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    Bomb Site Beer
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    Intel i7 8700K
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    MSI Pro Gaming Carbon Z370
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    16gb DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z 3200mhz
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    Asus GTX1080 Rog Strix
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    Coolermaster H500P Mesh
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    1TB M.2 || 1TB SSD || 4TB HDD
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    Corsair RM 650x
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    Aorus AD27QD 144hz IPS
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    Deepcool 360 EX
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    Logitech Orion 810
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    Logitech g402
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    Logitech z623
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    Windows 10
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  1. Yeah, but you can control everything with iCUE. It also has more functions other than lighting and rpm control like thermal sensors for your case and an extra USB 2.0 header, it also makes cable management easier. The alternative is using 4 of your motherboard fan headers. Or you can buy a PWM fan splitter or 3rd party Fan Hub (for instance the Thermaltake commander FP $15) and set the fan curve of the LL120s with your BIOS; that way you'll only need one fan header.
  2. The little RGB hub that connects to the LNP or Commander Pro is provided with the LL fans. The commander pro can be bought from lots of retailer: amazon, newegg,...
  3. Sure, then you won't need the LNP - you'll have to keep it safe just in case
  4. the LNP is more like a washed down version of the commander pro. The LNP only allows you to control lighting, the commander pro allows for lighting AND fan speed control as you have two cables emanating from the LL fans: 1 RGB cable and one power cable
  5. You can control fan speed with your Motherboard Fan headers, but the commander pro makes it hell of a lot easier
  6. Okay so I was going to explain everything to you, but the answer is pretty much in my guide in my signature below Feel free to ask any questions !
  7. Oh my bad. Yes, sure! I know for a fact that coolermaster often provide RGB splitters for their products. Although, I used a splitter for the 2x 200mm fans on my MSI z370 with my H500P Mesh and the lighting wasn't as bright as when I switched to Molex. So TL;DR: yes, but I am unsure if the result will be the same as using SATA or Molex
  8. The Enermax Ecosystem uses a propietary header, this means you cannot connect Enermax with a motherboard. If you want that Asus AURA synchronization going on, I suggest you go with the deepcool RF-series instead. If you intend to mix the 2 ecosystems (enermax & AURA/deepcool), it still possible to make it look harmonious but it takes a lot of tinkering. Good luck!
  9. At first glance, I can already tell airflow sucks. Airflow is not about the amount of fans, it's about the amount of air the case allows to pass through. If airflow's bad, you can try to brute force air into the case with more fans and more rpms. Altough, what you'll end up doing is spending more on fans instead of a better case, having a louder system, and most likely - since the airflow is bad - only recirculate hot air into the system. Get a Meshify C or a Coolermaster NR600
  10. If I understand correctly, the ARGB cables are daisy-chained from the waterblock to the 3rd fan? If that's the case, 1 RGB Header should be enough ? Btw, poor choice of case imho
  11. I actually like framerate interpolation on TVs
  12. It's normal. Also, Corsair RGB is controlled with iCUE as the Asus MB and Asus GPU are controlled with AURA. It's your job to make different RGB ecosystems look as harmonious as possible
  13. I think RGB control in the industry sucks because everyone has their own software and their own system. I want ONE STANDARDIZED software that can control RGB lighting on any product of any brand that has standardized connectors
  14. I suggest you check my guide in my signature below. For practicality reasons, I usually do not recommend using motherboard RGB-software other than ASUS Aura, instead I recommend people to get into an RGB eco-system of their choice in order to centralize lighting and Fan control as best as possible. Feel free to comment on my post if you have any questions!
  15. The idea of equal rights was considered heretic too. The console players with that rigid mentality will eventually grow out of it or die to make the change happen... Playing FPS games with controller is like eating with my feet: Sure you can be amazing at it, but it's not practical