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Ashley xD

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    Pokemon Fangirl

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    Ashley xD#6493

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  • CPU
    Intel Core i3 8100
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime Z370-P
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 690
  • Case
    Silverstone Raven RV03
  • Storage
    250GB SSD
  • PSU
    Bitfenix Whisper 850W
  • Display(s)
    Benq V2400W
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    Freezer 7
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    Corsair K55
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    Corsair M65 Pro
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    Sony WH-1000X M3
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Apple MacBook Pro
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    iPhone 6s

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  1. their objective is probably to scare away people from pirating. fines for that in the USA are insanely high so it will probably work.
  2. well, one of the ram sticks i'd ordered is probably dead. i can't tell for sure since i haven't gotten my new board yet and the one i tested with is known for bad slots, but i tested the sticks in basically every config including the one that previously worked fine, and i swapped around just in those slots too and consistently 1 stick errored out. 


    happily however i still have 32gb of ram, since i've put the 8gb i already had (4x2gb) with 1 of the new 8gb sticks for 1 cpu, and the other 2 working 8gb sticks for the other cpu, so i still have a 32gb config properly set up for numa. 


    also the seller of the memory is very nice, i will test with the new board tommorow, if it turns out the stick is indeed toast i can just send back the 1 broken stick and get 25% of my money back. 

  3. don't use kali as a beginner. try Ubuntu linux. it's much better for people jsut starting.
  4. what Ubuntu version did you install? 20.04? if so install 20.10, it's using the newer kernel you need by default so that should resolve your issue.
  5. i did a quick search on spotify and i can't find it, that's a shame. thanks for looking though!
  6. @AlexTheGreatish you posted the original thread for that video, perhaps you'd know? just a random guess...
  7. timestamped link: i want to know what that song is, but i can't find it. it's not listed in the description and Shazam doesn't find a match on it either. does anyone know what it is?
  8. why must this always happen. 


    new mobo arrives tommorow, as will the ram and my xeon cpu's. so i'll have everything i need to put it together. 


    except zip ties to mount the coolers. 




    WHY!! JUST WHY!!!

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    2. Windows7ge


      Not a bad looking old server motherboard. Looks to be SSI EEB in size. The back of the board doesn't have anything that intrudes on the socket and the socket backplate includes threads for a LGA1366 cooler (albeit the server variety). I don't think going zip ties is necessary here you should be able to get it done with proper mounting hardware.

    3. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @Windows7ge well i have some old hyper 212's and the mounting hardware for those is long gone. so i have no choice. 

    4. dual290x


      @Ashley xD, I know enough about them server boards. Like you said, it is a pain in the butt if you do lose mounting hardware like you mentioned.

      Have you tried looking at ebay or even contacting Cooler Master? https://store.coolermaster.com/us/hyper-212-evo-acessories-kit



      I hope this helps you.

  9. this exactly. with electric tools you never really know how much force they are putting on whatever you are working on which scares me, especially with delicate things like computer parts.
  10. what browser are you using? some browsers are limited in resolution with netflix for some reason.
  11. did you spend any of your $2.3K on an enter key? also when this happens does the num lock light or caps lock light on the keyboard still work if you press either of those keys? that tells you if the system is fully locked up.
  12. so i lost one of the cpu power cables that go with my BitFenix whisper 850W. is there an easy pinout? i have a bunch of power cables from an AX860 lying around and if i could use a cpu lead from that it would be awesome. but for that i'd have to check if it could work.