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  1. Because Freesync is free, open source and easy to implement. There's no good reason not to. Nvidia is just milking people for money. Hopefully Intel brings some much-needed competition to the GPU space, while not impacting Radeon too much.
  2. Froody129

    The AMA

    As an Australian, can you define Bogan for me?
  3. They're not targeting us. They're targeting the 12 year old who doesn't know what crypto is and just knows that if they install this app they get free stuff. This is blatant manipulation of a younger customer Base, and has further soured my opinion of Razer
  4. Froody129

    Advice on which phone to buy

    They're completely different phones. The Lumia wasn't a good line (Windows only I believe?). Nokia has gotten themselves back in gear imo.
  5. Froody129

    Bad battery life.

    My 6s Plus is at this stage. It's really cheap to replace batteries but it's a good reason to use my phone less so I'm okay with it. I usually have to plug it in in the early afternoon though. Try slow charging and turn off unnecessary background services (NFC, Bluetooth etc.) You may actually be harming battery life by closing and reopening apps all the time. When you launch an app it has to reload all the data, but when the app is in standby it uses a small bit more power long term but needs much less power to open again. So keep apps like WhatsApp that you use a lot open
  6. Froody129

    Advice on which phone to buy

    Check out the Nokia 7 Plus or the 8.1 (newer model, but availability is patchy apparently). Big screen, good camera, great battery and while it's not setting records it's a decent chip with fairly stock Android.
  7. No but your battery life will likely be bad Coil whine is a reality of electronics and most parts whine to some extent. Nothing is defective, it's just luck depending on the combination of hardware, and usually there's enough fan noise that you don't hear it anyway. It is possible for coil whine to diminish over time. I had coil whine on both my 980ti and 1060 and stressing the parts hard for a full day or more quickly lowered the noise and eventually it almost disappeared.
  8. Froody129

    Gaming laptop for business use?

    I am a firm believer in Dell's gaming line. I think the new ones especially look not atrocious and pack good specs with good battery life. I believe you get low key blue accents as well which aren't so shouty. The perfect laptop would've been like an XPS or something, but those are very expensive.
  9. Froody129

    Unauthorized amazon purchased on my own laptop

    Worst case is that someone has access to your laptop and the camera and made sure you were asleep. Best case someone just has your email and password, in which case just reset everything. Amazon/your bank should refund fraudulent purchases
  10. Froody129

    Root my phone for more "RAM"

    It's real but it'll just overheat
  11. Froody129

    Serious help!! Asking for help

    That Heaven bench is very normal. My overclocked 980ti gets about the same. Are you sure you're not supersampling your other games?
  12. Froody129

    Tumblr will no longer allow adult content

    RIP Tumblr I guess On a side note - I don't get the stigma behind female nipples. It's bullshit if you think about it
  13. Froody129

    Really Hot GTX 1080 Strix

    That's quite normal. I can't really touch my backplate at all on my 980ti. The temps are a bit high for the clocks imo
  14. How old is it? Try to enter BIOS and look for available drives (so check for your boot drive)
  15. Froody129


    Undervolting while playing games will have a much bigger impact than unplugging a keyboard with lights
  16. IOS 12.1 - issue is present across multiple ios devices and browsers (Safari, duckduckgo) I seem to not be able to see full signatures even after clicking 'see more'. My setting to see user signatures is on, did I perhaps miss a different setting?
  17. Froody129


    HAF X is the best damn case ever built
  18. Froody129

    Do you feel the difference of overclocking?

    If it's a heavy game for my 980ti then yes. I OC from 1200 stock to 1500. I reckon a 25% OC is fairly noticeable at lower FPS
  19. Froody129

    Any advice on losing weight?

    That's great! Keep it up, especially since you seem to be enjoying it. Don't chase numbers, chase feeling happy and healthy.
  20. I imagine it is true that this does not heavily (or at all) affect YouTube currently. What we must be aware of is the damage that this does to smaller platforms that do not have the resources of Google behind them. In my opinion the Internet should be as free as possible and this is going against that. I'm not even in the EU but I believe this must be pushed back against because this may set the precedent for future regulations that will damage the current freedom on the Internet
  21. Froody129

    LG patent phone with 16 lenses

    Why not just have one much bigger sensor and have actual good image quality that won't be plagued by bad software (because if we already can't get 2 cameras working properly then 16 is going to be interesting)
  22. Froody129

    Can you touch type?

    I could for a bit. QWERTY kills my hands so I decided to learn Dvorak. I could touch type at like 25wpm but then school came up and I went back to QWERTY (80-90wpm) and I just never went back
  23. Froody129

    How do you like your fried egg(s) done?

    So crispy
  24. This is what you agree to when you click 'accept cookies'. It's not really news but I definitely agree the current misuse of personal data by companies should not be accepted. I think we'll be seeing a 'phonefree' movement at some point in the future as people realise where all their data is going