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    Computers (duuuh), Metal fabrication, carpentry, 4WD-ing, Utes, Guns, Gaming, Motorbikes, Mass Effect


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    AMD R7 1700
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    Asrock AB350m Pro4
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    Corsair DDR4 LPX
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    XFX RX480 8Gb
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    Thermaltake core V21
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    1x Sandisk, 1x 960 evo NVME samsung m.2 250Gb, 320Gb hdd
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    Silverstone Strider 700w bronze 80+
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    Benq GL2760h, ViewSonic 18.5
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    BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3
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    TT Esports Challenger Prime
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    Logitech G402
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    Logitech z506
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/13/ea-response-to-battlefront-ii-complaint-is-the-most-downvoted-comment-in-reddit-history/ EA a true service. doing what they do best, screw people. all i have to say is "I really hope all the ex westwood employees where apart of this!, FOR HOUSE ATREIDES!"
  2. I am throwing this out there, Bryan from Tech YES city for next scrapyard wars! and steve from hardware Unboxed
  3. true enough, but still not a good enough reason to neglect the obvious problems that plague the game.
  4. im guessing in the EULA it is written "devs can fuck this game up at will and will not apologise for it nor fix it" but it is a very sad truth that alot of them show very little care about the player base. its not like people didn't straight up complain about these things. Rust changed some many things in such a short time that thousands of people left. JRust was a great server when i played, then they changed the game style from BP hunting to XP. not only was the XP system garbage. but servers straight up died out, so they changed it to another type of XP system. and kept changing it until they went back to the BP system. but damage is already done. they removed other stuff like the snow fields, pumpjacks and various other changes that people loved. 7dtd needs its mining system back and they whole item crafting system as well. empyrion was great but they have over taxed a resource. and due to planets being PVE or PVP, if you want to force people off their PVE planet, just strip mine it. which isn't hard. resources dont respawn in that game. and POIs sometimes respawn. they need to fix these things up. but no, they over taxed a already hard resource to get even with auto miners as it was slower than all the rest, but also used for things like bases and ships. now throwing ammo into the mix, removing the ability to tell auto turrets from targeting cores. so you cant leave ur vehicles near a base without it wasting ammo trying to shoot at the core. you have to completely turn off the ship, which means it will be destroyed when a drone comes along because it cant defend itself. stupid devs not listening to player base is killing games. honestly you would think if they were into games and wanting it to be better, listening to a player base would be a great place to start rather than tank your already small player base. that wont earn you money or credibility
  5. yeah i am not great with my whole layout and correct style of writting, i am a mechanically minded person, id much rather weld stuff together rather than sit and read up on how to write stuff properly. but hey i can understand the whole wanting stuff to be properly done, but than again i also don't care if you aren't going to vomit because i wrote in a way that upsets you
  6. but our money. when they make game breaking choices its not like a community shouldn't be aloud to ask for things to be fixed. and changing shit in a game that ruins it then not fix that. idgaf if they own it, its not a good enough reason to ruin it. it might be a game as you say. but if apple or samsung decided to release a phone breaking update no one would sit quietly for that. as is people are pissed off about the no headphone jack. im not saying the people should govern the show. but if you spend the money on a product, you shuold have some say especially if a company still has some control over your said product. other wise you are just renting something that a company can decided to just break on you because they had a "great" idea... then not fix it on you.. thats the problem, with online games you are effectively just renting in to it. the devs can change stuff at will and ruin it and you are now left with a product thats not what you brought. if they improve it great! but if they break it an act like nothing happened you are effectively out of pocket
  7. Ok so the 3 games i tagged have all suffered from idiot devs, my biggest complaint about survival games is really going to be what the devs actually do in these games, RUST for starters WAS one of the most popular games before the devs messed with the BP system. rather than consult the player base they upped and removed it along with other things in the game which pissed players off. 7 days to die had the mining system completely destroyed stupidly, rather than do some digging and have a great place to set up shop. they came along and ruined it, put in some stuff that would of made the game fun.... had they not completely made it a pain in the ass to build and setup a base because the mining was ruined. now my most recent survival i have been playing is empyrion galactic survival... enter the moron devs. the game has bugs... alot of them... but among all the things that wasn't buggy was the mining. mining was perfectly fine!. it was actually the only thing that worked perfectly stable..... soooo they ruined it. but that wasnt enough, they changed recipes for ammo. it now uses Prothieum for all ammo types where it use to be magnesium.... now you can use magnesium foooooooor.... oh wait its bearly used for anything... but thats ok, now your fuel source that powers ships, mining equipment and ships is now also used for all ammo types, completely over taxing 1 resource to hell and back. besides people complaining about this there isn't going to be a roll back. there isn't even a fix in sight. what this is thou is annoying beyond belief. they haven't fixed a bloody thing they just changed a few things and made it garbage. fly thru the green wall and hop out of your ship and it jumps 600meter in the air and not come down... stiff shit. they wont fix that. POIs not respawning like they are suppose to still. ships turning random stuff off while flying is now something my ships suffer from thou since last update. thats alot of fun when being shot at and your ship loses the ability to fucking turn. or the thrusters just turn off making you have to go into the ships control panel and manually turn on all the shit it just turned off. so here is something i still haven't figured out.... why do devs and designers for games... not bother looking at what other games done wrong and avoid that. and why do they not ask people what needs to be fixed\changed in the game rather than be more blind then ray Charles and run headlong into game breaking ideas and ruin something people like... ... honestly wish at times there was a community based government for some of these games to stop devs from ruining their own creation. 3 games i have enjoyed alot have all suffered from devs making massively game breaking choices and then ignoring the fact they have done this... keep running with it. rant over... but hey if anyone feels the same please speak up, has anyone else been apart of a fun game that received stupid choices from devs that never get resolved ?
