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    Astrophotography, simracing


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    Asus Maximus XI Formula
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB 3000 C15
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    EVGA GTX 1070 Hybrid
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    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic
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    1TB Adata SX8200 Pro, 1TB 860 Evo, 2x 4TB HDD, 2x 12TBHDD
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    Corsair HX850i
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    LG 34GK950-F
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    Corsair H115i
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    Yamaha DSP-A590, Denon SC-S302, Bose 301-II, Monoprice M1060

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  1. I have a 3COM 2924 and am in the console CLI, everywhere says there will be a prompt during startup saying "press ctrl+B to enter extended boot menu". However I get no such prompt and it just boots then asks for username and password, which are not the default I might add. Anybody have an idea?
  2. SOLVED: "DP 1.4" cable that I bought seems to actually be a 1.2 so after changing the setting on the monitor it works... Feel stupid for asking this but I'm stuck and tired of rebooting. Got a new monitor and it does not display anything until the login screen. Have another monitor that works just fine and also uses display port so I'm not sure whats up. Have tried most of the 'fixes' people have suggested but to no avail. My only guess as to why it is not working would be because its a 21:9? (asus mobo)

    pfSense issues

    Figured it out, was a combo of nordvpn being stupid even though it was not using it and I did not have lan dhcp setup correctly like @Electronics Wizardy mentioned. Networking is not very easy when you have been up all night.

    pfSense issues

    Cant speak for others but you can with comcast's, I can get to it on my phone right now with

    pfSense issues

    lan is - My computer shows the ip, gateway and subnet to be correct I have it running on a dell T320 It might be worth mentioning that I just realized I cant access my isp router web gui either so it is probably a pc problem...
  6. Trying to get pfsense setup but I cant access the web gui. Not too sure what has gone wrong since everybody seems to say pfsense "just works".
  7. BOINC or a Y-Cruncher cluster if they have a semi decent amount of ram and storage.
  8. So this has been driving me nuts for awhile. My computer will commonly turn itself on when its in sleep mode, I know it can happen some because of updates and what not but it has become an everyday thing. Believe me or not but it will also turn itself on when its powered off (psu on of course). I have things like wake on lan lan disabled. So what else could be the cause of this, should I bring it to a church?
  9. Decided to sell a bit and my budget is now about $1000. Anybody have input on these or have any others I should take a second look at? Asus ProArt PA34VC ViewSonic VP3481 LG 34WK95C-W Acer predator X34 LG 34GK950G / LG43GK950F
  10. Like I mentioned a bit higher up in the post my photo editing is just an extreme hobby so although I want the best color accuracy I can get I know I will have to surrender a bit (or a lot) for price and response/frequency. I dont need anything professional grade, even 99% sRGB I would be happy with if the rest of the monitor specs were good.
  11. Looking for a new monitor since mine is starting to die, its just a 32" 1920x1080 60hz vizio tv. Looking for something 32" or more depending on the aspect ratio, also NEEDS to be vesa mount compatible. I would like good color, brightness, contrast and what not since I do photo editing, but its just a very extreme hobby and not a business so if its not perfect I can live with it. I also game, mostly iRacing, assetto corsa and BF4, so a decent response time and 120hz would be nice to have but again not required. I am fine with 1080p, would be ok with a 2k/2k ultrawide but 4k is a bit much considering I only have a 1070. Done a lot of looking on my own but I get lost in all the different model numbers and I can find very little that is a good in between and not strictly made for gaming or productivity. zIdeally I would like to spend $300 but if there is one that checks all my boxes I could go to say $600? Thanks in advance for any help
  12. I have a lian li o11 dynamic and want to squeeze more HDDs into it, has anybody done a relativity clean mod to fit more in?
  13. Excuse my potential ignorance, but like the title says, why is 3dmark a thing especially for competition? For the last hour I have been pushing both my cpu and gpu far past clocks that I know will immediately crash in other benchmarks and some games.
  14. Being that I can now build my new computer since my case finally arrived. Any recommendations for what I should do with my storage drives? I cant wipe them because they have all my data on them. Just scan and pray?