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  1. "Pro", huh? $1k phone incoming
  2. Where are they? Aren't movies shot in such ratio? Avengers IW was shot in 1.90:1 and cropped to 2.39:1( wiki - release - home video )
  3. i liked the story very much. someone might be less fond of it tho. Ending is unrealistic tho, but still was a good experience.
  4. Cloud gaming is fine. If you put your cloud server in your closet
  5. From it found server locations of shadow service. Look at https://status.shadow.tech/ So ping any datacenter from these regions to get the idea of latency for you. DigitalOcean for example http://speedtest-ams2.digitalocean.com/ Result wont be 100% accurate but close enough.
  6. Cant find on their site the placement of their servers or any way to figure out the latency from my location (before buying). Help? @LinusTech ?
  7. https://store.google.com/ For USA prices are so (for other countries deals are present too): Daydream $40 instead of $100 Hub + home + wifi 3-pack is $278 instead of $407 buy Pixel 3/3XL, get free hub and $50 store money etc
  8. yes there is even a stat in their profile with number of clients you have.
  9. There are great deals on SSDs every black friday / cyber monday.
  10. Low viewership on twitch? Maybe because using it only for wan show which casts at night once a week (4am for me)? Naaah, its bad twitch content discoverability.
  11. No. Either credit card info (since they accept only us paypal) or mail forwarder as address. update btw: Being dumb is painfull. Calls with viber are waaaaay cheaper + calls on 888 numbers are free. -$5 for stupidity Anyways, called them, but they needed US id or driver license to confirm me. So its was no good for me (they didnt accept my passport ;( ). TIL* btw Google Store is fine with both card and address
  12. Got order marked suspicious - will be cancelled in 24h unless i contact them. Spent $5 waiting on international call (it hang up cause had only $5 on the phone, like 80 cents per minute) Gave up. Will wait till black friday (google store is fine)