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Status Updates posted by Twilight

  1. ok so we just had our access points upgraded from cheap crappy one's to Ubiquity AP Pro's. it's glorious now. 

    1. Den-Fi


      Good, good...

      Unifi APs are great when they don't randomly drop off the network.

  2. so, with our society now totally changed, people working from home and stuff, there is one thing that I hope goes away from society once and for all. 


    phone calls. 


    I hate talking on the phone SO MUCH. like why can't you just text or email me? I'm hoping now that more and more businesses start using Teams or even Discord that phone calls go away once and for all, and will be replaced by WhatsApp/Teams/Discord style of messaging. 

    1. Pascal...


      Yeah when people ask me for my phone number, I stoped giving it to them. I just either give them my E-Mail or Discord. but shut the f#ck up with WhatsApp. I hate WhatsApp because of stupid Facebook having to leak everything.

    2. Guiltyx


      @Pascal... I Just generally hate WhatsApp because you dont have to consent to be added to a group, so you get spammed into loads of different groups

    3. Twilight


      @Guiltyx only if you give your number to people who pass it on. it doesn't happen to me. 

  3. after daily driving a MacBook Pro  with a retina screen for a few weeks now, it's become very hard to use my 2012 MacBook Pro.... 


    the difference in screen quality and readability of text is insane. 


    like, going from a 1280x800 display at 13" to a 2560x1600 display at 13" is crazy... 

  4. ok so my Nokia 7.2 has a weird grey display problem: see here


    I looked on the site fo the place where I bought it and they say that if the problem is "fixed" with a reset then they won't accept it as broken, but the problem goes away with a restart... 


    I upset my mom when I told her I was gonna try to sell this phone because she was like boomer voice:you're not selling a 2 month old device, you'll lose so much money on it... and I was just like yeah no shit I'll lose money, but at least I can get some money back. stupid boomers seriously. regardless I will call the place where I bought it on Monday to explain the problem and see if they will accept it as a warranty thing, if not I'll sell it... 


    my mom even got mad at me because she was like you always do this, you buy an android phone because the specs are good and then you wanna get rid of it after 2 months... but like, she doesn't understand. every android phone I've used gets slow/buggy after 2 to 6 months. I don't want it to get slow but it does. 


    I should have just bought an iPhone.. that always works well and lasts long for me but I got tempted by specs... but unfortunately specs can't fix garbage software. 


    expect either a massive angry rant on Monday if the place where I bought the phone doesn't accept the return, because then I'll have to list it online and then my mom will yell at me or a positive message saying they will give me my money back but I highly doubt that. 


    as for what I'll get to replace it, I'll have to use my iPhone 6s until wwdc because I wanna check what phones are gonna be supported under iOS 14. I can also save up some money over those 2 months. 


    I looked online and I have my eyes on the iPhone 7 Plus. a 128gb one will cost about €220. I should be able to scrape that together over 2 months if I sell the Nokia, a TV that I have listed online that has some bids on it and set aside most of the money I'll earn from work during those months.


    however if the 6s will get iOS 14 I'll just stick with it. it's showing it's age and lags a bit doing some things which is why I bought a new phone to begin with, but I'm not in a position financially where I can spend a whole lot of money, so if apple is nice and gives the 6s another update I'll stick with it.. 


    either that or I can save up more money and buy a new phone when iOS 14 actually releases if the 6s doesn't get it, because then I can maybe buy an iPhone 8 if it goes down in price. 

    1. RoseLuck462


      Good thing the iPhone 9 comes out this month...

  5. do Spotify updates do anything? it just says update available!!! then it relaunches and... nothing changes. 

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    2. Twilight


      @handymanshandle I still want a light theme... 

    3. AluminiumTech


      Most Spotify desktop updates are updating chromium under the hood.

    4. AluminiumTech


      Because the way Spotify works is that the desktop app is a thin client that at its core is a chromium browser window running the UI (on the Microsoft Store version this would probably be Edge based instead but I don’t know for sure) which is entirely web based.


      Anything involving decision making, algorithmic stuff, is done on the server side and communicated to the client minus the shuffle play algorithm which is done locally in the client.


      The client is also responsible for: storing app preferences, displaying ADs as required by the server if the user isn’t a paying customer, caching songs to reduce how often they need to be streamed from the server, downloading songs for offline playback if a paying customer wants to download songs, and updating itself to make sure the customer has the latest version of the app.

  6. there we go. I made something...



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    2. CircleTech


      I wear contacts

    3. xKyric


      Your hair looks nice with that hoodie.

    4. Twilight


      thanks. it matches well lmao

  7. ok I decided to start a YouTube thing (I've wanted to before but changed my mind about 4 or 5 times, I have a drive with a load of old footage from a few years ago when I first had this idea), and holy crap I now just realised how inconvenient the type-c only MacBook Pro's are.... 


    it starts with my Mac being a 120gb model, not enough to edit. I thought well I'll just plug in an external dri... crap. no usb a ports. 


