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  1. WHY it's not supported at all! just use Windows 10....
  2. this i guess. that model wasn't available with an 8 core i5. it's supposed to say i9 there.
  3. what happened to any other video games in existence? retro games? movies? hobbies?
  4. or jsut buy a used android phone which is often times cheaper than a used iphone, so you could sell your iphone, buy a used android phone and have money left over. GOOGLE DOES THE SAME!!! the Play Store has a monopoly under people who aren't tech nerds who understand what sideloading is and how it works.
  5. you can boot to an external drive and even run a full linux install off of it, you just cannot boot linux from or access the internal storage with linux when booted externally.
  6. i don't really get why people dismiss ghost pictures as immediately not real...... 


    we have camera's that can capture infrared light which we humans can't normally see. it's entirely possible that normal camera's are just capable of capturing paranormal things that are invisible to us normally. 

    1. Bombastinator


      Because that’s not how they work.  It is not “entirely possible” if you actually know how they work.   There is a saying that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. What that means is that if you don’t understand how a technology works you can be told it is magic and there isn’t a way to tell the difference.  A wheelbarrow has actually been considered magic because the people viewing it didn’t have the background to figure out how it worked.


      For the people who know enough about how cameras work the concept of ghost pictures is stupid. 


      Film cameras use granules of material sensitive to a given light range.  CCD cameras do  the same but with a sensor.  Those sensors or granules detect radiation within a certain range and react according to it.  That is all. 

      “Ghost pictures”are generally tricks of peculiarities or faults of the way a given camera is designed.  They are only “ghost pictures” if one doesn’t look deep enough into the given situation. 

      human technology became complicated enough hundreds of years ago for this sort of trickery to become possible.  Sailing ships that are “pulled along by unseen forces”(true)”beneath the waves!”(false)

      an example:

      it turns out that humanity actually had how sails work wrong during that time. They made square rig ships. Sails don’t “catch the wind”. If they did sloop rig ships wouldn’t work. It turns out square rig had some advantages for things like turning so they stayed on even after faster and higher pointing designs were created. 

      There was a time, just pre 1900 when cameras were new, that “ghost pictures” were the rage because cameras were poorly understood.  After cameras became better understood “ghost pictures” were relegated to incorrect understanding. Much like sails “catching the wind”.


      ”I don’t understand why people don’t think ghost pictures are real” means “I have a pre-20th century understanding of cameras” it’s a bit like that juggalo song “how do magnets work”  there are people who understand how magnets work and they will generally even tell you if you care. Or you can just go about your day worrying about different things and leave the magnet people to do their thing.

  7. fair, but IMO one amazing solution is better than many that don't work really well. the restore options are limited but the one's that are there (either icloud or a local backup to a computer) work really well. that's really easy. if you have icloud installed on your compute ror even just use icloud.com you can save the voice memo to icloud drive on the phone and then you can just download it from there. if you have a Mac it will already sync to the voice memo's app.
  8. fair enough. i've only seen that for apps i've never heard of and google had a scandal where there was loads of malware on the Play Store which prompted them to launch Play Protect soooo maybe it's a good idea to scare off malware devs with high fees...
  9. sources? because it's a handy tool. it makes a complete backup, and you can restore the backup on any iPhone that supports the same version of iOS and it restores EVERYTHING. all your apps, settings, data, logins, everything is exactly the same as on the old phone. you can do that on an iPhone with pictures and video from the phone to the computer. regardless making a full image and then restoring that is way more effective as you can't forget anything and it's less trouble for the end user as all your data is preserved. and? every manufacturer messes up, but i will admit that the 2016 to 2019 macbooks were particularly bad. also i've never heard of thunderbolt ports failing on those. or batteries. anyway all the other issues you listed there are fixed with the 2020 models. source? i debunked almost all the claims. lol
  10. good because you didn't address anything in my response apart from the data recovery, which is true if a phone does not turn on. you can't recover data from it. the third party shops first replace components and then recover the data, which is not the way apple would do it. regardless this is a stupid point to argue on because you should have backups. also the "genius bar scam" video is by louis rossmann who is the most untrustworthy person i have ever seen in my enitre life. it was clearly a manufactured video because i have opened up my macbook pro various times, and the pin that was bent was clearly bent on purpose. that could not happen under normal circumstances so it was done by the people filming and apple was right to charge them for a logic board repair becuase it was clear that they messed with it to get the result in the video they wanted.
  11. no it's not. it's a problem with android that you fanboys don't like to admit. if you value your security especially if you aren't tech savy, Android is just like iOS with the Play Store being the only source for apps, therefore google is just as bad as apple IF you leave that setting off which you should if you have no idea what it does and the risks you put your device at when you enable it.
  12. that happens on a lot of devices, not just apple. source? you can just plug an iphone with a dead component that still powers on into a computer and then do a backup with iTunes. this is well known. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2009/06/nvidia-gpu-failure-fallout-continues-apple-extends-warranty/ does that matter? i'm at least someone who backs up their claims with facts, not someone with an alex jones pfp who just claims things without providing any sources whatshowever.
  13. it's turned off by default is no excuse when you people here constantly say that you can use a third party app store. let's not forget that Epic Games didn't offer Fortnite through the play store at least at first, they instructed you to enable sideloading and install from an apk. they instructed people who know nothing about technology to enable it and leave it enabled, how is that not a security problem?
  14. that's not true. i'm an apple user (i have an iPhone 6s, 2012 MacBook Pro, 2007 Mac Mini, 2004 PowerMac G5 and a 1998 iMac G3) and i've owned more apple products in the past. did some of those fail? yes. did apple have a replacement program for those faillures years after the warranty expired? yes. when apple messes up, they own up to it. the fact you could still get the 8600M GT (which was nvidia's fault for selling apple defective chips) replaced up to 4 years after purchase of the computer is amazing to me, even if you weren't the original owner. if you bought it used but it was less than 4 years old and it failed you could still get it fixed for free by apple.
  15. no they don't. if you don't like the app store buy an android phone. it's that simple. google also didn't make third party app stores avaliable, they just allowed you to sideload which is a massive security problem and thank the gods that apple does not allow that.
  16. either that or do what i do which is leave my computer powered up overnight downloading a large game, but that's not good for the environment so...
  17. i know that, but they've never been sued for google being the default on anything iirc
  18. even so they have every right to set a different search engine to the default, even if that is their own. if not then google needs a serious looking at as well lmaoooo
  19. that is because google is hypocritical and doesn't enforce the rules platform wide. Apple does, no matter the size of the company trying to influence them.
  20. @BuckGup you have one of thsoe 2020 Airs right? maybe you can help?
  21. theoretically Windows will deactivate and you will need a new license if the old license was an OEM license. if you have a full retail copy of Windows you can transfer the license over to the new system.