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  • CPU
    E5-2695 v3
  • Motherboard
    Asus X99-A II
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 32GB 2666 C15
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1070 Hybrid
  • Case
    Corsair 400Q
  • Storage
    2x512GB 850 Evo, 512GB m.2, 4TB HGST, 1TB seagate
  • PSU
    Corsair HX850i
  • Display(s)
    32" Vizio TV
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115i
  • Sound
    Yamaha DSP-A590, Denon SC-S302, Bose 301-II, Monoprice M1060

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    Get a 9820x or 9900x?

    Ah very nice, for awhile I was 4th with my 5820k but I'm who knows how far down the list now. That sucks about your EQ6, my cem60 is not dead but I have been having lots of issues with it lately. Planning on upgrading to a astro-physics mach2 in the next year or so if I dont spend too much on this pc upgrade,. And yeah, a majority of it is hard drive limited, I try to remember to move my data onto a ssd before I process it. The main thing I do that tends to take forever and makes the cpu sweat is deconvolution.

    Get a 9820x or 9900x?

    So it seems dell should start plopping 9900k's into their servers

    Get a 9820x or 9900x?

    Yeah I agree but my wallet does not haha. I was hoping I could hold myself to the 9820 or 9900 and toss in some more ram and/or hard drives to compensate for my sadness.

    Get a 9820x or 9900x?

    I'm just going to leave this here so it does not get mistaken with something like photoshops requirements. https://pixinsight.com/sysreq/index.html

    Get a 9820x or 9900x?

    I really want to like the 9900k but I cant, 16 pcie lanes and only 2 memory channels is kinda a joke. If I was purely a gamer I would probably get it.

    Get a 9820x or 9900x?

    I'm not questioning wether or not you have 5.1GHz, but if you really want to test stability run y-cruncher to at least 1 billion digits. yup, one of the few hobbies that is more expensive than computers lol

    Get a 9820x or 9900x?

    Not sure how hard I would want to push any of them yet. I only have a 280mm aio right now. Been considering doing a custom loop but thats fairly expensive and I would need a new case.
  8. As the title says, I am looking at getting a 9820x or 9900x, but am also considering a 9800x or even a 9920x... Wondering if more knowledgeable people have some input. I am wanting this to me my last cpu upgrade for awhile but the crazy prices are stopping me from pulling out my card and getting the 9920x. I have a E5-2695 v3 (totally not a ES) and after having way too much if an overclock on it I got some degradation so I put it back to stock and now its quite a bit slower and its too hard to game with it, but its what I expected to happen so oh well. For the mobo I think I am set on the asus x299 deluxe II, feel free to recommend any others but I really only want asus. Workstation wise I mostly use a program called pixinsight, which will take as much processing power you can throw at it, and a tiny bit of photoshop. Gaming is just things like assetto corsa and a bit of bf4.

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    Yeah on FB and craigslist here people ask silly prices for there stuff, a handful of it that is decent but it usually lacks drives and/or ram which are the two things I care about most. Also do you have any idea how to setup DNS on FreeNAS? I am trying to get plugins to show up but I am not finding a straight somewhat simple answer on how to do it. Getting this error if that helps, <urlopen error [Errno 8] hostname nor servname provided, or not known>

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    Yeah I wanted a R7xx but I get my stuff at my old school district surplus sale so I have to settle with older mid end equipment, but at $30 a system I cant complain. Thanks for mentioning the heat sinks, I totally would have forgotten to get them when I buy the CPUs. Not too surprised they charge so much for them, anything that is associated with servers is always expensive because they think big corporations are the only ones that buy the stuff. Its the ECC ram prices that really grinds my gears.

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    Oh ok, I have a e5-2695-v3, 32gb ram, evga 1070 hybrid, 2x500gb ssd and 1TB + 4TB HDD all of which are getting pretty full. Yeah one is 8 and the other is 12 bay. I'm not too worried about its power consumption or loudness, I had a MD3200i for awhile and that thing seemed to have about twice the idle volume than either of these. It will also have it in a back room as a heater. I will defiantly take a look into the L5640s, both them and the X5670 are pretty cheap so I may just end up buying both and seeing what kind of difference there is. Thanks

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    I said what they have in the original post. Boinc is like folding@home but there are a lot more things you can help compute like unsolved enigmas and physics/astrophysics things.
  13. Just picked up two R510 servers, trying to decided what to use them for. I'm planning on at least VMware, freeNAS/Plex, Boinc and y-cruncher if I have the space. Any other ideas? I'm definitely better at the hardware side of things than software so nothing crazy complicated please. Right now one of them has a Xeon X5672, 32GB ECC, and 12x600GB 15k drives, the other has a X5672, 16GB ECC, and 4x450GB + 4x600GB 15k drives. I will be upgrading both of them to to dual cpu, either sticking with the x5672 for both or x5670 in one and putting the now extra x5672 in the other. Ram not too sure how much ram yet, probably 24 or 32gb/cpu.

    nas or internal storage

    That depends, how much total storage are you looking for and whats your budget? And I REALLY dont suggest using raid 0 unless you dont care at all about whats on the drives, even then its nice having redundancy because you dont have to deal with setting it all up again.

    Can’t boot windows 10 on server

    if you cant tell which drive is which, start over. only install the drive(s) the os is going to be on then once you have it running put in the rest. Make sure it did not change the boot settings for some reason and maybe pull out the usb once its done installing or if you did that before then leave it in until its fully working. Also maybe try using Win7 or Server 2012 first, not sure if that will really make a difference though...