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    Tripping through Time-Fracture

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    Almost everything. The world is interesting


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    i5-7600k (OC'd to 4.6Ghz)
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    AsRock z270m-itx/ac
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    32Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX
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    EVGA RTX 2060Super SC
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    Thermal Take Core V21
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    Not enough
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    Cooler Master 650W MWE
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    Cryorig H7. 1x 200m, 4x 140mm
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    Microsoft Modern Keyboard
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    ROCCAT Kone AIMO (White)
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    B&O H8i.,BeyerDynamic Beat BYRD.
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    Lenovo Yoga 720-13 & Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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  1. if you have a lot of devices plugged in at start up, it takes longer to post. my desktop had a BIOS time of 15.2 seconds on my last boot. my laptop had 5.3 seconds. and has nothing but power plugged in
  2. if that was true, i highly highly doubt the interface would be in english
  3. sure, let me just replace my 6TB HDD 4TB HDD 2TB HDD with SSDs. now let's just do a price check....awesome, only $1500....
  4. funny how no other company is afforded the same "defense" I distinctly remember people raking NVidia over the coals when it came to the GT 1030 and the DDR4+ GDDR5 variations
  5. is anyone really that surprised? they will keep trying forever and ever until they get what they want. at NO point will the 5eyes just give up and go "well damn, looks like we can't do it"
  6. forever and always, wait for independent reviews, if they overheat, it will not be a secret. obligatory: don't pre-order.
  7. ....no...they are winning. There is no "winner" and nor should you want one,The only winner should be the consumer and that comes from constant competition
  8. But you're basically saying that what ever they do is pointless. same same but different. you're also assuming a lot, unless you have a crystal ball, no one can say what will happen in the future. There is already indications that Intel is going to use TSMC for their next generation of CPUs while they work on their own fabs to get them up to scratch.
  9. i would say no given it's the same width as the older sockets. you might just be restricted on the orientation of the cooler. but i've never seen a cooler mounted top to bottom instead of side to side.
  10. do you need more power? are you comfortable with the temps? have you checked temps under loads that would be realistic for you? do you know how to over clock? personally i dont like my CPU going over 75c, even with my OC it tops out at about 68c under real life loads.
  11. Uses a picture of a guy with a terrible posture
  12. i feel like this is just finding something to complain about. this is the only thing i agree with, this is the worst. i would guarantee that 99% of people, even if the files weren't "hidden", wouldn't even know if there was something malicious installed in the game files. I don't even know people who go and check files after being downloaded from steam, or any other game store. and now, just for shits and giggles, i'm going to play devil's advocate and make an argument people love to on this forum when talking about other companies (i despise this argument by the way). They can do what ever they like on their own platform. Their OS, their rules. yadda yadda. then you don't understand what anti-competition actually is...