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  1. Ryanwake

    Question about a new video

    Well it's new to me, I spend like 3-6 hours a week watching Ltt and I haven't seen it
  2. I don't expect them to include the power button or any LEDs. I bet they would be willing to custom cut 10 test benches
  3. 4:20 He said he wanted to rack mount PCI Express SSDs, and it sounds like there's going to be a lot of wasted space around the PCI Express SSDs. I was just wondering what it would take to get a custom mount that could fit them closer together. I mean he could just laser-cut some acrylic and fit those you U.2 PCI Express extenders, that's at least what I assume he's going to do.
  4. Ryanwake

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Is it just me or is the 02 from Earth 1980s
  5. Ryanwake

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    I have a bunch of prebuilts ge1 i3x2, gen1 Xeon, athilon quad core similar to gen3 i3. 2 display adapter gpus, not much better than only interested graphics Like 32 gb ram altogether, a few ssds and a few things of storage. More than 10 of the same DVD re writible drives And no USB 3.0!!! Why
  6. I thaught I said he would buy some physical copies of movies he didn't have yet then torrent those. Along with old programs that might have dead torrents, so he can teach us how to identify a dead torrent that will download 75% and then stop downloading it at all Also I bet 75% of teckies that have torrented, haven't herd of adding seeders to make the torrent fast
  7. Ryanwake

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Can we get a video on gas station phone chargers. These things can literally turn your phone into a bomb. There's a reason that your phone reconends u u use the in box phone charger, it's because they can't guarantee your phones saftey. Think the nintindo switch it has a power requirement just below the standard, and a bad charger could brick it in an instant, or after it's unplugged. Also fast chargers have to be certified for that voltage or the Seema thing could happen. Plus crappy unbranded phone chargers don't have quality control, so a bad charger could be 1/1000 or more. Samsungs chargers are probably less that 1/1,000,000 And there $8 on Amazon or $12 for 2 just make sure the seller is Samsung or it could be a clone
  8. If u get a cheep charger, they could just be so jank that it can damage the charging electronics in your phone, and if you damage the battery electronics it can actually turn your phone into a bomb. Plus every company has quality control, but these companies that aren't even willing to brands their products have lower quality control making it more likely that you will get a defective product that can easily damaged your phone. And the cables can be the culprit as well, I'm not qualified to explain to you why but apparently there's electronics in your cable and these need to be quality-controlled as well. I couldn't find the video but I heard one plus ships cables that are technically unsafe, the ampere app will tell u if your cable is unsafe, at the same time it will measure the charging speed when you get a new charger. Yes the gas station charger probably won't explode your phone but one in a thousand of them could break it, and yes it is not impossible that your phone could explode because of a bad charger.
  9. Why would I try to get custom firmware with my 3 DS on my phone if I had a working computer. Long story short you can do it but you can't convert file types which is necessary for playing games on the 3DS.
  10. this isn't my first rodeo, so if you think of an answer that's oh just do that I've probably already done it.
  11. You can't disable ad blocker on them so when have the sites that you need to add blocker for don't let you use at locker you have to switch back to Chrome which is just as frustrating
  12. First of all I'm 21 and second of all that's rude
  13. I get that it's just sometimes the sites just are non functionial, but sometimes they are, the frustrating part is the site that is perfectly useible one day might send u into endless spiraling redirects the next.
  14. Look all I said dis the internet is difficult, y can't u understand that I cant u understand these there are more than 2 people in this world teckies and grandma's. Teckies need help to sometimes