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Ashley xD

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    MLP + Pokemon Fangirl

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    Ashley xD#6493

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    Intel Core i3 8100
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    Asus Prime Z370-P
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    16GB DDR4
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    GTX 690
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    Silverstone Raven RV03
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    250GB SSD
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    Bitfenix Whisper 850W
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    Benq V2400W
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    Freezer 7
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    Corsair K55
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    Corsair M65 Pro
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    Sony WH-1000X M3
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Apple MacBook Pro
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    iPhone 6s

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  1. i'm starting to hate my 2017 MBP more and more. 


    i've already had issues with it getting so hot that it's uncomfortable on my lap, keys not working right or double pressing whhen i just hit them once, and it's now developed another fault. 


    the battery is having issues. i checked with an app, and it's a 2.9 year old battery, basically 3 years and 79% health. when it gets to 45%, the computer just shuts off. no warning, no safe shutdown, nothing. just click and it's off. if i try to turn it on i get the low battery icon. if i plug it in and then boot it up the battery indicated 46 or 45%, if i unplug it it stays alive for about 20 seconds and then turns off again.


    this is amazing to me. the battery in my faithful 2012 MBP is 6.8 years, so basically 7 years old and has 76% health. so it's worse in every way, and yet it works properly as it should. it discharges from 100 to 0 without the computer randomly turning off. 


    the 2017 MBP has been the most troublesome computer i have ever owned in my entire life. i've had to troubleshoot more things than even Windows laptops that i've owned and hated. 


    my 2012 will be my main computer again, since i just cannot rely on the 2017 to work now.


    i've DM'd apple support and explained the issue and asked for advice. i can't afford a €200 repair rn, so if they are like yeah there is nothing we can do unless you pay a price like that or more, i'll just sell the laptop for parts. it's annoying, but i cannot afford this rn. 


    thank the heavens i have a reliable faithful 2012 MBP that i can use in times like this when all my other computers fail. 

    1. RoseLuck462


      You seem to always be having computer trouble lol...

    2. CircleTech


      *Louis Rossmann screaming in the background*

    3. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @RoseLuck462 yeah, except for my 2012 MBP. that has always been reliable apart from the drive cable failing once which was my fault.