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    2x XEON X5650
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    ASUS Z8PE-D18
  • RAM
    28GB ECC DDR3
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    R9 290X & RX 460
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    Silverstone Raven RV03
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    2x 240GB SSD's
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    Corsair AX860
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    2 1080p displays
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    Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM
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    Corsair M65 Pro
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    Manjaro Linux & Windows 10

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  1. i have had bad luck with motherboards used. i got one with socket damage, and another one that has some other problem that it's very unstable.... so not everything you can buy used is perfect. i have had good luck with cpu's and gpu's though.
  2. you did increase the current at least a bit when you overclocked it so... are there any marks or scratches on the board where the cpu cooler was screwed in?
  3. it can also corrupt the smc among other things on the board of the macbook, so again, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK...
  4. it could have damaged the board, and when you increased the voltages that could have maybe had soemthing to do with it, i don't really know.
  5. that's not the only thing that can go wrong, it could also corrupt stuff like the smc, etc. there are a lot of things that can go wrong.
  6. if it doesn't work properly it could not spin up the fans at all regardless of temperature, so your macbook would overheat.
  7. i had posting issues a week ago when i installed a new cooler in my pc, loosening it made it POST again, but you already tried that... is it boot looping? so turning off and then back on again?
  8. this is a thing: https://github.com/dgraziotin/mbpfan but TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! your model isn't listed in the tested models section, so it could not work or even break your macbook! again, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
  9. firelighter487

    PS5 confirmed... what do you wanna see?

    that's the point. if we could do that that would be awesome! no more buying a game twice, one console and one for pc
  10. firelighter487

    PS5 confirmed... what do you wanna see?

    the ability to install different os's on it. so you can play Windows games when you feel like it if you install Windows.
  11. firelighter487

    should i buy this laptop?

    lately meaning 2 years old laptops too? because this one is nearly 2 years old.
  12. firelighter487

    should i buy this laptop?

    so that means it's unreliable then?
  13. firelighter487

    should i buy this laptop?

    it does? a friend of mine has a different msi laptop and that thing's quite solid from what i've seen... but build quality is subjective...
  14. firelighter487

    is it just me or is Windows 8.1 a lot less buggy than 10?

    Windows 10 home is more than €140 in my country. For that price, minor issues like that shouldn't exist, especially for a year like that one.
  15. firelighter487

    is it just me or is Windows 8.1 a lot less buggy than 10?

    how can you form a good opinion on it if yiu never used it seriously? what's wrong with it then? bug free hmm? open up search by clicking on the icon on the taskbar, close it with the same icon and now open it the same way on another thisplay. and poof, your taskbar on the original display will dissapear and come back.