  8. how is mine funny ?? Its Tali'Zorah. she is adorable!!!
  9. yeah i figured as much. but at any case there is always fun things to make. personally im planning on making a mount that fits in a window and exhausts heat from my room and PC. dry climate with a evap aircon this would work in theory and more or less in prac as well
  10. im find with self fab, im a sheetmetal fabricator by trade. im just looking into other peoples thoughts on the matter. designing stuff like that isn't too hard, making it attractive and flexible, makes it a little farder, its making a product people want that is the hard part
  11. yeah but i was thinking of a more flexible option, something for someone who wants to put the rad's fans and all that jazz on themselves, give them the panel (like a computer case, they pick the parts you supply the mounting). its not for everyone but id like to see if it was more affordable would more people op for it.
  12. ok, cool. ill look into making something, just want to see if people like the idea or design, not too hard to make them, just wondering what people would think of the idea. ideally you don't want it ugly, bulky or impractical. so yeah that could be the real challenge
  13. so in a general stand point, its a select market that would do this wouldn't it. like naturally more people would opt for internal or air, but there would be some people who would want to use external, just they are more few and far between i guess.
  14. well i found my SS AP180's to be rather quiet (actually make less noise when they arent drawing air thru a filter). i didn't mean internal cases are less flexible, i was talking about the existing external cooling options that exist, they are pricey and they are built to pnp, not really a customised thing. wiring wise it could be interesting but say you can get hands on a DC power adopter (like a phone charger or router power pack kinda thing) than you could wire it into a fan controller that you could install onto the panel. so the panel could be designed to house the controller, self powered and that would remove the need of running wires out of the case, but at the cost of a power point. i think if you were to port heat directly out of the house, you might not make your PC cooler, but you might be able to drop ambient temps a bit (maybe a few degrees but hey in summer... makes a wooorld of difference). im using a Thermaltake core v21, its a great little cube case, but short of buying another one of these cases and bolting them together, maybe some SFF cases could benifit form am nice clean looking rad stand with a simple and clean cooling system installed, yeah you lose portability, and if thats your thing id advise keeping it on air, but say you just want the case and you wanted to do a small build, you like the case and design, so u make a build for it but it runs hot, a small rad an pump set up externally wouldn't be such a bad thing as long as you keep it small and flexible. allow the builder to choose their parts to install onto the panel, would that be something that is better than the current offerings of premade external cooling systems would it not ???
  15. yeah, fair enough, im just trying to gauge the thoughts towards it, see i know how to design and make some pieces, just wondering if people like the idea of external cooling, i mean for some more extreme things some people might, but from what i have seen the external systems arent what you would call cheap, and the flexibility on what they offer isn't much, i was thinking if you were going to go external having the choice of what you use should be more flexible. the portability is defaintly something. power wise things could get interesting. for me personally im thinking for my setup, my pc sit infront of a window, and in summer i use a evaporative cooling system (i don't live in more dry climate) on the house, these work best when a window is slightly open, now what i was thinking is have a 150mm wide pannel with rad's and fans mounted to said panel and have that mounted into the window (so it uses the window frame to hold in place, but doesnt take up the whole window, only 150mm of a 400mm wide opening.) this would create a exhaust point which would be assisted by the evap aircon for the house, it would draw the incoming cool air thats p[umped into the room to this exhaust point and pump a larger portion of the heat produced by the PC directly outside, which should keep my room below 45c in summer (yes thats how hot it generally can get with a PC in a room where i live, not comfortable at all) so something like that for me would be worth it. yes it loses portability, but it i dont want to lug it about i just want to leave it be and use it. it would also reduce noise levels, and keep the general inside temps of the PC cooler as the rad isn't needing to be cooled down inside a preheated enviroment. as for other people if they wanted to use a external bracket then a simple design panel with the flexibilty to install what you want on it would be more appealing than being forced to buy one with a pump rad and all that jazz for $300 and have no real say in what goes into it. im sure more people would rather the flexibility of their liquid loop, i mean thats what i seem to think that is what people want correct ?