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  1. completely agree, just start with CPU, leave all else stock and make incremental changes as you go. good catch rascal
  2. umm have you gone into MSCONFIG enable all cores. its probably something little thats over looked, i have a issue like this on my old fx4300 am3 its always set too 195x instead of sitting at its standard 200 BCLK. you set your LLC to between high n low, see if that helps, my mate has one of these mobo's if you haven't got it running ill ask for a ganda on his machine and see if i can figure something out, might be just a random option.. i can run thru all mine (thou being asrock it may differ a bit), some boards have issues, could also be on windows as well, just see if forcing all cores in msconfig works
  3. ill have a look see what i can dig up mate
  4. turn of your global states in the AM4\zen option an turn off cool n quiet and c6 as well if you can see how that goes
  5. Now im pretty good with hardware and I am a Practical learner, not one to sit down and read 10,000 lines of things that will confuse me, when you could just spend 3 minutes and show me how to do it. Ill read when i have to and do my best to understand... but this is what i have to work with at my TAFE (Training And Further Education.... aka aussie trade school basically). this course was Written BACK! alot of my course is spanned between 2006-2012, nothing newer, that is how old the course material is... but im kinda struggling as to what this is on about, seeing the practical side we had to Install win server 08, setup active directory, DNS DHCP and setup a domain client, install a office suit and browser.... that was it. BTW my teacher is as helpful as that last dreg of toilet paper dangling from the roll. the rest of the course is pretty god awful. one of my subjects was made in 2006 and i was marked wrong on one of my answers for not using out dated knowledge, simply because it didn't comply with what that question was asking ICTNWK401 Assessment Install and Manage a Server (1).docx
  6. $100 here, $50 there, $20 on that, $10 more on that SSD, $60 more here while im at it.. oh oops that added up quick. that "best gaming" you are talking about has other factors to it as well, SUCH AS if you are not using a high refresh rate panel, you will have to fork out more money, if you have Australian Quality Internet that performance won't mean bugger all, if you sacrifice Storage or GPU power for that High clocked i7 for Performance than you may have crap looking games or few games to choose from. So yes Yes that $100 will matter, because $100 more can add up to $300 in no time. and not everyone has spare cash floating about so that $100 could break the bank, it comes down to the budget after all. you only have to be a few bucks over to screw the whole show. it might be King of Gaming and im not disputing that, but if you are running a 60Hz panel.. you are going to be only using SOME of that FPS, so maybe that extra could go to a better monitor. its all down to what people have.
  7. well be that as it may, the marketing thing could have something to do with it, but also certifications are never cheap at any rate (more for like high end engineering and design, planes and stuff). in Australia i dare say a Titan XP would be somewhat expensive. but if you are doing that line of work defiantly worth a purchase. but like i was saying thou, its not like the Vega is a bad card, more people not understanding it is the biggest issue.
  8. also when ur comment came thru it was only the top half.. not sure if u edited it or i just completely missed it, but yeah oops derp me
  9. well yeah actually true, i did forget about that, ok so i do stand corrected an you are very right, but what is the price on a Titan XP these days ? (pascal not maxwell).
  10. its not really, the R7 line up is more workstation class, but it handles gaming and all that jazz just fine. it is a beautifully rounded chip. nVidia is a very smart company, staying ahead of the curve by release what is to them, old tech, they do fine tooth comb their stuff, but they don't have a gaming and workstation card, which again is what AMD has done, they are putting both applications onto 1 unit, which is a really good idea. i really do like AMD and i love the innovation they bring, but do i think they will ever top nVidia.. no, nVidia isn't stupid, they don't shit the bed like intel when AMD brings out new things, they put thier heads down, and make fantastic products. ill give them this the idea for nVidias mining cards, fantastic idea. if nVidia does a hybrid card like Vega, yeah it will cost you an arm and a leg, but it would be one hell of a quality product. but for the now. AMD is really doing well bringing both workstation and gaming together. and its actually not what you can call under performing. Vega FE might not monster games, but it was never designed too. the RX vega should handle games alot better, i think it will be around the 1080 mark +/- and well priced, but even if it is, nVidia can just drop Volta. as always thou AMD has always been good for the budget, and now Budget and a broad range of things that the computer can now handle is really good!. my annology might not be the best, but you do see where i am coming from. the idea that something can be a jack of all trades and master of none
  11. AND asrock was on there twice!
  12. So after reading some comments across the internet on the New AMD Vega FE, it seems that a vast majority of people are completely missing the point to this card, that or they are hating on it for being either AMD or not a 1080 killer. Here is just some thing people need to remember, Ryzen is a Jack of all trades. its not a pure gaming, nor work station, video rendering monster, BUT what it is, is a balance, something that can do it all, it can do it all and it does it well, might not be that pure gamer or pure workstation CPU but it does both very well. NOW the Vega is basically that in a GPU, its for BOTH (im stressing the Both here as some people seem to have missed this due to GPU's being either Work station or gaming) workstation AND gaming, now it isn't a bad performing card by no means, it is also a innovative idea. The cost that people are shocked about is simply because of Drivers, Professional Drivers for Workstation application are not cheap, they have to be certified. now as for the gaming side, yes its not a 1080 killer, nor should have people expected a hybrid card to be that (hybrid i mean gaming\workstation), this card is filling a really interesting area on the market. im getting into CAD, i also like gaming. i have a AMD Ryzen R7 1700 mATX setup. now what im moving into on the CAD designing side is basically Engineering. drawing up and designing the house structure. using a Work station card that can do gaming would be very handy, it would only use 2 slots in my rig and i get BOTH workstation and gaming benifits in a mATX build. this card defaintly has a place in this world. and here in Australia its about $1800 to buy one. but if i want a Quadro workstation card (besides it taking up more space in my PC that is barely there) Id be paying upwards of $3500... plus the price of a gaming card. and possibly a larger PSU. so rather than expecting this GPU To be the 1080killer people hyped it up to be!. remember this Vega FE is a hybrid of BOTH gaming and workstation an its for the group of people who want to have a workstation and gaming rig, its a great idea, it is also well priced for such a idea and card, AMD is really trying to bring in a great idea alot of people are missing, Workstation\pro grade equipment to the general consumer, it sacrifices a bit of performance to make a great all rounded machine. might not be best in 1 thing, but its good at it all, that is what Vega fe AND the Ryzen (at least the R7 line up) is bringing to the market.
  13. as above something with a 1060 would be a good way to go, nothing less than a 4core. personally id get a desktop for CAD over a portable device, but if you are going for portability...lenovo is good, nice designs, but maybe something like a ASUS if you can (doesn't have to be gamery, just something with good power.)
  14. well then it wouldn't matter if you go to a AMD as it is probably only a 60Hz pannel, so that "high" refresh rate you are going to be chasing won't be seen as you will only get 60FPS thru a 60Hz monitor\tv. and also the gaming performance you are chasing is marginal at best, you could get a R5 1600 and get similar performance and on that panel you aren't really going to notice it.
  15. jks, if you can get a 47** that would be a good way to go, get a SSD and some more RAM, you should be sitting pretty there.