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    AMD R7 1700
  • Motherboard
    Asrock AB350m Pro4
  • RAM
    Corsair DDR4 LPX
  • GPU
    XFX RX480 8Gb
  • Case
    Thermaltake core V21
  • Storage
    1x Sandisk, 1x 960 evo NVME samsung m.2 250Gb, 320Gb hdd
  • PSU
    Silverstone Strider 700w bronze 80+
  • Display(s)
    Benq GL2760h, ViewSonic 18.5
  • Cooling
    BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3
  • Keyboard
    TT Esports Challenger Prime
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    Logitech G402
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    Logitech z506
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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    Land of the bloody hot and mad
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    Computers (duuuh), Metal fabrication, carpentry, 4WD-ing, Utes, Guns, Gaming, Motorbikes, Mass Effect
  1. internetproblems

    yeah its fantastic. cant wait to see how they shaft us next
  2. internetproblems

    i can top that, on a good day before the government morons of Australia decided dig up half the line's, completely fucked the connection here for 8 months and counting and im sitting on a lovely 1.4Mbps down and 0.3 Mbps up. it use to sit at 4.6Mbps down and 1.4 up. id love to thank the aussie goverment for finding new ways to fuck over all the rural people.
  3. the BIOS issues, not that bad TBH, i done my 2nd bios update, working fine, the 1st one was good, but they are really getting on top of the bios stuff, its not a issues now, on launch it was buggy, but now its just improvements on RAM and other bios things, but yeah Ryzen is really good, well worth it IMO. Skylake\kabylake is great for just gaming
  4. well 1150 (not 1151) is a dying breed, might be a good time to move up to a small kaby or ryzen system, you should be able to keep all your other parts bare the RAM CPU and MOBO. something like a R5 1500\1600, 8-16GB RAM and a Little Asrock AB350 Pro4 or a MSI board will get you out of trouble and give you newer tech as well. but if you want to keep the old system than a Mobo that simply works at this rate is better than what you have atm tbh.
  5. yeah, that is pretty much it, i had the same issues some yrs ago, you could always last ditch effort try a cmos clear, but yeah looks like u could be in the market for a new mobo
  6. umm ok so what have you tried ??. there are a few things it could be, CPU could be dead, or having issues, the PSU could have kicked it or ya mobo, if it was RAM u would have alot of beeping, but it doesn't seem from what you say, to be getting the signal for powering on properly
  7. makes sense, like im not going to buy a kaby lake, im sticking with ryzen for the now, see what happens in yrs to come, even thou i use AMD chips, i always ask people what they want to do before making them a build. most the time its a Intel build, if you just game, a skykabylake is all you need really, or a R5 will do pretty good as well. but yeah i dare say alot of people have OC'ed with out the correct cooling solution. im using a BQ dark rock pro3, its enough to keep my system cool an sensible but not enought to get 4+ Ghz on ryzen. i could if i dont mind 70c but its running fine at 3.9Ghz at 60 (ish) in a small case. a 7700k in this case, id have at least a 240Rad on it if i was going to OC in a SFF case
  8. sorry miss read, but still, its just a bit.. kinda hi how you going that its doing this, its not good at all. i know some people will have a way to fix it, but for those who haven't got the know how, thats gonna be a problem
  9. shouldn't be like this thou, honestly if its suppose to be the new better chip, shouldn't have crappier cheaper paste strapped to it
  10. been with amd since 754 days. the R7 1700, amazing!! so easy to work with
  11. im running a Asrock AB350m Pro4 (same as the normal pro4 just mATX) last BIOS update fixed some of the ram speeds, but all in all great board, easy OC to 4Ghz on it, 9power phases (6 on CPU) 2x m.2, really worth a look at, cheap with ALOT of kit to give, would defiantly recommend
  12. they are all going pretty good, im running a Asrock AB350m Pro4 and its good, but all the brands seem to be making a effort for the Ryzen platform, TBH Asrock could use another update, Gigabyte is pretty good. Asus started off rough but things are smoothing out and MSI i haven't heard any complaints from so its really what board and features you want atm. they are all doing thier part it seems
  13. mate im running a nice little R7 1700 AB350m pro4 setup. im suuuper happy with it, smooth as butter. a 1600 or 1700 are real little beauties
  14. mate it ran everything i wanted up till i got my AMD 754, which i believe i had a GT240 in
  15. i have a old tower case for it an all, but i need to find out more info, or should i just upgrade it back to the awesome P3 700+ Mhz cpu's, i remember playing Deus Ex GOTY on that with a Geforce 2 64Mb AGP GPU, that old rig was freaken awesome!, also had a old Aerocool 4 pipe Heatsink on it, and back then that Heatsink was the Noctua NH15, with a manual fan control haha, it was awesome.