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  1. so this just bricks Windows to the point that most modern games won't run search is completely dead updating is insanely complicated you lose access to uwp apps etc etc why not use Linux then?
  2. you can download on linux too? and Mac? using commandline? idk why this is important?
  3. although my computer struggles to run the current version on anything higher than medium already so
  4. after 2 long years i'm finally back on Ubuntu and it does feel very nice to be back. 20.04 has been a dream so far :) 





    1. soldier_ph


      Ubuntu is my favourite Distro.

  5. well, it has finally happened. Linux has become better for my use than Windows. i needed to edit a video and i missed kdenlive, also i've started using a lot more foss programs for all my use and those just aren't as good for Windows. 

    1. RoseLuck462


      These days it's really more about the platform you prefer rather than any being particularly better than one another.

    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @RoseLuck462 for me it's about 1 app, kdenlive. yes, you can get that on Windows too but the windows version is buggy. 

    3. soldier_ph


      I've got Win 10 Pro as the Host and I use VirtualBox for Linux VMs. For me Windows is great for Gaming while I prefer to use Linux for development Work or Work in general.

  6. most of the prominent creators there are literally white supremacists and neo nazi's. i guess that is technically right wing but like
  7. that has pro's and con's. the pro being you have absolute freedom of speech. the con being that such freedom attracts individuals like actual white supremacists and neo nazi's to the platform because they can say those things without being banned...
  8. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2020/09/02/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-20206/


    UwU new voice typing! i might actually use that if it works really well as i get pain in my hands after typing a lot... 

    1. soldier_ph



       i get pain in my hands after typing a lot

      The r/CustomKeyboards wants to know your location.

  9. good. deepfakes are awful and i applaud Microsoft for this.
  10. well by that theory ban any web browsers and also twitter. you can access explicit content there too.
  11. never heard of it. bitchute in particular though is bad. stefan molynoux, a white supremacist and i'm pretty sure a neo nazi is pretty big there since he got banned from youtube and bitchute does nothing about him. basically all these free speech platforms eventually become echochambers of those kinds of views because the mainstream platforms ban those people.
  12. well, look at Minds, Bitchute and Gab for examples. venture there at your own risk though, such platforms attract actual neo nazi people etc because they don't get banned there. not that that is the only content you'll find, but there is quite a bit of that over there. so, if you are sensitive to that kind of thing go there at your own risk.
  13. open source social networks like Minds already exist, so i imagine this isn't far behind what you are suggesting.
  14. maybe Windows screwed up the driver ssomehow. can you open device manager and then look here: it should look like that, the ethernet controller with no yellow thing on the icon.
  15. and that is a problem because...? if the people involved are consenting adults then there is nothing wrong with it. we aren't living in the middle ages anymore, people have relationships and intimacy before marriage. in fact, i don't even plan to get married. why should i lol.
  16. i have now played various games, ran Folding @ Home for about an hour, and in general used the machine for netflix and stuff for a total of about 10 hours, and it hasn't overheated or crashed. so yeah, i'm calling it fixed.
  17. yay new gpu's! maybe time for me to finally move on from 600 series and maybe get 2 900 series cards like 970's or something. 

  18. it fixed the gpu overheating that's for sure. it used to skyrocket to 94c and stay there when running something like The Witcher 3, but now it goes up slowly and maxes out at like 75 to 80c. those wouldn't have helped here as they would just get clogged and block airflow. nothign will help if you keep a system running 8 to 16 hours per day and never clean it. the stupid thing is that that's what i tell people to do as well, i should really practice what i preach there.
  19. Silverstone RV03 and no, i took them off because i felt that they restricted airflow too much, and i was like if it gets dusty i'll clean it whatever.
  20. i've not cleaned my pc for a year until just now and and just... keep reading. so i've been getting weird problems over the last few months like random freezing and gpu overheating among other things. i thought i'd fixed them but they returned and i finally was just like whatever i'll rebuild. and holy crap. from a distance my pc has always looked ok in terms of dust, nothing really visible. but when i started taking it apart it quickly became apparant that it wasn't dusty but more like WTF EW!! the first thing i took out was the gpu, and again not much visible dust. until i took the fan assembly off. there was dust all over the card, inside the heatsink and on the bottom of the fans. it was covered with it, including hair that was inside the fans. no wonder it was overheating! then, i looked at the pci-e area of the motherboard kind of in shock. the pci-e slots were covered in dust and there was hair running ACROSS THE SLOTS!!!! i was getting gpu related errors with known good cards, this was probably why! after cleaning off the pci-e area i moved on to the cpu and ram section of the board. again, no visible dust, keep that in mind. i took the cpu fan off to acces the ram and a bunch of dust fell off of it. i looked on the heatsink and it was covered in dust, it was all over it. the cpu fan had trouble spinning freely and when i looked it was full of dust and hair. after removing that it spun freely again. i took the ram sticks out, which were covered in dust on the sides, and looked at the slots. again there was dust and hair on and inside the slots!!! after cleaning all of that off i cleaned the fans at the bottom of the case (silverstone RV03, unique airflow setup) and those were full of crap and barely moved air anymore. but the worst part. the cable management area in the back of the case. i took the right side panel off and what i saw was just... it made me cringe. all the cables were covered in dust, like they looked grey when they are supposed to be black. the fan grills were clogged up, the ssd's covered in dust... that took me a while to clean as well. all in all it took me almost 2 hours to take almost every component out and dust it off. so please clean your pc's even if they don't look too bad from a distance. i wouldn't be surprised if all the dust and crap in my pc was causing all the instability and cooling problems...