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    2x XEON X5650
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    30GB ECC DDR3
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    GTX 1050 & RX 460
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB & 1TB RAID ARRAY
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    2x 460W HP PSU's
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    3 1080p displays
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    1x stock cooler & 1x Hyper 212 EVO
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    Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM
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    Corsair M65 Pro
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    Logitech Z323
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    Windows 10

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  1. K63 CUE software

    yeah.. here is a link to my topic i made when i had this problem.
  2. K63 CUE software

    ok.. well... i don't know how to fix it... for me it fixed itself after a while when i was using a K55..
  3. K63 CUE software

    okay.. have you updated the firmware of the K63 and everything?
  4. K63 CUE software

    i don't know a lot about the K63, does it have rgb? does that stop working too when it's not detected anymore?
  5. K63 CUE software

    i also own a K65, and that doesn't have this problem either as far as i know.
  6. K63 CUE software

    when i used a K55 i had this issue a lot, but all of a sudden it went away. i don't know why. since i switched to a K95 platinum i haven't had the issue either..
  7. I have no computer for school

    EDIT: nevermind, just read your original post again. i missed something.
  8. how can i reduce hand strain from using my laptop?

    forza seems boring too.. i generally don't like multiplayer free roam racing.. multiplayer racing in terms of track racing and stuff then yeah, but free roam i'm no fan of... mostly because i have almost no friends, and nobody to play those games with..
  9. how can i reduce hand strain from using my laptop?

    don't have an xbox..
  10. how can i reduce hand strain from using my laptop?

    these 2 things might be the solution.. because i have the K65 propped up with the wrist rest.. although i have a 14 inch laptop and it's wrist rest is already big enough for me.. yeah that's an issue because most chairs at my school are those crappy non-adjustable one's.. i don't think that's neccesary.. if i stop typing for 5 minutes it goes away.. it's just really annoying and i don't want it to get worse.
  11. how can i reduce hand strain from using my laptop?

    i never play it now.. the multiplayer is way too basic to have fun with it.
  12. how can i reduce hand strain from using my laptop?

    it's just a screenshot from Need For Speed Payback that i made with the photo mode...
  13. so i've been struggling with something for a while. whenever i use my laptop's keyboard to type something long, i get strain in my hands. it's not a lot of pain or something, it's just a weird annoying feeling. this is the most noticeable when i'm at school. so much so that i sometimes have to stop typing for a few minutes to give my hands some rest. i tried to "fix" this by buying a Corsair K65 (mx red) to use with my laptop and taking it to school with me because i noticed that the keyboard i use on my desktop setup, the Corsair K95 platinum (mx brown) didn't give me nearly as much strain.. and so far that's worked. but lugging around a separate keyboard and mouse all the time is kind of annoying. for school it doesn't really matter, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having an ultrabook when i need to go somewhere and want to use it on the train or whatever. so can i do something about it when using my laptop's keyboard? i'm also kinda scared it could be the beginning of rsi or something..
  14. Restart issues

    that's weird.. just noticed that too. i initially read over it..