    I then realised that my camera uses SD cards. I don't have an SD card slot on my Mac. but then I thought well I'll just use an old card read... shit, those use usb type a too. 


    no problem, I have a dongle. 


    crap, if I plug in the dongle I can't charge my Mac at the same time. 


    soooo I guess my 2012 MBP will take over as my main computer again since most of the time using it will be editing video...


    and out of my Mac's this is the one that can handle a drive upgrade (it has 500gb, plenty for editing 1080p and 480p footage), it supports SD cards which my camera uses, I can plug in an external drive for offloading footage when I'm done with my edit and it can charge while interfacing with all of these devices. 


    if I wanted to use the 2017 MacBook Pro as my computer for video editing I would have to buy a dongle that has charging passthrough, ethernet, 2 type a ports and an sd card reader... those are expensive and I have no money rn soooo nope.  

  8. so this is interesting... i noticed more backache and strain on my neck recently, since i can't really go out for a walk two or three times a day anymore, once at most, i've been sitting in front of my MacBook all day long basically. 


    i noticed that with the default scaling (1440x900) on the 13" screen that i was kind of leaning forwards all the time in order to read the thing. 


    i've set it to 1280x800 now, which is irritating to use because i have so little screenspace, but it does allow me to lean back comfortably in my chair and still be able to read the screen without putting strain on my body from leaning forwards. 


    another positive thing is that if i get used to this, i won't have a hard time at all if i have to go back to my 2012 MBP at some point, if this MBP breaks....

    1. RoseLuck462


      Ever try some yoga or something similar?

    2. Twilight


      @RoseLuck462 no, but i have joint issues as it is so sitting in an uncomfortable way doesn't help. i wanted to go to the doctor for it to see if i can get treatment, i don't know the name in english but the people who do that had to close due to covid-19... so until that's over i can't get treatment for it. 

  9. edit: nvm

  10. it's happened. i've watched so much youtube my attention span has run out. i'm just doing different things now, since if i put on youtube (almost all tech video's are the same) i get bored after 2 minutes and go do something else. 

  11. i was banned for using the word "shit" on tomshw, but eeeeeehm...


    1. RoseLuck462


      Looks like they were desperate to get you for something...

    2. Twilight


      @RoseLuck462 probably. i already DM'd the mod who banned me about it. i said that since i was banned for using the word everyone else deserved that punishment too, and i sent this screenshot as proof lmao. 

    3. Max1996LTT


      So what was their response, if any?






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    2. TopHatProductions115


      Remind me to delete my account this weekend 😂 These guys aren't serious anymore. 

    3. Den-Fi


      How will you atone for this?

      We demand an act of contrition.

    4. RoseLuck462


      Well that's just <Mod Edit>.

  13. tomsHW isn't happy with me it seems... 



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    2. Twilight



    3. RoseLuck462


      Probably they didn't like you being snarky with dah mods...

    4. Twilight


      probably yeah. i was just correcting actual false information though. 

  14. ok so my mom's phone was being stupid, it wouldn't ring if she was called, like at all, and it was just being really weird with mobile networks and crap, and it was old anyway so i upgraded her to my old iPhone 6s, which works out well becuase she already has an iPad that she's used to... 

  15. compressed air is my hero... my x key started typing xx when i hit it, instead of one x... 


    a bit of compressed air over the entire keyboard while holding the laptop up at an angle fixed it. 

    1. Twilight


      for context, butterfly keyboard....

  16. Watch this and tell me macOS isn't a power user OS lol



    1. AluminiumTech


      It is. It's just not an OS where you're in complete control.

    2. TopHatProductions115


      What does that make linux, then?

    3. AluminiumTech


      @TopHatProductions115 An OS where you have complete control and complete ownership of your device.

  17. i never thought this would happen, but i've gotten used to the butterfly keyboard almost entirely now. i don't miss keystrokes any longer, and i actually like that i don't have to apply nearly as much force as other keyboards require to press down the keys.... 

  18. Lol the tomshw thing escalated. a different moderator there voted down my posts, and I was like the fuck? so I DM'd and this happened... 








    1. Max1996LTT


      ...Never thought I'd specifically choose to stay away from a specific forum, but now there's one. There's delusional and then there's thinking you're always right because you're the mod.

  19. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/installed-ssd-in-imac-how-do-i-get-a-mac-os-on-it.3568796/#post-21637073

    tomshw is an actual circus at this point. OP asks question, Jeremy replies with inaccurate information, I call out that it's wrong information and I get a warning from the moderators. 


    great site

    1. Den-Fi
    2. Caroline


      That site has always been a circlejerk

    3. lewdicrous


      It's in the name; Tom's "hard"ware

  20. Pretty much all set up now. i'll use it for a week or so and i'll do a review then.