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  1. i loved tera, but the 40-50 grind was total shit. my berzerker class became useless and a single mob could take me. so thats when i quit
  2. My first car i bought 3 days ago a manual 2000 golf, i love it so much that picture isnt of my car but just one i found on the internet
  3. i know thats making me sad a little bit.
  4. heh, i will never play league
  5. Yes i have it was alright
  6. So i have been in dire need of finding an amazing mmorpg because i love them. Currently to date i have played wow, tera, neverwinter, ff14, warframe, firefall, archage, guildwars 2, and a few others. im looking to try ESO when the subscription gets removed. what are your thoughts? anyothers that are good?
  7. my biggest pain in life is being absolutly useless at linux, i wish i could work on it but i have no time.....
  8. wondering if i should replace my s5, pondering probably not though.
  9. Pebble: https://getpebble.com/pebble_steel Asus Zenwatch: http://www.asus.com/Phones/ASUS_ZenWatch_WI500Q/ What one would you go for and why? i am trying to decide on what one i should buy, i love the batterylife of the pebble but i also love the ui of the zenwatch...
  10. So... Your saying its different. Please for the sake of my mental sanity do some more reaserch. It can be physically different but from a software point of view its two 290x's. Its like two breads of dogs. They may be different on the outside but really there both dogs.
  11. Then that's what I'll get
  12. Well I love bass but a that can be fixed quite well with an amp I'd take a great pair of headphones over muddy bassy ones
  13. I forgot how fast people responded here, due to my leave of absense. I will check these out after work. Would audio technica ATH-M50x work?
  14. What are good headphones for around 150$? I do like bass yes I'm that guy. I have been looking at senhieser, and audio technica. It will be for Christmas. I'm looking for a DAC as well but that's on a different budget so don't include it.
  15. just make a simple batch file and it should by pass that issue
  16. i keep them in the store where i dont buy them
  17. when i turn my pc on my lights dim as well, im not concerned though
  18. you want the voltage to be lower, less heat.
  19. thats not a bad idea, but people at the 450 mark would probably spam the forum up anyway
  20. it took me a while, only because i did a bunch of testing the night before. and preinstalled the os. but putting it together about 2 hours.(that includes the washer my mom dropped in my psu that took forever to get out)
  21. yea that would be smart, if you got a way to keep the ln2 at it would probably be around 1000's of psi. if you could isolate the tubing enough you might not even have to worry about condensation. although even pumping the ln2 would be tricky. the one thing i can think of is have a cylinder over the cpu. if you just keep it highly compressed, you can keep it in its liquid form you also wont have to worry about it breaking any orings. also you dont have to worry about a pump, or any tubing. i dont know if it would work its just a idea i had.