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  • CPU
    AMD R7 1700
  • Motherboard
    Asrock AB350m Pro4
  • RAM
    Corsair DDR4 LPX
  • GPU
    XFX RX480 8Gb
  • Case
    Thermaltake core V21
  • Storage
    1x Sandisk, 1x 960 evo NVME samsung m.2 250Gb, 320Gb hdd
  • PSU
    Silverstone Strider 700w bronze 80+
  • Display(s)
    Benq GL2760h, ViewSonic 18.5
  • Cooling
    BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3
  • Keyboard
    TT Esports Challenger Prime
  • Mouse
    Logitech G402
  • Sound
    Logitech z506
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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    Land of the bloody hot and mad
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    Computers (duuuh), Metal fabrication, carpentry, 4WD-ing, Utes, Guns, Gaming, Motorbikes, Mass Effect
  1. well seeing 1.4v is considered a max for 24\7 use... 2.7 would be murder. an for that voltage id want at least 4.7Ghz on all 8cores but yeah im sure they have messed up here
  2. umm soo i just downloaded the new CPUz 1.79.0 (the one done for ryzen), has anyone else noticed the Core Voltage?? in bios my cpu voltage is set to 1.35... CPUz is saying its like 2.9... is this like normal, or have they gone done goof ?
  3. the EK is louder yeah, but in a carbide it would be more muffled, but the sheer air it can move thru a case rivals Larger and high RPM fans, 56cfm vs 77cfm, other thing is J2z has been running Vardars for how long, an they have a silent model which moves about the same air as my SP120 2350RPMs at like half the speed.
  4. EK Vardar's are really good, i have some Corsair SP fans, they are good, but loud, the Vardar can be loud when they ramp up, but they also carry really good Static pressure and are really just a good fan. id go Ek Vardar over Corsair SP's but the SP's are still a good fan
  5. i disabled CnC so my OC would run higher. the hub is good but i just have 3 pin fans.. sadly. all in all the mobo is good, just wish it had more fan headers, but its mATX so there is that
  6. yeah, im using a silverstone hub, sadly it wont allow me to volt control my 3 pins, so ill be moving these fans over to my other rig and getting more purple 4pin fans. has to be purple, 5 in fans an 1 exhaust
  7. np, i read it over few times when first looking at the board, so you are all good for 5 drives. i been enjoying this little board thou, wish it had more fan headers thou haha
  8. M2_2 and SATA3_4 share lanes. If either one of them is in use, the other one will be disabled. Pro4/index.asp#Specification please read again, it disables sata port 4, for the m.2, so you can use the ultra, the normal pcie m.2 and 3 SATA ports
  9. umm only 1 m.2 uses the SATA lanes, you will be able to have 5 storage devices, the Ultra M.2 connects direct to the CPU, the sata and the other m.2 (one next the front panel IO is on chipset) waited 1 month for this mobo, its worth it, best mATX on ryzen hands down, 9 phase power (And its got a good heatsinks on it!!), mine is a R7 1700 (3.92 OC), Xfx RX480 (oc 1390c 2225mem), Dark Rock Pro3 HS, corsair LPX 2666, 960Evo 250GB NVMe (2 other un interesting drives) all packed in a ThermalTake Core v21, runs fantastic. i would suggest this mobo to anyone looking for a mATX, its got alot of kit on a small board. OC is pretty straight forward, im not sure how much voltage u can put thru it, but i think you could go toe to toe with some of the bigger boys with this little board. i have had it for about a week, it was easy to set up and OC CPU... but in my case, RAM sits at 2133-2166. mem OC is not super friendly, at least on my LPX so maybe look at some Flare RAM, you might have better luck, also remember that Ryzen works better with Single Rank RAM (RAM with the chips on only 1 side for anyone wondering).
  10. ok i just got a AB350m Pro 4 Asrock board, with a r7 1700 and i got a 4.0Ghz OC on it, mATX mobo, it all depends what you want, are u going SLI\CF, honestly its going to be a personal choice in what you want to do, also finding one thats not buggy af.
  11. Achieved a 4.0 Ghz OC on my R7 1700 on air! ... but the best part is!, its on a AB350m Pro4 Asrock. xD

    this Mobo is sooo good, CPU is ass kicking and mate she is running lovely!! sooo worth it!
    GPU running beautiful as well


  12. almost there


    Phonecrap 1311.jpg

    Phonecrap 1310.jpg

    Phonecrap 1309.jpg

    Phonecrap 1308.jpg

    Phonecrap 1307.jpg

    Phonecrap 1306.jpg

    Phonecrap 1305.jpg

    Phonecrap 1304.jpg

    Phonecrap 1303.jpg

    Phonecrap 1302.jpg

    Phonecrap 1301.jpg


    Phonecrap 1300.jpg

    Phonecrap 1299.jpg

    Phonecrap 1298.jpg

    Phonecrap 1297.jpg

    Phonecrap 1295.jpeg

    Phonecrap 1294.jpg

    Phonecrap 1293.jpg

    Phonecrap 1226.jpg

    Phonecrap 1225.jpg

    Phonecrap 1224.jpg

    Phonecrap 1223.jpg

    Phonecrap 1222.jpg

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    2. ArcThanatos


      thats pretty impressive, never had hands on a APU. always a CPU n GPU build. might make a HTPC with a apu some day xD

    3. silentprototipe


      Yeah, I mean at the cost of a ton of heat (Freaking APU has a 112W TDP) and some fan noise but it did great. 40 FPS at 720p Low on Tomb Raider. Thats from a First Gen Mid range APU. Imagine with Zen and Vega put together in one Dye, Man it makes me feel funny just thinking about it 

    4. ArcThanatos


      haha, get a AIO or a Bequiet Dark rock pro 3 like mine xD heat... what heat ???


  15. I would like to congratulate Telstra on their stellar fucking effort in "fixing" my internet, its only been 5 months of packet loss, netspeed running at best half original speed and them claiming they have "Fixed" it.... seeing originally i use to have 36ms in LOL and it now averages 56-72ms on a really really really good day, and today its been sitting on 2100ms, id like to politely ask those of telstra to politely go eat a fucking bullet.

    1. silentprototipe


      I feel your pain, I once had At&t and that crap sucked. Constant 999 ping to any game I tried to play. Never doing that again. Even now my ISP is trash. Internet goes down like every day once

    2. ArcThanatos


      problem is it isn't ISP related, its the physical lines and that is up to telstra to fix them. and 5 months (heading up 6) still not fixed!.  its ridiculous... and we are all still paying full price for under half the net speed !!!

    3. silentprototipe


      Yeah, happened to me back in my old house with At&t. The lines were horrible. They eventually fixed it but by then I was already moving out anyways