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  1. i'm really happy with iOS 14 :) 


    my phone is the most basic thing ever, a 64gb iPhone 6s, but even so it doesn't feel any slower than iOS 13 did, and i have only noticed 1 bug. 


    that bug being that if i have some video playing (tiktok or youtube) and i press home, it sometimes stutters slightly for a second or 2. 


    that's it. normally i stay away from X.0 releases but i wanted the widgets, and i don't regret updating so soon :) 

    1. Bombastinator


      Betting it’s YouTube. Google has apparently made a move on Apple with YouTube on iOS 14.  Not sure of the particulars.  Something about picture-in-picture, but that never worked for me on an iphone7+ anyway so I’m not sure what is up there. 

  3. when you spend 5 years slagging apple off for running the cpu at it's max rated temperature under full load, and 5 years of people here screaming at you that it doesn't matter, they've done that since forever and we don't see piles of macbooks with dead cpu's, it took 1 email from an engineer to change your mind. 


    not the 5 years of people here screaming at you, but 1 email from an engineer. 


    i have no words. 

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    2. Den-Fi


      It's easy to tune you two out because of your overwhelming bias.

      You more so than Dr. Mac.







      You're prone to fits on intense ranting that take a few pages before you begin to see reason. I would chuck the beginnings of most of your arguments right out the window if I was LMG. It's just one of those things where you get super passionate, hyper focused, and lean on your relative tiny experience vs. a company who has many people with a wide range of it. Everyone at every level is still learning no matter how experienced you are, so when you have someone you can tell is very limited in terms of what they've experienced, you scroll right past them calling you "the biggest hypocrite on earth" and will likely never take what they have to say as serious.


      So in terms of you vs. the Youtube comment section, I can't see them viewing you as any different.

    3. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      that's fair lmao

    4. DrMacintosh


      I like turtles 🐢 

  4. they won't. the format TikTok uses is extremely popular with an audience of millions of people, so if TikTok dies the creators will either move to other platforms that allow similar content or a new platform will be created.
  5. i wonder if Apple can beat this when the new ARM Mac's get released since they will also use their own GPU's like Intel is doing here...
  6. Ashley xD

    Frequent BSOD

    also no XMP? if you have XMP on for the ram i'd turn that off too just to test since XMP is technically an overclock.
  7. Ashley xD

    Frequent BSOD

    any overclocks enabled?
  8. lttstore.com in 2013 lmao, why did archive.org bother to archive this... 



  9. Who remembers apps looking like this? i do and i wish we would go back to this design generally. 










    1. TotallyNotGigabit


      I do. Nicer on my eyes opposed to the flashlight in your face flat look.

    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @TotallyNotGigabit i know right! it's super nice. i wanna go back to this type of design but unfortunately the apps are just too old to use fulltime.

  10. so i did some more playing around with Mountain Lion.


    i didn't know this but as it turns out, you can just install anything you want from the App Store on an old OS if you've downloaded the app in question from there before. i just went to the purchases page on the app store and i could install pages, imovie etc just fine. it gives you a warning being like hey you are running mountain lion wtf update, but if you ignore that it allows you to install the latest compatible version of whatever app you wanna download. strangely it doesn't let me install GarageBand, but i don't use that often anyway. 


    i have also installed the latest google chrome that this old OS supports which is version 49, it lacks things like sync (it doesn't work anymore) but i haven't encountered any websites that it won't render, there are some minor glitches but the forum for example works just fine. i'm not an idiot, i know that using an outdated browser is a security risk but i'm not logging into anything that doesn't have 2FA or has access to my financial accounts.


    i'm really happy now, i can actually kinda live in mountain lion for some stuff. basic document editing still works fine in the old version of pages, youtube works just fine in Chrome 49, and i can edit video in the old version of iMovie. i wonder how well it'll all run, i'll be testing with it a lot from now on. 


    the pure speed of this OS is so nice. anything i click is instant. all apps only bounce once in the dock before they open and i don't have to wait for it like i have to when it's booted to Catalina. 

    Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 11.28.28 AM.png

  11. what size hdd do you have and how full is it? if the space used right now is less than 512gb you could clone the existing install to the ssd.
  12. i want to cry. 


    my pc has developed yet another fault. this time it's the usb ports. a few hours ago i plugged my phone in and it started to charge, it then disconnected, all my usb stuff powered off and then everything turned back on. now that was odd, but not a dealbreaker. however i discovered if i leave my phone charging off of my pc it gets really hot, no matter what port i plug it in to and it charges really really slowly if i do that. 


    i was scared i'd broken my phone but it charges just fine off of the wall plug i normally use. 


    i'm so sick and tired of a 2 year old pc constantly developing faults, to the point where i can't even trust it plugging anything in via USB anymore for fear of it randomly shutting off all usb devices. imagine if i was doing a file transfer to an external drive when it did that! i would have most likely lost data. 


    i just... why. a 2 year old computer shouldn't be so unreliable! my 8 year old macbook pro has never let me down and never done anything this weird. 


    i officially give up on pc's. i am keeping this one just to maybe diagnose what's wrong with it and just be able to trust it for usb again so i can game on it, but it will never be a main machine for me. ever. again. 



    the first thing i'm doing tommorow is looking for a second MacBook just in case my current one breaks (it did some weird stuff about a month ago which was the result of a ram stick not being installed correctly) and i need a replacement immediately. for now i'm shutting my pc down and i'm gonna unplug it and take it off my setup. again. 

  13. Mac's don't have bios. you need to hold down Option (or Alt on a PC keyboard) and then just select the usb from the boot picker
  14. so we get 4 sizes? i wonder what the 12 Plus will be like
  15. i'm really liking iOS 14. Apple have really polished the dark theme to the point where i really enjoy using it now. 


    all the little things such as the buttons when you have a contact selected being clearly spaced apart and a different shade of grey so you can easily see them is so nice. 

    1. soldier_ph


      If only there weren't all of the developers who never have enough time to adjust their Apps for the newest iOS:


    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @soldier_ph to be honest if you update on iOS X.0 releases you should expect glitches and bugs. when new OS's come out you should basically always disable updates until X.1 is out to avoid most of the bugs, that's always been the case. 

  16. i really dislike content sponsored by the manufacturer of the product. those video's are just 10 minute long ads of the product, with nothing of substance in them. if the word showcase is in the title i don't even click, and if they trick me by not putting "sponsored" or "showcase" in the title yet it is sponsored by the manufacturer i leave a dislike and immediately click off.
  17. the only news site you should use. 




    1. sub68


      BTW nice pfp

    2. RoseLuck462


      I love that place lol

  18. you should never ever ever touch the insides of a running pc. there are fans running that can cut your fingers if you are unlucky and some components could indeed shock you, only touch the insides when the computer is off and the switch on the power supply is switched off so that no power is getting through to the components you are touching, and always make sure you are grounded to stop ESD from damaging any components you touch, that can happen even if there is no power going to the components.
  19. source? neither of us have argued that any company mentioned here is bad. when did either of us say that MS did something bad? i stated a fact, they track you. did i say it was bad? no. i'm a fangirl except that even when you disable everything in the setup Microsoft still collects data. it's not me who'se ignorant, it's you. and when did i call Microsoft's behavior spying in this thread? i just sayd they trackyou/collect data. that does not = spying.
  20. i picked Microsoft as an example of another company tracking your every move. i called out the hypocrisy of complaining about tiktok and yet using Windows. again, i didn't argue that Microsoft is bad in any way, i just stated a fact.
  21. indeed lmao do you have any proof that they are doing bad things? that was an example of the chinese state looking at publicly available information and making a law or some sort which all companies need to abide by. they didn't look at information a company based in china collected about their users, so it isn't relevant to this discussion.