see we have 2 main service's in AUS. Auspost (lazy garbage who for yrs wouldn't give me my parcels on a tuesday or a thursday even if it was on the shelf right behind them and i could bloody well see it, but refused to give it to me cos i dont get mail on tuesday or thursday). and StarTrack who on thier standard post can get stuff to me faster than auspost express
  9. ok who has the WORST postal service out there. and who is a great..good postal service. Here in AUS we have Auspost.... their idea of 7 working days is anywhere between now and 2 weeks from now..... normally the latter in my experience has anyone else had issues like this. or has a postal service decided to kick your products all the way to your door
  10. i have seen alot of other movies where americans arent the heros, but id like a list so i can find some i haven't seen. id love to see more Firefly, the expanse kinda shows. vikings is awesome, so is GOT. to be clear i dont wanna see shit like Housos either. (aussie show. basically its a bunch of bogans being stupid.) its not a "i hate america", its just alot of shows i have watched lately are all about the american hero thing. its a "i want to watch something thats not about america" as is there are some aussie movies that i completely hate and think are utter garbage. hate that movie, and "Australia" the movie was so shit. ... ill slash my wrist with a spoon before watching it. (FYI im also aussie, and i think there are very few movies here worth watching) attack on titan was... wierd as hell. i like it, but it was wiiiiierd. Green Street hooligans was a great movie ... any one know of Movies like "The Monkey King" worth watching as well ? you know that kid in the class who always has a story of how great he is..... no one likes that kid (looks at michael bay) is there a criteria where we can elect to stop him making movies.
  12. yeah niel Blonkamp does good movies.
  13. ok not meaning to piss anyone off here (but if you must take offense.. well thats your stick in the mud) i want a good movie, preferring action movie... where america or an american isn't the hero, ill take a mexican chinese hobo with a salami stick if i have too. i dont want to watch anythin Michael "EXPLOSIONS" bay related, due to movies like the last air bender, the last sumari, 47 ronnin, DC\Marvel movies. anything vin diesel\steven seagull and all alike have become rather boring and tedious, any one got some ideas ? things like district 9 im all good for tomorrow when the war began
  14. yeah its a AM2 system, only a little dual core an 4Gb ram with a massive 160Gb HDD... haha yeah nooope
  15. yeah that's waaaaaay to much fart assing for a HTPC. found a solution thou. $75(AUD) win7 postage n handling inc. that fixes that whole issue. ill just use Leawo Blu-Ray Player once I get a new copy of win7. if it was a personal rig I wouldn't mind so much but its a HTPC so Linux Blu-ray is defiantly out. its at least a 30minute job to watch a movie. that's at best. not worth it.