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    Fx 4300+
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    Asrock 970 Extreme3 R2.0
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    DDR3 Gskill 16Gb
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    Sapphire R9 270 2Gb
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    Silverstone RV04
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    2x Sandisk 120Gb , 2x Seagate 2Tb, 1x Seagate 320Gb
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    Thermaltake lite 700w
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    Benq GL2760h, ViewSonic 18.5
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    H55 (with 2 SP120 Corsiar)
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    TT Esports Challenger Prime
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    Logitech G402
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    Logitech z506
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    Windows 7 Home 64-bit

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    Land of the bloody hot and mad
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    Computers (duuuh), Metal fabrication, carpentry, 4WD-ing, Utes, Guns, Gaming, Motorbikes, Mass Effect
  1. I was in yr 3, so I would of been 9ish I think when I did my first build. but the computers and parts were all 2nd hand, my dad got them from his work as they were going to ditch them so we got a bunch of PC's and I started building..... nostalgia kicking in fo some old pc parts!!!
  2. im 27 mate haha, I'm not old, just yrs haven't been kind! XD. yeah I had 2 210Mb (WD) and a Maxtor 80mb. a 4x ROM, 1 floppy and a 5 1/4. I remember the 386 SX haha, actually I have a MX200 at home I just remembered. I should do it up and post it up here! haha I would love to OC a old ass cpu , mate how awesome would that be getting some old shit and doing old school overclocking. break out that led pencil!
  3. remember installing win 3.1 on 5 1/4. took my PC 2 hrs. something like 10 disc's. that massive 20mb OS lol
  4. pffft I done better... 2Mb 32 pin RAM. no sound XD, sound was for chumps! lol
  5. 386 DX 40 Mhz (had to research the Trident, forgot what model... I found it, you ready for this monster, the 1080 titan killer!!!) Trident 8992 Rev A3 TVGA8900D 512KB 16-Bit ISA aaah those where the wacky wheel days!!
  6. i have used car speakers before on a house amp. sorta the same, inhouse speakers sound better, car speakers can take travel and shock better, you can do it just you will need a speaker box. you'll be right mate,
  7. true... i mean some of the fanboys are no more than mindless husks, but yeah off topic... where is the ME:A feed. lol this yr is starting pretty juicey thou, Ryzen ME:A Vega. thats like all i need from this yr, once those 3 are out ill never leave my room. ill dying playing ME:A with a smile on my face and a stench that will give you special eyes ... i had to last shot
  8. so a geth ... reapers would be more then that, whast uu described is a geth... maybe thats what AMD is trying to make... OH does that mean i could have my very own legion and tali?
  9. if only people would believe it, but they wont until its too late... (i think Nvidia is the reaper in this case...)
  10. yeah i know. i might just crossfire the AM3 rig and just go more sensible with the ZEN, its not for gain, its for knowledge and experience sake i want to Xfire. other thing is i could always get some older cars and drop them in the AM3 and continue to fart ass about with it and learn more on it. it is goign to be a waiting game. as long as i can play Mass Effect Andromeda im not fussed, thats all i need, its the only game i really care about. Mass effect is basically all i want to play lol. i want a mid to high pc, but its more for fun an cos i can on that front, but end of day, it has to at least play ME:A ty for the info on the gpus thou i will have a poke about an look at it more see whats goign for what (some people in Aus are trying to sell some R9 270x's for like $400 +... i brought mine brand new for $169 thru PCCASEGEAR... this is the problem with buying 2nd hand in aus, some assholes think they can ramp up the price after things arent sold anymore and the items more used then the local hooker)
  11. haha im not fussed, i just want a full red build and i want a Sith theme style this time. and later on ill fix up my AM3 and finish it off my Purple n black build
  12. ... Mass Effect .. like all of them lol (MEA as well) ARK..... thats pretty much it atm, its not for performance as such, its more a i just want to an cos i can thing, just to do random benchmarks and over clocks and have fun like that,
  13. bit more then 100 in aus haha. but yeah i was thinking 480's would be the go, in Xfire they are on the heels of a 1080 apparently... and just a bit cheaper.
  14. not sure its gonna be worth it atm, i mean zen is coming out, i was thinking of moving to Rx series.... crossfired