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  1. pci-e passthrough help

    ok i got 2 lockups, like my system completely froze, and then i got a ram error code after the second reboot. turns out i think i had a defective ram stick that was causing that... because i removed it and now everything's fine. no kernel crashes or freezes.
  2. pci-e passthrough help

    @Electronics Wizardy i installed the nvidia driver, but it doesn't want to run... the 780Ti is still running nouveau, and if i try to open nvidia-settings i get an error saying the nvidia drivers are not loaded...
  3. safe temperature for R9 290X

    i did. -30mV... i found a solution though, since i only need 60fps anyway i turned on vsync, and that combined with my kinda crazy 3500rpm fan made it run at 85 degrees... it's kinda annoying that i can't use the full performance of the card but oh well...
  4. safe temperature for R9 290X

    it didn't help much.. i turned the fan around, so now it blows cold air into the fans of the card, and that boosts the speed by about 100mhz. still at 94 though...
  5. safe temperature for R9 290X

    ok, i'll do that. i've found out that it is throttling. i have a fan on it blowing hot air away from the card, like sucking hot air from the space in between the gpu's, and if i take that fan away fps goes up by about 5... just staring into the distance in the training map in overwatch with the fan it's in the 120's and if i take the fan away it's in the 110's...
  6. safe temperature for R9 290X

    i have the msi gaming edition of it..
  7. safe temperature for R9 290X

    so i just installed my R9 290X, nd while playing Overwatch on 1080P ultra with antialiasing off, fps dips into the 40's... worse than that it gets to 94 degrees celsius while gaming. my 780Ti is installed next to it, with 1 slot in between them for the card to get some air. i even put a fan on the space between them, but it didn't help. this is with the side window of my case removed, so the card has full access to air. the temperature in my room is about 25 degrees if i had to guess. so is it throttling, and how can i improve performance? i knew these cards ran hot when i bought it, but i didn't think it would run this hot...
  8. pci-e passthrough help

    thank you! the guide i found was like you need to blacklist nouveau etc... massive thank you for all of your help by the way
  9. pci-e passthrough help

    i googled how to install them and it's quite complicated... if you can link me to a good guide i'll install them...
  10. pci-e passthrough help

    yeah it's a popup in fedora. nothing's crashing or whatever. i did plug in my second display into my 780Ti's displayport, and then the whole display started glitching, but that might have been a driver thing because after a reboot it's fixed. by the way, the passthrough works perfectly. i've installed the drivers for my 290X and i'm watching some youtube in my VM while i wait for Overwatch to download, but so far it's stable.
  11. pci-e passthrough help

    @Electronics Wizardy i'm currently installing Windows 10 on the VM, but i did notice i'm getting a lot of kernel-core crashes or something.. the system is functioning normally so... what could that be?
  12. pci-e passthrough help

    YES it woked. omg thank you! no error this time! i'm gonna download Windows 10 now, install it and see if it works
  13. pci-e passthrough help

    how? i'm not an expert at this sorry
  14. pci-e passthrough help

    ok i alrady had vfio.conf, so i called it vfio2.conf. i pasted that line in, saved it and rebooted. still the same issue.
  15. intel teases new dedicated gpu

    it's nice to see some competition.