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  1. ...which new games, i really need to know that because not everything will work on linux.
  2. no. depoending on the games they are either native or run in proton. that's the case for most things now. minecraft and TF2 are native, they will work on Linux without any additional work or configuration.
  3. what will you be doing on the pc? if gaming is a part of it what games? some games like esports games don't work well on linux due to anti cheat.
  4. finally made my Ubuntu install look pretty!


























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    2. sub68


      I know you did but it still caught me off guard 

    3. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      how? after 2 warnings in caps lock?

    4. sub68


      I love the theme though

      umm my ltt is on dark

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  5. it's possible it started failing at an unfortunate moment, in time with the update. this definitively seems like hardware to me, nothing to do with Windows. what is unusual is the drive disconnecting and then reconnecting... that's unusual. maybe check that the cables are still connected properly? regardless i'd get the data off of it as quick as you can, that drive could die any moment. if you don't have a replacment drive and/or can't buy a drive quick enough due to covid or whatver you could get like 1TB of Google Drive storage and upload everything there, but you'd need speedy internet.
  6. Only on Mac's with a T2 chip and even on those it will run, just not on the internal drive due to the T2. if you have a T2 Mac you can run linux just fine from external storage iirc.
  7. well OP could just be unaware of the state of Linux Gaming, which is a lot better than even a year ago. more stuff runs than doesn't now. but, esports games are iffy because of anti cheat so it'll heavily depend there what games OP wants to play.
  8. that really depends though. CS:GO is native on Linux so if that's the focus then Linux will work. @Big Jay what games specifically?
  9. if you wanted 32gb why didn't you buy a laptop with 32gb of ram?
  10. you realize that Linux is open source and collects no data at all? LTT said that they tried this for reasons that's like yeah you can run stuff that linux won't run but that's either games or adobe stuff. adobe doesn't work as the video showed and most modern games won't anyway because DX12 so there is no point to this over linux.
  11. so this just bricks Windows to the point that most modern games won't run search is completely dead updating is insanely complicated you lose access to uwp apps etc etc why not use Linux then?
  12. you can download on linux too? and Mac? using commandline? idk why this is important?
  13. although my computer struggles to run the current version on anything higher than medium already so
  14. after 2 long years i'm finally back on Ubuntu and it does feel very nice to be back. 20.04 has been a dream so far :) 





    1. soldier_ph


      Ubuntu is my favourite Distro.

  15. well, it has finally happened. Linux has become better for my use than Windows. i needed to edit a video and i missed kdenlive, also i've started using a lot more foss programs for all my use and those just aren't as good for Windows. 

    1. RoseLuck462


      These days it's really more about the platform you prefer rather than any being particularly better than one another.

    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @RoseLuck462 for me it's about 1 app, kdenlive. yes, you can get that on Windows too but the windows version is buggy. 

    3. soldier_ph


      I've got Win 10 Pro as the Host and I use VirtualBox for Linux VMs. For me Windows is great for Gaming while I prefer to use Linux for development Work or Work in general.

  16. most of the prominent creators there are literally white supremacists and neo nazi's. i guess that is technically right wing but like
  17. that has pro's and con's. the pro being you have absolute freedom of speech. the con being that such freedom attracts individuals like actual white supremacists and neo nazi's to the platform because they can say those things without being banned...
  18. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2020/09/02/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-20206/


    UwU new voice typing! i might actually use that if it works really well as i get pain in my hands after typing a lot... 

    1. soldier_ph



       i get pain in my hands after typing a lot

      The r/CustomKeyboards wants to know your location.

  19. good. deepfakes are awful and i applaud Microsoft for this.
  20. well by that theory ban any web browsers and also twitter. you can access explicit content there too.