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  1. @LinusTech So what you think, Linus?
  2. Another idea, make collection of PCs with top/budget components from each couple of years.
  3. SSD first, its great performance boost from hdd+4gb ram. Dont forget to move virtual memory paging to ssd (if not making clear installation of OS). But later do ram, at least to 8gb. PS If you r on budget i'd wait till black friday. Got 750gb ssd for $100 last time.
  4. Same, monitor sizes easier to get for me using inches haha
  5. Would be lovely to see measurements in videos also in metric system. Not speaking it out loud, small labels should be enough.
  6. So crucial 750gb ssd for $100 was the best deal of this black friday?
  7. Dont really know if it can be considered as "hot deal" literally, yet great discount from original price $749. Link - https://www.massdrop.com/buy/sennheiser-hd700-headphones