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    i7 4770
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    Gigabyte Z97x SLI
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    12Gb mixed random RAM
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    Palit Super Jetstream 980ti
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    HAF X
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    250GB Samsung 750 Evo SSD
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    Antec TP750C
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    Asus MG278Q
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    Raidmax Cobra 240
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    Corsair K70 LUX with Blues
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    Logitech G402
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    Steelseries Siberia Elite WoW edition and QC35's
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Did you check if you can go any higher on the clocks?
  2. Depends what you want. Older Lenovo ThinkPads will bring a lot to the table in terms of specs and are very tough but they're thicker, heavier and won't last the whole day
  3. I7 vs ryzen overclock range difference

    They're limited mostly by their heavier use of the RAM. This means that when you hit very high clocks you're not actually increasing performance that much. Intel CPUs need a lot of power to hit those 5GHz clocks, so they're not going to sell them at those clocks. AMD also has higher yields so in a sense they can set the Base a bit higher compared to the potential max OC
  4. 1080p 144Hz IPS vs 1440p 120Hz TN on laptop

    Yes. The 780m was also a monster of a laptop when it released. Hardware does get old and at 1080p you'll be hitting high FPS for longer without such a significant FPS drop. Anyway, it's all personal preference so just choose what you like
  5. 1080p 144Hz IPS vs 1440p 120Hz TN on laptop

    I'd go 1080p. The 1080 is awesome now and plenty for 1440p but as time goes on it will age. A lower resolution like 1080p will last longer and on a small laptop screen it still looks crisp and scaling is decent. I'd also more strongly recommend IPS for a laptop.
  6. Scrap yard wars yay!

    This one seemed to be much less hyped up than the last one. I was surprised to see it in the feed. Last season had excellent production quality and I think hyping it up more is a good idea
  7. Games running poorly on good laptop!

    Is it connection or the laptop itself? Does it happen in offline games?
  8. Rog strix gtx 1060 oc bs asus gtx 1070 turbo

    Worth is relative. I got my 980ti for the price of that new 570. If you're willing to put some effort into finding used deals you can get a lot more bang for your buck. $480 even AUD is a lot of money for a used 1070 with a crappy cooler
  9. Laptops with beefy CPUs look like this for a reason
  10. Rog strix gtx 1060 oc bs asus gtx 1070 turbo

    The 1070 performance is a lot better than the extra smoothness of Freesync. The cooler isn't great but it's still a 1070. Also check out used 980ti's. They perform similarly or a bit better and are usually a bit cheaper. Less VRAM and higher power consumption though
  11. JUST ASKING!!!!!! Gpu life if possible

    If you take care of the temps it'll last 10 years very easily. The site is talking crap about 5C meaning 4x higher lifespan though...
  12. power question

    All good. You'll be fine since it's a good PSU. I wouldn't go too crazy with overclocks but there is plenty of power under gaming load it should comfortably be under 400w
  13. power question

    Hit the pencil icon on your post to edit it. It makes everyone's life easy when the whole problem is on the first post. No need to wait for a series of "hello"s to continue the discussion
  14. Gtx 1080 or wait

    Assuming the 1180 performs a bit better than the 1080ti you won't really get that much better experience. A 1080 will chew up 1080p144, and you will likely have to wait 6 months or more for a better GPU if you wait. If you didn't have a GPU currently I would say buy now, but a 960 isn't bad at all. So it depends on what it's worth to you. In your situation I would wait
  15. Ban on socks in sandals

    That must smell unholy Socks and sandals are actually in style atm with young people