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    Tripping through Time-Fracture

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    Almost everything. The world is interesting


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    i5-7600k (OC'd to 4.5Ghz)
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    AsRock z270m-itx/ac
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    16Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX
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    MSI GTX 1060 armor OC 6Gb
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    Fractal Design Define Nano s
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    1 Adata m.2, 1 Sandisk sata SSD, 2TB Seagate HDD
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    Silverstone 500w SFX-L
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    Cryorig C1 w/ Corsair ML120. 2 Thermal Take Riing. 2 Fractal design fans
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    Microsoft Modern Keyboard
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    Logitech MX Master
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    JBL Charge 3
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  1. OP's not concerned about the economical effects, they care about PC prices and PC hardware, they had a another post within 10 minutes of this one asking if they would get the virus from parts made in China. If the question was "what effect is the virus going to have on the world economy and distribution of all products manufactured in china" then i wouldn't have an issue. I take issue with people (not just OP, because there has been a number of posts on this forum) that are immediately concerned about the virus because it might impact PC prices. EDIT: fuck it, i'm out, I'm not going to get into another argument about this Virus...
  2. it's not about hysteria, it's about basic human decency. If the response to a virus outbreak anywhere in the world is "muh PC prices" then i think your priorities are very much in the wrong order. I'm not telling OP to go over to China and solve the virus, i'm saying "don't be disrespectful to those suffering"
  3. ...seriously? There's a deadly virus spreading throughout China and filtering though to other countries, over a 1500 people have died in less than a month and almost 70,000 infected (probably more), and you're concerned about PC prices?
  4. same here, no issues. downloaded and installed last night
  5. I game on external hard drives
  6. The SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy Not a Flamethrower
  7. Elon Musk’s Starlink plan approved for Australia I have been waiting for this news for a long time. As most people probably dont know, Australian internet speeds are terrible and no where near where a first world country should be . The NBN (national broadband network) has been plagued with issues and gone hugely over budget since it was first attempted to be rolled out. This could be the solution I really hope this gets rolled out, because it will then put real pressure on ISPs that they have not had any real competition for way too long. A complete refusal from multiple groups in Australia to do anything about the internet infastucture might now start taking note when they start to see people moving away from the ancient ADSL that is seen as "enough" by people who live in big cities with 100mbps speeds, when most of the country is paying big money for 25mbps if they are lucky. all the way down to 5mbps if they're unlucky, but still paying the same amount. and to shit existing satellite internet for those people that just get the middle finger https://www.news.com.au/technology/science/space/elon-musks-starlink-plan-approved-for-australia/news-story/d99545976931ea4bf4a5f394ec6e885d
  8. if price doesn't matter. as of right now 9900k is king. 9700k is right up there as well. Though the 10700k is going to steal the crown whenever that gets released
  9. Some windows 7 users are becoming as insufferable as Linux users


    thread/comment/discussion about Windows 10: *exists*


    User: "I have no input, but I just want everyone to know that I use Windows 7/Linux *smug*

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. will4623


      the most I do is *laughs in linux* comments when it is a real dumpster fire.

    3. handymanshandle


      using linux is the pc community equivalent of being gay, because you absolutely HAVE to exclaim your sexuality and your OS every time it’s opportune to do so 

    4. Windows7ge


      I'm with will4623. I don't like to seek validation from peers in the tools I use but if I can use a stereotype against myself for the sake of spreading laughter I'll gladly act like a fool for a post or two.

  10. actual line speed? no. Resolving speed? depends.
  11. i know it's just a render....but where is the PSU?