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  1. welcome to economics. the basics of why certain countries pay more, since it's never as simple as just a simple currency conversion. import costs. national logistics costs. distribution agreements. local licenses (for things like regulatory compliance which can include RMA terms to ensure they meet the selling country's local Consumer laws). Average wages. State of the local market.
  2. no, the entrant must reside in either USA or Canada.
  3. Well that defeatist attitude certainly wont help. If that's you in your profile picture, you also clearly have a very poor self image. if you believe you're fat, you can do something about that. "ugly"? not by my definition. You're treading on a very dangerous line of self defeat and pessimism, if you take the step over it, it's very VERY hard to pull back from. I would highly suggest seeking professional help as you might be developing (or have already developed) some form of clinical depression.
  4. index is currently the flagship of VR headsets it's also the most expensive and requires lighthouses i have a quest 1 and i love that it's also a standalone headset so i don't even need to worry about what my PC is doing. and with Oculus clearly going down the road of making Oculus Link a real thing instead of just a beta, it can be used as a traditional headset too by connecting it to your PC. the inside out tracking i've not actually had any issues with
  5. the secret to to just let the update come as it does. don't go in and specifically look for updates to download the newest feature update, let it all happen automatically. By doing this i have had 0 problems with any windows update
  6. ASUS are the ones that likely decided it....you know based on the current state of the world.
  7. it's not a requirement, but put it this way, all of the previous winners did. the video just needs to be creative with that said; if your name is accurate and you are from India, you can't enter anyway.
  8. In theory it could run fine, but it's such a niche use case that it would never happen or would be hyper expensive if it did
  9. holy shit, the entitlement of some people in this thread, in the youtube comments and just fucking everywhere else whining about it not being available in your region. it basically amounts to "how dare you not consider giving me free stuff because i was absolutely going to win and hinged everything on ROG Reboot to get a new PC". i actually like that it's restricted, it means not as many videos to sift through so they can create a short list much faster and spend longer reviewing the better ones. And i KNOW people are going to try, but using a VPN to pretend you're in the USA or Canada isn't going to work
  10. And with this either my audio problems are solved, or it's a gateway drug to more shit
  11. soon: "the xy series of CPU from <company> has just been announced, we'll have to push back the deadline until we get our hands on those too" EDIT: at this point OP deserves to be ripped off and never get his PC. this is beyond ridiculous.
  12. This is ridiculous. This is a wiiiiiiiiiiide controller. I love it
  13. i have exactly 0 sympathy for people that preordered any of the 30xx cards and now feel like they don't live up to the hype because they listened to the marketing, stop listening to the marketing, WTF
  14. In terms of your specs, I would say you should expect very vary similar performance between the laptop and desktop. Newer doesn't mean better. The 980ti is still and incredibly capable gpu, As is the devil's canyon CPU. If you got the laptop as an "upgrade" you will be disappointed. Its almost a perfect side grade into a different formfactor for gaming. For content creation or more workstation like workloads, the laptop SHOULD be better if it's not thermally limited.
  15. Addicted? No. Irresponsible with money? Probably.
  16. So we're already seeing evidence of TSMC being stretched thin. Doesn't bode well.
  17. What? . A snapdragon 875 is still a snapdragon 875 regardless of who manufactures it. Samsung's Exynos aren't as good as snapdragon because they are a completely different product, not because they are made by Samsung. You can refer to my previous comment. If there are people that believe what you mentioned above, I would advise you to ignore them, because they are either misinformed or just dislike Samsung and are looking to throw shade.
  18. As @LAwLz said, they are pretty standard Cortex cores. think of it in terms of a GPU. Nvidia make the RTX 3080 Chip and reference card (ARM Cortex) this is then sold to AIB partners who can create their own custom board and make relevant modifications/tweaks (Qualcomm Kyro) to fit their business model, but at its heart, it's still a RTX 3080 chip (cortex) The reason that qualcomm do better than the exynos chips is that most android apps are designed with Cortex framework in mind with all the optimization that comes with it. Samsung did their own thing by merging some of their own cores (Exynos M#) with standard Cortex cores. Giving you a weird 2+2+4 config in their most recent SoCs, instead of a more standard 4+4 big.LITTLE. Prior to 2018 they did do 4+4, but it was 4 Exynos performance cores with 4 low power cortex cores, so there was no actual "standard" high performance cores.
  19. Windows 10 is a fantastic OS. 4 cores are perfectly usable for 99% of today's tasks and games More Multiplayer games should have Bots/AI/offline play Mobile games can be fun