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About firelighter487

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    Rainbow Dash
  • Birthday 1999-09-13

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    The Netherlands
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    just another nerd


  • CPU
    2X XEON X5650
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z8PE-D18
  • RAM
    24GB ECC DDR3
  • GPU
    GTX 690
  • Case
    Silverstone Raven RV03
  • Storage
    2X 240GB SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair AX 860
  • Display(s)
    2X Iiyama GE2488HS
  • Cooling
    2X Hyper 212 EVO (mounted with zip-ties xD)
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 RGB Platinum (MX Brown)
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
  • Sound
    Sony MDR 1000X
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. i watched a WAN show from a few weeks ago, and in it Luke says that he's frustrated when people run adblock on this forum because the ads here are innocent and don't do shady stuff basically....


    but that banner at the bottom of the page has an amazon tracker in it, and gets blocked by my tracking blocker. the ad at the top right is innocent, but the one at the bottom tracks you...

  2. oh that makes sense. whenever something happens people automatically grab pitchforks before reading past the headline...
  3. firelighter487

    Linus' networking icon

    really? you can use PIA with other clients? that's cool.
  4. firelighter487

    Linus' networking icon

    lmao, gets sponsored all over by PIA but doesn't use it. shame on you linus.
  5. why doesn't LTT use 16:9 for their content?


    watching LTT content on a 13" 1280x800 16:10 display is awful because of the black bars.


    the resolution of the content is only 1280x640 when switched to 720p.... whyyyy

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Cyberspirit


      There were a couple of threads about this but, I believe Linus said in one of the WAN shows that they aren't going back to 16:9.

      This one, for example:



      Seems like people here would prefer 16:9 though.

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      Mobile first. We all know how this went for Microsoft.


      Is floatplane also 2:1?

    4. firelighter487


      @Cyberspirit it would make sense that people here (a bunch of PC users, with likely a 1080p or 4K monitor) would prefer 16:9.

  6. this is really just a flame war topic about you not liking Apple's way of doing things. and that's fine if you don't like Apple. buy something else and be happy with you non-Apple devices. don't start flame wars on forums please.
  7. does anyone now when Windows 1903 is supposed to release?

    1. LukeSavenije


      it seems to be in the insider group now...

    2. firelighter487


      yeah it has been for months. i mean the normal consumer one.


      i'm fine running insider previews for fun, but not on systems i need to use for school.

  8. i honestly did not know about that. i only posted this topic because i thought the claim thing with The Linux Gamer was unfair and it needed to be resolved...
  9. mine wasn't set to that... but i also have it set so nobody can see my profile. so there's that.
  10. i attempted to. but nvidia drivers on linux are a pile of crap.
  11. firelighter487

    Task Manager CPU flex thread

    @Lukyp i sort of said main PC only.
  12. post screenshots of your cpu cores/threads here. your main PC only. activity monitor (macOS), or htop (Linux) is also allowed.
  13. my second cpu works... apparantly it's only the ram slots of that socket that don't work. the socket itself seems fine... 


    yay :) 

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    2. firelighter487
    3. TopHatProductions115


      Better than the situation from 18 hours ago :D 

    4. firelighter487


      @TopHatProductions115 yup. all i had to do was plug the 8-pin back in after removing the ram of CPU 1... i'm such an idiot.


      i thought of it because after removing CPU 1 because i wanted to do other things with it my machine wouldn't POST. so it must have a cpu installed in socket 1 even if it's not plugged in. so i just thought like what will happen if i plug it back in... and it worked xD 


      all the ram installed is in slots of cpu 2, but it seems to be fine regardless... 

  14. firelighter487

    Help me put linux on my chromebook please

    you have to adjust your expectations, sure. but for general stuff like netflix and facebook they are fine.