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  1. AmazonBasics 65W One-Port USB-C 3.0 Wall Charger for Laptops, Tablets and Phones - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P6P2L22/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_71h0Db0YZ4H55
  2. I was playing a flash game, suddenly I hit the back button and it automatically close the game and went back to the previous state of the tab. I was playing this RPG for like 2 hours, any suggestions?
  3. If you're right then we might even see it at $150 this year, what's that a price alert hopefully Black Friday or something
  4. You think the 3600 will go down at least a little bit, I'm probably not going to get anything at least until November / December, if I get anything first if we the board or the ram. Or should I just deal hunt Or bite the bullet and spend 50-60, and by everything at the same time?
  5. Also what does The X Mean, I think it means 95 Watts vs 65 Watts, but I assume they're pretty similar after you overclock it right?
  6. I just spent an hour looking at benchmarks and I'm even more confused, hopefully you guys can help. Feel free and try and convince me to consider an Intel PC but I was hoping to upgrade my CPU in the future. And I think I would have to spend like $30 more on the motherboard if I got 2700 X, plus I haven't seen very many benchmarks that take advantage of the extra 2 cores to match it but it's always close.
  7. Thanks I'll bookmark it, I probably won't be getting it until December at least not every single part. Who knows maybe Intel will go on sale.
  8. Sorry I should have said this I meant overclocking, Maybe the $75 motherboard can overclock but if I had to guess I would say you wouldn't want to overclock anything more than a quad core on my $75 motherboard.
  9. Do you think that money would be better spent on the graphics card, Or 16 gigs of RAM or something?
  10. It's just one of those random shower thoughts, never actually done it but I've come close.
  11. I would probably pay $5 for an app like this, especially if it came with some kind of failure insurance.
  12. Just realized some people might not understand how this problem might ever occur, just in case you copy and paste something or send text about cheating to the wrong person
  13. Good to know if I decide to splurge with a threadripper PC I'll definitely check it, sorry my question was a little jumbled. Now that I've thought about my question I'll rephrase it. PC I'm planning ryzen 5 cheap overclocking motherboard good enough to overclock even if I upgrade. I know a lot about computers from the five plus years I've watched computer videos on YouTube but I still don't know how to pick an overclocking motherboard, the one piece of information that stuck is pick boards with more vrm. This problem could easily be solved with a new type of educational computer video series, just combined ufd deals and techlinked. Rapid fire explanations of good deals. For the low-level nerds who are confident enough to choose their own motherboard.