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Everything posted by Froody129

  1. Froody129

    Baking Method to fix Gtx 780

    First thing is to be aware that once you do this you can't use that oven for food again. Baking it releases a bunch of poisonous things that you do not want to eat.
  2. Froody129

    Power Saving

    Go to settings. There'll be a setting about voltage control that you might have to turn on. Performance is whatever clock you choose. Using the curve you can limit the card to a peak voltage. So I can undervolt to 800mv but then the clocks would have to be much lower to stabilise. But if I undervolt to 950mv then I can have higher clocks and thus less performance loss. You can use your default boost clock and just drop the voltage until it starts giving problems. There's no real risk to undervolting unless you're doing important work and the program crashes
  3. Froody129

    Power Saving

    Ctrl+F gives you the voltage curve. There's a great guide somewhere on the forum and other sites have good guides too.
  4. Froody129

    Apple is selling iPhone 7 & 8 again in Germany

    The phones are still being actively produced?
  5. If you're sharing a bed with someone who's hogging or snoring, give them a proper elbow or a kick and then act asleep. They'll wake up and won't know what you did (hopefully). And you'll have some peace and quiet
  6. Froody129

    Can't decide on 2080TI

    @OP this guy doesn't know what's cracking
  7. Froody129

    Australian Federal MPs' computer network hacked

    If only there was a way in which you could make sure that your messages couldn't be read. If I were to make such a system, I think I would use something called a "key" that no one else has access to.
  8. Asshole. No wonder you're having problems with your game.
  9. Froody129

    Power Saving

    Just undervolt. My 1060 heavily undervolted was like 60-70w. My 1050ti also dramatically decreased power use. And my current 980ti I can decrease power use by about 30% at stock clocks. Don't buy a high end card for power savings... It won't be efficient and you'll be spending waaaaaayyyyy more than the power you saved. If the 1060 can handle your games just undervolt and be happy
  10. Froody129

    Anybody speak foreign languages here?

    Platduetsch sounds to me much closer to Afrikaans than German. Most Afrikaans people understand Platduetsch better than German, and reading the other language is easy for everyone. I speak English and Afrikaans, and then I can speak German, but more functionally than being able to have complex political debates or something of that sort. Looking to learn Spanish once I fix my German
  11. Froody129

    Death of the Lightning port

    Hello? Yes, this is Cat Utilisation Training Enterprises. You're meant to plug the other end into a charger, or your CAT unit won't be able to boot up. At least we've passed the kick-start era
  12. Froody129

    I have completely borked Java

    I use Netbeans and it works okay. I have concluded Java is trash as a language though. The syntax to me isn't logical, coming from Python, and it's hard to find a good IDE, they all feel tacked together
  13. Froody129

    Vibration waking up device

    My galaxy watch is great for this. I assume most smartwatches will do the same thing though, at a much cheaper price
  14. Froody129

    S10 accidental price reveal.

    This attitude to debt is why people have to work until they're 70. I think it's stupid to pay so much for a phone. One that's less than half the price will be the same, usually with a headphone jack and longer battery life and a good camera. Being able to pay the monthly payment is not being able to afford it. A lot of the Ferraris and Lambos you see on the road are driven by people who think that monthly payment means they can afford it
  15. Froody129

    Gamestop Oversold KH3 PS4 Pros

    I guess some people are into that
  16. Froody129


    What's wrong with general?
  17. Anything under like 10 should be great anyway. Response time isn't very accurate. Try just turning down the blue a bit using f.lux, your graphics maker's control panel or monitor settings. Most panels come from the factory too blue
  18. The rotating bezel is awesome. I do believe it'll be the first point of failure though.
  19. Garmin runs their own software, so the app selection isn't huge. The software is high quality however and it will have an alarm function. Essentially all smartwatches will be able to do what you want, it's just price and battery life, things which the Garmin does very well. The strong point of the Samsung watches is that they still look like a real watch (kinda) but otherwise most are the same.
  20. Froody129

    Misconceptions About "Neutral" Sound

    Interesting post. Do you have any insight on IEM flatness? Is there a set of range of EQ you can go before distortion or is that headphone specific?
  21. Your PC is great as it is. If you want to play higher resolutions than 1080p maybe a better graphics card upgrade could be justified but you really don't need anything at the moment. Save the money for when you actually need it
  22. Gear S3 line or Galaxy watch (the bigger versions of these watches have much longer battery lives). Otherwise most other smartwatches will be able to simply vibrate when receiving a notification, it's just a function of battery life. Check the Vivoactive 3 for a cheapish watch with long battery life too
  23. Same camp here . It's great phone though, and I still get a day of battery life being the third user and it being used almost everyday for its whole life so far. I think a bigger battery will be a big step toward people being more willing to.pay that much for a phone. A very comfortable two days with room for degradation would be great.
  24. Stay away from Apple music imo. The quality is trash compared to other services like Spotify. Spotify is amazing for recommendations and building playlists for you, and I find the 'very high' audio setting to be much more than acceptable. I have not tried Tidal myself but that seems to be the way for highest quality music, I'm unsure about recommendations and such