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  1. I have such issue.

    Thought it's just me, but today found another person with the same issue.

    Does anyone else experience it? Any solutions?


    Using pia's ovpn profiles on networkmanager on arch linux.

    Running it 24/7.

    NM tells me that authentication failed. Usually happens every 1-2 days at night ~1-2am gmt+0, but also happens at other times.

    Could be the network, but my own ovpn server connection (previously main, now backup) stays connected.

    Set up ping with 5s interval, but that did not help much besides fix another issue with random connection drops (it reconnected after 30-60s before, now almost instant).

  2. 13 hours ago, Neftex said:

    alienating your user base just for shitty sponsored video, cant say i expect more from you nowadays



    From it found server locations of shadow service.

    Look at https://status.shadow.tech/


    So ping any datacenter from these regions to get the idea of latency for you.

    DigitalOcean for example http://speedtest-ams2.digitalocean.com/ 

    Result wont be 100% accurate but close enough.

  3. 6 hours ago, stellarshy said:

    b/c Russian location?

    No. Either credit card info (since they accept only us paypal) or mail forwarder as address.


    update btw:

    Being dumb is painfull. Calls with viber are waaaaay cheaper + calls on 888 numbers are free. -$5 for stupidity :)

    Anyways, called them, but they needed US id or driver license to confirm me. So its was no good for me (they didnt accept my passport ;( ).



    btw Google Store is fine with both card and address :)

  4. Spoiler

    Nice pole btw

    Filled all up, couldnt submit Clap

    Was using proxy site tho.

    Errors about spinner is not defined (on submit press) and CORS (font loading).

    Why dint you just use google forms?



    Anyway, im in floatplane cause possible linusMediaTips business insides.

    And also i think its the best way to support content creators i enjoy.

    Wish you could make any monthly/yearly payment with minimum ammount (not like i would pay more atm, but still).

    Will see this in release version, i guess.

    And while @LinusTech is here.

    You are using paypal, right? What about other payment systems? Heard paypal is buggy.