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  1. Arika S

    Razer or Logitech?

    logitech. no
  2. Arika S

    horizontal weird noise on my screen

    have you replace the cable and/or converter? it's unlikely to be your GPU so it's either VGA Cable HDMI-VGA converter Monitor
  3. Arika S

    low end 2019 cryptocurrency mining

    "decent" shouldn't even be used. return on that will be abysmal and absolutely not worth it in anyway
  4. false also false. im saying ban people from driving for constantly driving dangerously and saying it's their choice to do so, and vehemently denying that they are putting no one else in danger but themselves and their passengers (which is also outright false) and stand in the town square saying how dangerous driving isn't a bad thing because they have personally never crashed. we're talking about children that don't get a say in the matter when it comes to anti-vaxxing, the most vulnerable people on the planet and they are being used by their parents to drive their dangerous ideals based on false science and crowd idiocy because if "all these other people are saying vaccines are bad, then they just be" i would take it a step further and say that not vaccinating your children (unless there is a LEGITIMATE medical reason and in SOME cases religious reasons) should be child abuse and that child should be taken away from you and you should be thrown in prison. because apparently autism is worse than death to these people.
  5. no, lets ban the people that drive dangerously
  6. not replying directly to what you've posted since i have no further questions regarding that. But with what you've said in the above what are your thoughts on dangerous drivers? weaving in and out of traffic, for example this idiot putting other peoples lives in danger (just like anti-vaxxers do) clearly no regard for the safty of others (just like anti-vaxxers), confidence in their ability to know how to control things (just like anti-vaxxers). this guy would absolutely be pulled over and arrested if he was caught, but would that not be censoring him in a way? he's free to drive like an asshole and put people in danger, but it's only if his actions directly kill someone that he should be punished?
  7. And how do you supposed you do that? the source are a bunch of people that will not change their mind until there is an outbreak of a disease long thought eradicated that threatens the lives of potentially an entire county? state? country? these are the same people that think that pouring bleach into a baby's anus will cure their autism, do you really think they are going to listen to any of of rational thought, proven facts or basic science?
  8. Because it was "why is android better than ios" not "let's shit talk apple for 20 minutes"
  9. Arika S

    FULL Performance reviews by Streamers

    it's not talked about because it rarely matters and is going to go straight over most people's heads, they just want to see fps comparisons and general performance numbers
  10. Arika S

    How much is my rig worth?

    ill give you 2 magic beans for it
  11. Arika S

    I met Linus at Guildford Mall Today <3

    i think he's mentioned it on a WAN show at some point that as long as he's not clearly busy or at a restaurant with his family, going through his front door at his house etc then you're welcome to come up and say hi
  12. Arika S

    AVG: good or evil?

    sorry, your friend is an idiot.
  13. Agreed. There's a big difference between censorship and stopping the spread of misinformation that can legitimately hurt people
  14. Arika S

    Who was your Valentine this year and Last year?

    or are you part of mine?
  15. Arika S

    How to buy phone number online?

    just get a $5 prepaid sim from literally any supermarket
  16. Is this how AirPods work?




    1. Cyberspirit


      No thanks, I hate it!

    2. ARikozuM


      You too can have your very own Alex Jones whispering sweet conspiracies in your ear today! FOR! JUST! $99! Think of all the gay frogs!

  17. Arika S

    Details for Intel 9th gen notebook CPU's surface

    i much preferred the i5GUYS-9660HK
  18. Arika S

    I met Linus at Guildford Mall Today <3

    it's always good to see large internet personalities happy to take pictures with fans. there are some that basically say "if you see me out and about and I don't look super busy, you're more than welcome to come over and say hi and get a picture" whereas others will be rude to fans that encounter them in public. it's all about understanding social cues and not fanboying/fangirling out because they are real people too.
  19. Arika S

    TheZFD PRO | Tech Enthusiasts says hi

    ... Why did you make a second account? What's the point?
  20. Arika S


    Is this what you were hired to do or is it something that you want to do? Because if it's the later I can't imagine the company will be happy that a new staff member is asking them to spend a massive amount of money, you might be overstepping your bounds. If it's the former then..... I mean, it's your job, they hired you for it, you should have already had a plan before you got to this point, you should also have other colleagues who you can talk to, this is not a task acomplishable by a single person
  21. aka: build this PC that i've been planning and benchmark it so i know what its performance will be before i buy it
  22. Arika S

    Suing a harassing players in video games

    The world isn't America. nor did i insinuate that people should be immune, i'm saying that people will try to sue over anything and just because you CAN and even if you wont get any money, it doesn't make it any less moronic. Man sues date for texting during movie Woman sues U.S. government over nacho cheese burn Mother and Daughter Sue Pennsylvania Amusement Park, Alleging Halloween Monsters Were Too Scary Dry Cleaner sued for $67 million because of failure to honor a "satisfaction guaranteed" sign. Woman Sues Google for Bad Directions Man Sues Michael Jordan (and Nike) because he looks like him American Music Industry Sues Dead Woman's Daughter
  23. Arika S

    Anyone else seeing this ?!?!

    rant videos created in cars are never a good idea. it shows that no thought has been put in at all and just "i'm angry, i need to create a video RIGHT NOW".