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  1. i really dislike content sponsored by the manufacturer of the product. those video's are just 10 minute long ads of the product, with nothing of substance in them.


    if the word showcase is in the title i don't even click, and if they trick me by not putting "sponsored" or "showcase" in the title yet it is sponsored by the manufacturer i leave a dislike and immediately click off. 

  2. you should never ever ever touch the insides of a running pc. there are fans running that can cut your fingers if you are unlucky and some components could indeed shock you, only touch the insides when the computer is off and the switch on the power supply is switched off so that no power is getting through to the components you are touching, and always make sure you are grounded to stop ESD from damaging any components you touch, that can happen even if there is no power going to the components. 

  3. 1 minute ago, valdyrgramr said:

    and have gone as far as arguing that tax dodging even is okay when they do it.  



    2 minutes ago, valdyrgramr said:

    You're putting Apple on a pedestal, and every other company is bad that isn't Apple.

    neither of us have argued that any company mentioned here is bad. 


    2 minutes ago, valdyrgramr said:

    You are arguing that data collection = spying only when MS is doing it. 

    when did either of us say that MS did something bad? i stated a fact, they track you. did i say it was bad? no. 


    3 minutes ago, valdyrgramr said:

    I don't hate the internet I hate fanboys.

    i'm a fangirl 😠


    1 minute ago, valdyrgramr said:

    Which you can turn off before you even install the OS.   It's literally an option.   Just because you failed to read what you're argeeing to doesn't turn it into spying.   You're literally showing paranoia due to your ignornance.

    except that even when you disable everything in the setup Microsoft still collects data. it's not me who'se ignorant, it's you. and when did i call Microsoft's behavior spying in this thread? i just sayd they trackyou/collect data. that does not = spying. 

  4. Just now, valdyrgramr said:

    Well, you guys are calling data collection spying.   You argue that MS is bad because spying, actually data collecting.   But, you literally agreed to it.   So, it's not spying because you consented to data collection.   Every company you do business with does some variant of data collection.   You're treating MS as bad for data collecting, that people consent to, but won't acknowledge that Apple and others do it too.   My point is that you're arguing with ignornance, hypocrisy, and a bias.

    i picked Microsoft as an example of another company tracking your every move. i called out the hypocrisy of complaining about tiktok and yet using Windows. again, i didn't argue that Microsoft is bad in any way, i just stated a fact. 

  5. Just now, DrMacintosh said:

    I think he's arguing that he doesn't like the internet :/ 

    indeed lmao


    1 minute ago, valdyrgramr said:

    The problem is that's just an assumption as unless you're there in house, or hacking the shit out of them, you're ignorant as to what they're doing with said data. 

    do you have any proof that they are doing bad things? 


    2 minutes ago, valdyrgramr said:

    Well, you literally asked for a source about the Chinese Government's interferience in doing business in China.   Well, that was a source and proof that they do it.   They use data collections and check websites to verify that you're playing along with their censorship and other anticonsumer laws.   And, this just in water is wet!   I already said I don't trust governments when it comes to pretty much anything as they're all full of shit.

    that was an example of the chinese state looking at publicly available information and making a law or some sort which all companies need to abide by. they didn't look at information a company based in china collected about their users, so it isn't relevant to this discussion. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, valdyrgramr said:

    As does Apple, but you literally just proved my point.   You can't go online without a corporation collecting your data in some way.   Apple, Google, MS, Huawei, Xiomi, Kaspersky, Bitdefnder, and more all collect data on you.   By buying something online your data is collected.   It's not spying you just didn't bother to read.

    what are you even arguing? 

  7. 1 minute ago, valdyrgramr said:


    China threw a tantrum on how 3 foreign airlines worded the governance of Taiwan.   The only way they were able to continue doing business in China is by playing along with China's demand.   It's due to their internet laws of censorship.   What they do with other data is plausible, but China pretty much admitted to this and the rest they state is for "cyber security".

    when did i say china's censorship is a good thing? also when did i say you don't have to bow down to chinese demands? all i said is that the USA is just as bad when it comes to spying on it's citizens and even citizens in other country's as china is. and that is true.