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  1. Thats the logical side of it, physically we have Cat.6 sockets in every room, Cat.7 cable and everything nice and tidy in a little rack. I have to use my ISPs ONT, not pictured in there (imagine as the cloud). For the AP-AC-LR we have another Cat.7 running in the floor below, as well as a LWL for future use. Also another LWL in the basement, where my future office/studio will be located. The IP camera is just the first one, recording to the QNAP Surveillance Station running on the NAS with more to follow.
  2. FTTH, we pay for 100/50. We could get more, but atm its enough of either speed and cost.
  3. Exact same problem here with my EU S8 (Exynos), did a hard reset, flashed it with Odin, nothing helps. I get it to Samsung Support next week, maybe that will help.
  4. That looks really interesting, a shame that those seem to be not sold separately. I guess there are no custom keycaps in that size? That would be really awesome. Maybe I get myself a Tesoro Gram XS if they release it as TKL too. Getting a full-size for work and a TKL for the home office would be really awesome, but my wife would totally kill me. Her face, when she saw me looking at the Logitech Craft, said everything
  5. Are there any tips on low profile keycaps for regular MX Switches? Does something like that even exist? I'm completely happy with my Masterkeys S, but low profile caps would be really nice.
  6. 10/10 for the face. I would like the whole car better, maybe even a b&w version? Focus looks a bit off, overall I would say 6/10. Fuji X-E2 with 50mm f2 Rikenon from 1988.
  7. So something more older, Canon EOS 5000 with the Kit lens and Agfaphoto APX 100 sw film. 500px 500px
  8. Bad News from the Ricoh, the shutter Speeds dont work. It's always 1/1000 I think, no matter what Setting I choose. Even bulb doens't work. So back to the Minolta again.
  9. So we're at a hotel customer from us at the moment, he assured us that nothing got in the rack. Sure....
  10. The minolta arrived two days ago, beautiful condition, even better than the Ricoh. https://500px.com/photo/190698927/minolta-x-700-by-daniel-gotteswinter?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=20720193
  11. I did a bit shopping on eBay and waiting for another Minolta X-700 (I lost my first one to my ex-gf) and a Ricoh KR-10X. Im a bit more excited about the Ricoh and cant wait to see how the first film turns out.
  12. Like I said, if I have a NAS that's connected to the TV anyways, theres no reason to get an additional Raspberry. I got the NAS today, I hope I have time to test it this weekend.
  13. Yeah I absolutely understand you, the difference in quality is obvious. I want to get to the point there I self-develop my pictures and get them right of the negative, but I think that will take a while. I want to start with BW starting next year, and maybe try color too someday. My only downside is, if I buy BW film at the local stores I only can get Agfa 100, which costs like four times the cheapest color film that they have. So im a bit scared to f... up developing.
  14. Thats really very sharp, looks good. The price for that Plustek is not too high either, I maybe consider getting something like that. This one is out of my Canon, first roll of B&W film ever.
  15. Im satisfied at them moment with it, was a huge upgrade for me from an old HP flatbed that was only designed for documents. Works surprisingly well with prints. I'll see how the quality will be scanning negatives directly. Sadly, I don't have that much time I want for photography (analog and digital).