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  1. What software do you use to monitor your cpu wattage?. I think if you use intel's Extreme Tuning Utility software, it shows you when a power limit occurs and the cpu is unable to boost to higher clock speed.
  2. what a coincidence, i just upgraded my laptop from 1tb hdd to 1tb Samsung 850 EVO, i just use the Samsung migration software and it works perfectly without any issues. here the link to the software. https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools/ as for the booting issue, maybe there a issues during the cloning process?.
  3. Disclaimer : Laptop model is Lenovo Ideapad 320-14IKB, specs are i5-8250U with 4gb ddr4 & MX110. The benchmark was ran with the laptop plugged in. I reformat my laptop and was interested on how to improve my laptop's performance using this YouTube video. Before following the guide from the video, i benchmark the laptop twice to get a baseline score using Cinebench R20. The score that my laptop get is 812 and 795. The score i got is quite low compared to other scores that i looked online on this website and this YouTube video which got 1509 and 1653 respectively. Seeing that my score is considerably low compared to online results, i did some digging to find the issue. I fired up Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility and using the stress test I found that my cpu boost clock of 3.40GHz would drop down to the base clock of 1.60GHz after 5~10 seconds of stress testing. Even after I increase the power limit of the cpu in XTU the clock speed will drop to 1.60GHz. I do know that the boost clock of 3.40GHz is only for 1 core and not 4 which what the stress test is using. The cpu is also not thermal throttling because it does not hit the thermal limit and will max out ~72c. The only warning that intel XTU gives is the "Power Limit Throttling" but increase the power and the offset voltage of the cpu does not fix the issue. Right now i'm lost and have no idea on how to solve and what cause this issue. screenshots in the spoilers
  4. If you don't mind rooting your phone, you can easily uninstall unused system apps and move almost all your apps to your sd card, even google apps and system apps can be moved to sd card. For me this solves my problem of limited internal storage. rooting is fairly easy and there are many guides online. If you dont want to root your phone, as far as i know there's not much you can do, you just have to live with the limited storage.
  5. I personally wont do it on my main phone because of the risk when trying to flash a custom recovery, your phone might get bricked. For me, its not safe to flash custom roms if its your main phone.
  6. My galaxy S6 Edge is still ok in daily task and gaming after using it since launch nearly 2 years ago. I wont worry about performance for next 1 or 2 years if you are buying a flagship phone.
  7. For us in Asia, the Redmi Note 3 (non pro) is the version that comes with a MediaTek Helio X10 , while the Redmi Note 3 Pro comes with a Snapdragon 650. The MediaTek version has better multicore performance , as the Snapdragon version has better GPU and Single core performance. Both version have 16gb and 32gb storage options with 2gb and 3gb of ram respectively. I say go with the Snapdragon version (Redmi Note 3 pro) because of the newer SoC and better 4G band support. If you have the extra cash, get the Redmi Note 4. It has much better porfarmance and also better build than the Redmi Note 3.
  8. not like the pixel, just software bug optimization issues from launch has been fixed with updates.
  9. Galaxy S6 Edge After ~1 and half years. Intro The phone us much more affordable now. is it still worth it if get now?.I bought the phone during the day that samsung launches the phone in MalaysiaMy use case includes, a lot of browser use, no gaming, streaming HIFI music using tidal, listening to podcast , always on bluetooth to connect to my pebble smartwatch. Hardware The glass back and metal sides still very premium feeling. The design is still unique in my opinion. The dual edge curved screen is still awesome to look at. The phones feel slimmer than actual dimensions because of the slim sides due to the edge screen. The phone feels slippery with it metal sides and glass back. Slim sides because of the edge does not help either. Glass back picks up finger print a lot. I use a case just to mask the fingerprint. Surprisingly durable for a glass sandwich phone. Droped it one time without case from waist height into rough road surface face first, and phone survived with only minor scratch on metal sides. Droped many many times using a case with no damage. The metal sides does not have any small scratcher that usually get from coins and keys.The lower back glass have a nasty scratch. Not sure what caused it. The fingerprint surface of this phone is made from plastic, so does have that small micro scratches, fortunately the scratches does not affect the performance of the fingerprint. Battery Life Battery life on this phone is very poor. Dont expect for the phone to last a full day. Its impossible to achieve ( without using the ultra power saving of course) . It even barely manages to last me a half day. Bringing along a power bank is a must if you are away from a power outlet. I use my phone with a smartwatch (pebble time) which means that my bluetooth is always on. So your battery life performance will vary slightly. software/performance Software performance now is much more smooth and fluid if compared to when i first bought it. Launch software performance of the phone was not great Navigating the UI is frustrating with occasional slowdowns and stutters in UI animation. Launch UI have crapy ram managements. Sometimes apps icon dont load on home screen. Software performance now is much more smooth and fluid if compared to when i first bought it. The marshmallow update bring a lot of performance gain. Jangky and stuttering animations are gone. Ram management are much improved. Updates are slow but al least it still gets it. Google october security patch gets it on end of october. Every software updates bring improvement to overall performance. For people that are saying that samsung phones are getting slower over time is not true. Still smooth even after a lot of apps installed. App load times is a little slower but you won't notice it. Benchmarks score dont differ compared to launch. For people who takes a lot of photos and video 32gb of storge is not enough. The lack of sd card expansion does not help to. Camera Not much different even after 1+years (still great). Using auto mode just works and photos came out great. You can download additional modes for the camera from samsung app store eg. 360 photos Final words the performance is much better now from launch software. Camera is still great and reliable. Still gets software update but dont expect fast software updates. My opinion is that the phone is not worth it just because the horrible battery life. Other aspect of the phone is great and i am very satisfied with the phone.Didnt regret buying it on launch If planning to buy it just forget.Better of getting other phones than this. any comment on my writing is welcome, also share your experience and your thoughts if you are using the same phone. TLDR version