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  1. From what I read the ram speed issue is for 4 sticks and will be fixed within first month or so..
  2. Why a full tower? Honestly the White/Purple H440 I think looks great..I almost went for it..and just add some LED strips..
  3. I Preordered the 1700x and the Asus Crosshair mobo...I never preorder tech and never personally use ASUS...so this is wow much different then the norm for me..
  4. IMO Crosshair because it has support for all AM3 coolers which opens up aftermarket cooler support at launch
  5. Top of the line so far.... if you look at pics of the back of the mob, you can see both sets of mounting holes..honestly it is the only reason I am getting that board
  6. Its on ASUS' website for the crosshair, https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-CROSSHAIR-VI-HERO/ its in the first little blurb Compatible with both AM3/AM4 coolers and LN2 pots
  7. The AMD Crosshair mobo does have mounting holes for both AM4 and AM3 so the x62 will work on that board...
  8. Only the ASUS crosshair board does so far prior to any adaptors being released from NZXT
  9. From when I was planning mine, due to job loss i had to sell most w/c stuff and one gpu. I modded the case to fit a 360mm in front and 120mm in back with 2 video cards in sli..Just measure, measure measure for fit and placements
  10. I am ordering one tomorrow cause I had one way back in the day...
  11. See I like the grey, I never been a huge fan of white cases, and black is kinda everywhere...it is one of the cases I am leaning towards, but most likely will plasti-dip it a different color, until I can convince my friend to start doing commisioned airbrush work again
  12. No particular order, NZXT Phanteks Fractal Design Cheiftec *This is more for Nostalgia, as first gaming inspired case the Dragon*
  13. New year new me....wait everyone says that...New year, the personal issues are near over....lets get a new rig together....maybe some light modding..

    1. revsilverspine


      It's mid-february.

      And does it really matter when it is to get a new rig together? xD

    2. Syraz


      Yeah, being out of work I lost track of dates.... mood now changed, things getting better and well time for fun...but man wish my airbrush artist didn't quit commissioned work..

    3. revsilverspine


      Oddly enough, I have the opposite problem. Work's been taking so much out of me that I only just realized it's mid-february already and I'm still backed up on work, projects and about a billion other things I should've at least started by now

  14. Hmm it's been awhile.....