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  1. this. I barely play games anymore. and if I do it's ancient games from when I was a kid.
  2. so, with our society now totally changed, people working from home and stuff, there is one thing that I hope goes away from society once and for all. 


    phone calls. 


    I hate talking on the phone SO MUCH. like why can't you just text or email me? I'm hoping now that more and more businesses start using Teams or even Discord that phone calls go away once and for all, and will be replaced by WhatsApp/Teams/Discord style of messaging. 

    1. Pascal...


      Yeah when people ask me for my phone number, I stoped giving it to them. I just either give them my E-Mail or Discord. but shut the f#ck up with WhatsApp. I hate WhatsApp because of stupid Facebook having to leak everything.

    2. Guiltyx


      @Pascal... I Just generally hate WhatsApp because you dont have to consent to be added to a group, so you get spammed into loads of different groups

    3. Twilight


      @Guiltyx only if you give your number to people who pass it on. it doesn't happen to me. 

  3. it's right on the tipping point of 7 to 8, Windows 8 was released in 2012, so it just depends how old it is.
  4. it's from 2012, so either Windows 7 or 8/8.1
  5. I kinda am. I barely play games, my brother uses my gaming pc way more than I do, but if I do it's older games that run fine on older hardware. I used to play on a Q9550 OC'd to 3.6ghz (could go higher but ran into mobo issues), 8gb of ram and an R9 290X. I only have the i3 8100 machine I have now because a friend of mine didn't need his Z370-P anymore and said I could buy it from him for €20. I bought the i3 used for €80, and that was the base for my new machine. it's serving me very well. my brother plays rainbow six siege and this rig is doing very well in that game.
  6. after daily driving a MacBook Pro  with a retina screen for a few weeks now, it's become very hard to use my 2012 MacBook Pro.... 


    the difference in screen quality and readability of text is insane. 


    like, going from a 1280x800 display at 13" to a 2560x1600 display at 13" is crazy... 

  7. likely GPU failure. happens with all 2011 Mac's that have AMD gpu's. that machine is toast. you can try booting Linux, if it boots into that without gpu artifacting there is a chance you could fix it, but it's likely gone.
  8. don't throw it in the trash, put it on ebay when you're done with it. those white macbooks can still get you like $50
  9. so i will have to use chrome again to use this, but it does look really cool. shame there isn't a safari version... cries in the corner i will turn the ad blocking off, but the rest is useful.
  10. I'm comparing to hardware of the same age. so a desktop from 2011 vs a laptop from 2011.
  11. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-2600K-vs-Intel-Core-i5-8265U/621vsm566107 it's exactly the same. because it has to be so efficient. laptop gpu's in the past were super power hungry and ran super hot and failed all the time. these low power gpu's fail less often but that comes at a performance cost...
  12. ok so my Nokia 7.2 has a weird grey display problem: see here


    I looked on the site fo the place where I bought it and they say that if the problem is "fixed" with a reset then they won't accept it as broken, but the problem goes away with a restart... 


    I upset my mom when I told her I was gonna try to sell this phone because she was like boomer voice:you're not selling a 2 month old device, you'll lose so much money on it... and I was just like yeah no shit I'll lose money, but at least I can get some money back. stupid boomers seriously. regardless I will call the place where I bought it on Monday to explain the problem and see if they will accept it as a warranty thing, if not I'll sell it... 


    my mom even got mad at me because she was like you always do this, you buy an android phone because the specs are good and then you wanna get rid of it after 2 months... but like, she doesn't understand. every android phone I've used gets slow/buggy after 2 to 6 months. I don't want it to get slow but it does. 


    I should have just bought an iPhone.. that always works well and lasts long for me but I got tempted by specs... but unfortunately specs can't fix garbage software. 


    expect either a massive angry rant on Monday if the place where I bought the phone doesn't accept the return, because then I'll have to list it online and then my mom will yell at me or a positive message saying they will give me my money back but I highly doubt that. 


    as for what I'll get to replace it, I'll have to use my iPhone 6s until wwdc because I wanna check what phones are gonna be supported under iOS 14. I can also save up some money over those 2 months. 


    I looked online and I have my eyes on the iPhone 7 Plus. a 128gb one will cost about €220. I should be able to scrape that together over 2 months if I sell the Nokia, a TV that I have listed online that has some bids on it and set aside most of the money I'll earn from work during those months.


    however if the 6s will get iOS 14 I'll just stick with it. it's showing it's age and lags a bit doing some things which is why I bought a new phone to begin with, but I'm not in a position financially where I can spend a whole lot of money, so if apple is nice and gives the 6s another update I'll stick with it.. 


    either that or I can save up more money and buy a new phone when iOS 14 actually releases if the 6s doesn't get it, because then I can maybe buy an iPhone 8 if it goes down in price. 

