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    linux nerd
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    The Netherlands
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    just another nerd


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    I7 2675QM
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    Apple OEM
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    16GB DDR3
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    HD 3000
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    Apple MacBook Pro
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    1TB ADATA SU800
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    Apple MacBook Display
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    Apple OEM
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    Sony MDR 1000X
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  1. sure. you can go lower end than that though. much lower end. but if you have that card spare go for it.
  2. i see... he always goes on about 2 games. Aztec Challenge and Emerald Mine i believe. if there is an alternative that includes those 2 games i will be really happy. i want to use a CRT if possible. for retro reasons lol. and because i have a few. so HDMI is not preferred in this case.
  3. so for my dad's birthday i want to get him a Commodore 64. he always goes on about how he had one as a kid etc so... but, i don't know anything about the C64. i don't know what display interface it uses, i don't know what common faults are, what to look for etc. to know if it's even practical to get one at all i'd like to know the following: can i use a regular CRT tv with it? are there many common faillures? are spare parts cheap/easy to get? i'd really like to get him one but if it's really unpractical or otherwise difficult to get a working C64 set up then i won't bother.
  4. i love my chromebook... after watching at least 4 hours of youtube on it, possibly 5 it's now at 11%... with 42 minutes remaining still xD 

    1. LukeSavenije


      how's chromeos?


      just curious, i never used it

    2. firelighter487


      @LukeSavenije it's basically... chrome. 


      it's more complicated, you can run android apps and (in beta as of writing this) linux apps, but that's pretty slow on my chromebook. and i only have 16gb of storage in it so... 


      i basically only use it for youtube, the forum, and some document editing through the web version of icloud, google docs and office online. not having to deal with Windows update is really nice (i own a windows laptop with similar specs and it runs like ass whenever windows update starts running etc) and i only need a web browser anyway. i'm not gonna use anything more serious on somethign so low end. and because it's a "laptop" i get the full desktop version of chrome, which is much nicer than a mobile version on say an android tablet or iPad. 

  5. keep in mind that AMD cards are better for linux. less driver hassle. if you can find a cheap AMD card i would use that.
  6. phew... my MacBook is working again. for some reason it doesn't like my 850 EVO... with an ADATA SU800 installed it works fine... 

  7. rip both of my MacBooks. the 2011 was pretty much dead already (it had a lot of issues) but suddenly my 2012 doesn't wanna work either. it has just been sitting on a shelf.... but yea... rip. 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. firelighter487


      @DrMacintosh internet recovery doesn't work like that. i can erase the drive and still use it. 

    3. DrMacintosh


      Internet recovery boots from the recovery partition and attempts to reinstall macOS. If the recovery partition is damaged macOS could fail to download properly or install properly. You could write off the MacBook or you could spend 10min to try and fix it. Your call. 

    4. firelighter487


      @DrMacintosh it might have been the SSD... even though it works in another system this Mac might just not like it. i put another ssd in it, booted to internet recovery and it worked first try. i'm installing macOS now... 

  8. so both of my MacBooks broke, and at a really unfortunate time. i was about to do some recording etc soon and for that i planned to use garageband. is there any software available on windows/linux that allows me to make a song pretty much?
  9. oof... the headphone jack on my 2011 MBP died... that makes it pretty much unusable for me... 


    I'm now definitely using my 13" 2012 as my main machine until I either fix the 2011 or get a newer Mac somewhere down the line. 

    1. LukeSavenije


      apple with dying hp jack...


      why is this feeling typical?

    2. TopHatProductions115


      Now it matches the newest iPhones and MacBooks! :D 

  10. my friend is busy until tuesday and i have no school on monday so i'll have the next 3 days to myself. i plan to make them productive. i can refine my retro tv setup, fix my computer (that will take at least a full day) and maybe clean my room a little. 

  11. what. the. f*ck. is. this. microsoft.








    the new one's are so ugly omg

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. firelighter487


      @seoz i take it back. you really are a google fangirl. 

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Nexus 6P was best smartphone before 2017 fite me

    4. firelighter487


      ugh i just took word, excel and powerpoint out of mu dock because of the awful icons. i didn't use them much anyway. 

  12. i can’t wait to see clickbait titles from LTT and tech linked on this!


    oh wait they only do that for apple nvm. 

    1. VegetableStu


      NEW FEATURE FROM SAMSUNG *pic of MKBHD's broken Galaxy Fold*

  13. oof... those blisters on my foot got worse and worse... 


    my body can handle pain quite well. i can sort of tune it out. but when i get tired i lose focus and then i can't anymore. 


    i almost can't walk from the pain. i was fine during the day today (me and my friend went shopping and stuff) but i had to walk home about an hour ago and the pain was making me dizzy. my friend was really worried which didn't help because then i start feeling guilty.... 


    i'm gonna stay home tomorrow and take it easy. i'm also gonna fix my shoes because this is bad. 

    1. Cyberspirit


      Get some nice shoes or insoles if you walk a lot. They can be a lifesaver.

    2. seoz


      Take care and rest easy! :)

  14. firelighter487

    Is Apple Even TRYING?? – Airpods 2 Review

    to be honest i'm not surprised you can't update the airpods if you don't have an iPhone. they do everything in terms of pairing and setting up wirelessly. like, it's the same with syncing an iDevice to a pc. for that Apple's answers are: are you on a Mac? cool. we include a nice optimized version of iTunes! are you on Windows? well, you're gonna have to use a version of iTunes that's so unoptimized it chugs even on a dual X5650 system with 48GB of ram. are you on Linux? f*ck you. did Linus really expect that Apple would change that? Apple is known for the ecosystem. if you have a lot of Apple devices everything works brilliantly. i can use the same apps i use on Mac that i do on my iPhone to manage all my calendar stuff and my reminders and my notes and it all syncs without effort. do you wanna do that using a Windows pc and an iPhone? or a Mac and an android phone? well you're gonna have to use third party apps.
  15. I need a power bank at this point... 2 hours on battery and my iPhone is at 65%