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  1. Guys can you make a video on friends pc and your pc same settings to show the difference, cause we have not seen any video where is compared graphic on 1 pc and 2 pc with same settings. and it can be really in your head, I was frustrated too, but I tested it on my friends PCs and they have the same "problem" but they not interest about it so much.
  2. Because I thought I had this problem too on new pc but I have seen it on all my friends PCs too, so I want to see video where it is normal and where it is not if you can ( same settins of course)
  3. Guys can someone make video when is this normal and when you have this problem on same settings and aa and resolution ? so I can see what is the diferrence and try find something, thx but I need video that clearly proves it with showed settings, if you have friend where it is normal and where it is not than record it on same settings and post videos on some download site to download video not youtube, ty, If I see a real problem I will glad try to help you
  4. Ok guys I am back here. I have tested three diferrent computers of this problem, and alliasing, jagged edges, are normal on 1080p, that video from the crew I dont know what settings are used, maybe there is a problem, but flickering and shimmering in gta 5 is normal, too flickering shadows are normal in gta 5, it is how the game was made, I didnt notice this before cause older gpu and cpu and ram, so I was noticing and focusing only on the fps, in conclusion this flickering anomalies are normal, but not all, that video from the crew is really awful to see not to play, so maybe there is something, but the gta 5 videos are all normal I can say, it was tested on same settings on three diferrent PCs and in different houses, never came to contact
  5. Oh sorry I maybe didnt understand you you will try last thing to buy new pc or something else ?
  6. Yea please report back if it helps, but dont use anything that was conected to the pc that has the problem really nothing, completely new mouse, keyboard, headphones ... and dont install windows from usb or dvd that was in pc, so completely new with no contact I support, but its on your choice
  7. And also have I just think videos looks more blurry and grainy, so if is this problem real, than I think it is because GPU show us less pixels = more aa and it explains why videos looks blurry/ grainy, just my theory, sorry for thinking if is this problem real or not, but I have never seen video that proves it like before same settings in NCP Nvinspector, or amd catalyst, and ingame same settings, I know many of you plays games for years but as I said everything can be possible such as real problem
  8. Hi guys I had 6950 2 gb Amd radeon, I was playing gta 5, witcher 3 on low settings full hd, no AA, it looked so wonderful even with no aa, I bought new parts to pc cpu i7 4790K( I noticed many people with this cpu have the issue) 16 GB 1866 Mhz hyperx, and my GPU MSI 1060 6gb version, first two weeks wonderful play, everything looked amazing on ultra full hd preset, gta 5 witcher 3 too, but I have seen rendering path infront of me while going to the city, but didnt see the flickering, just I searched about it if someone can solve this but I wasnt into it much, it was playable and was noticable more when I was going to city, but I got to the topic of flickering/shimmering, jagged edges, broken aliasing, then I was about to check this to the game and I had it ( witcher 3) I logged to gta 5 and had it too, My friends was playing games on my pc and didnt notice it, so I dont know if it is not really in our heads, because this problem persist 2 weeks for me and I am about to die , have problem with sleep too, I cant enjoy the games like before, When I think racional, it is normal aa then I cant unsee now, but I just cannot belive this is normal and start beliveing it is software issue, because GPU cannot downgrade as hardware, maybe just as software problems and PSU makes clear electricity so there shouldnt be electrical issue, and the psu I was running on my old gpu and problem wasnt there, and amd gpu s have these issues too, so the most propably is it is in our heads, because I see it on mobile now too, ( but hard to belive I couldt see it before, cause 4 years of gambling and no issues like this) I will try to compare games from laptop and my pc ( old games because laptot has only cpu graphic) I will report back, also go compare games to my friend s house and pc on same settings Sorry for my english, I am not form english speaking country