    1. RoseLuck462


      Good thing the iPhone 9 comes out this month...

  13. ok so my phone (Nokia 7.2) does this weird thing where the display gets a very grey glow. restarting the phone seems to fix it, but I'm wondering if I should return the phone and try to get my money back now, since the device is like a month old. compare these 2 pictures. both my laptop and phone are on full brightness in both pictures and it was taken with the same camera. the first picture has the grey glow, and the second one was taken after restarting the phone. Spotify is all black normally, just like on my laptop. can someone tell me if this is a hardware issue or a bug? and if it is a bug how do I fix it? I'm feeling pretty massive buyers remorse for buying this and not going with what I know and trust, Apple. if this isn't fixable and it happens again I'm gonna try to get my money back and just buy an iPhone because I don't wanna deal with this...
  14. well yeah, some poorly designed laptops die. the 2011 15" MacBook Pro is a good example of a badly designed sandy bridge laptop. it suffered from crippling GPU failure. again coming back to my point that laptops with gpu's are unreliable.
  15. the 2012 13" MBP was a cheap model at the time, since it doesn't have a Retina display and the other models did. this is a snapshot from the apple site from 2013... the 13" 2.5ghz is the one that I'm talking about, without the Retina display.
  16. 1.7ghz? my 2012 MBP runs at 3.1ghz... it depends what you mean by modern tasks too. I can edit 1080p video on that MacBook without issues. it stutters a little bit when I add effects but like, it's fine.
  17. not $900, but considerably more than a desktop mobo, I agree there. not everyone does that lol, but you have a point.
  18. maybe a bad choice of words on my part. what I meant was that I have had very different experiences than what he's claiming.
  19. umm no, take bottom cover off and you have access to the fans. agreed. that was a bitch to do on my MacBook, I had to take the whole board out... my 2012 MBP has 2 sodimm slots, and I upgraded it from the stock 4gb to 16gb of ram. but, with modern laptops you lose that convenience so I agree there. well, cpu's require different sockets. a 7th gen desktop and a laptop with a 7th gen intel cpu are limited to the same generation unless you replace parts. not that much higher (if it's not a gaming laptop)... my 2012 MBP will sit quite happily at 80 degrees under full load (exporting a 1080p video while watching YouTube) and it tildes around 40 to 60 degrees depending on what I'm doing. granted, I have a custom fan curve applied but that's easy to do. my 2012 MacBook Pro runs at the full boost clock still. so that's not always the case. I know. that's why I mentioned laptops I have experience with. in my experience the claims Linus made are false, but for others already in this thread it was true...
  20. it depends though. in my experience laptops without gpu's last much longer. well, yeah, I had a Pro laptop from Asus that ramped the fans up if you launched chrome. that was not marketed towards gaming. i've had an msi gaming laptop and that one was even worse. I've seen that thing ramp up the fans from just moving the mouse. in terms of reliability I have doubts there... I mean, I've seen plenty of 8 - 9 year old mobo's die, even server boards which are meant to be legendarily reliable.
  21. I'm talking about the latest WAN show. (link with timestamp) there Linus says that Laptops die faster than Desktops and that using one from the sandy bridge era (2011 - 2012) is a bad experience. now, in some ways he's right. if you want to game on a laptop from that era the only games you are gonna be able to play are Minecraft and older titles. however, for most people that's fine. I have a Toshiba laptop from 2010, it has a first gen i5 and some sort of AMD graphics. the battery is dead, but other than that it's still reasonably quick if you're just web browsing and it runs Minecraft or old games totally fine. if you are like me and do not play games (ok I do play some, but childhood games so from like 2005 that run on a PlayStation 2) using an older device is totally ok. i have a 2012 13" MacBook Pro (ok it's ivy bridge but it's the same era as the laptops Linus is talking about) and I can edit 1080p footage on that for my YouTube channel, it has a nice ssd in it, 16gb of ram (obviously upgraded myself).. web browsing is fine, video exports take a while but editing is fine, watching YouTube or twitch is fine, like it's a good experience. now about the bit that laptops die faster, yes and no. if you buy one without a gpu it will last forever. all laptops I've had with dGPU's have either died or had driver issues. however, all laptops I've owned without dGPU's (my 2012 13" MacBook Pro, I have an elitebook from 2012 without a gpu too that's totally fine) have lasted forever and been very stable. it feels to me that Linus has used gaming laptops (particularly from razer) for too long. not all laptops have crappy quality control and run at 100c and sound like jet engines when you launch a program. that's only gaming laptops. regardless, I've seen plenty of desktop hardware from that era die, particularly gpu's (my 780Ti died) and motherboards. a desktop isn't magically more reliable than a well designed laptop.