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    Intel Core i3 8100
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    the reason why might seem silly. 


    i went swimming. that sounds like a weird thing to get so excited over but lemme explain...


    so, basically my group of friends decided they wanted to go swimming at a local lake. totally safe, the beach is huge and i live in a small town, there was plenty of space to social distance there don't worry, like the place is HUGE and i live in a small town so there could have been 3x the amount of people there that were there and it still would have been fine.

    regardless, even though i really like swimming i haven't in years because dysphoria. the last time i went there with friends it was awful because they were playing in the water and i was sitting at the side lonely because i was scared to get into swimwear because i hate the way my body is and just aaaa....

    but, i texted one of my friends and explained it, and she totally understood and we went shopping together (again small town, we went shopping just after dinner time so the place was almost empty, plenty of space, all safe) and we bought a bikini for me. 

    that's what made me comfy with swimming today, it just felt right wearing that and i could finally swim again since years and it just felt right to wear it and and and i'm just so happy and aaaaa!!!!

    the crazy thing is i expected people to yell at me and stuff, like, i got stares which i'm used to since i've been wearing women's clothing for a while but nobody yelled at me, nobody cursed at me... i just feel so accepted :) 

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    2. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      So the only difference is binary vs non-binary?

    3. Jtalk4456


      glad to hear it, you go girl!

    4. Ashley xD