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    Um, I have a 680 and a 980ti?
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    The land of pap en wors
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    Why do you think I'm on this forum?


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    i7 4770
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z97x SLI
  • RAM
    12Gb mixed random RAM
  • GPU
    Palit Super Jetstream 980ti
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    HAF X
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    250GB Samsung 750 Evo SSD
  • PSU
    Antec TP750C
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    Asus MG278Q
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    Raidmax Cobra 240
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 LUX with Blues
  • Mouse
    Logitech G402
  • Sound
    Steelseries Siberia Elite WoW edition and QC35's
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Goodbye Nvidia, you've seen the last of me... They decided not to support 900-series cards for Freesync, when as far I can see there is no logical reason for it not to support it. At least my 980ti is fast enough that I don't really need it...

  2. Don't bother with that or liquid metal imo. Decent thermal paste should do finem if you need liquid metal to make the laptop function as it should then it's a badly designed laptop.
  3. Am I the only one who's really hyped for Nvidia's driver release today? 

    1. Shyam Ganapathy

      Shyam Ganapathy

      they have a driver release? for which cards?

    2. Froody129


      @Shyam Ganapathy

      Nvidia is adding Freesync support to Nvidia GPUs 

    3. Shyam Ganapathy

      Shyam Ganapathy

      SHITTT gotta try that out. is the gtx 1080 gonna be supported

  4. Froody129

    Do I need an AMP/Dac for HD599?

    Although I would love to do so, I've never tried out the HD600 (well I did but the input was so bad that Earpods would sound the same), so I can't give input there. I would go to a shop and ask to try them out
  5. Froody129

    Second hand gpu's.

    570 and 1070 aren't bad prices. The Titan isn't worth near that if you're looking for performance.
  6. Froody129

    upgrade from asus gtx 780 to rtx 260?

    I think the i7 is fine with a 2060. It's essentially 1080 performance. My heavily overclocked 980ti does fine with my 4770-non K, although sometimes moar cores would be nice
  7. Froody129

    Windows 10 May Reserve Another 7GB For Updates.

    So instead of just fixing a bug which should be simple (just find how much free space there is) they just reserve more space on the drive? You used to have to write dates in short format to save on RAM and storage, surely we can optimise at least slightly today...
  8. Froody129

    Do I need an AMP/Dac for HD599?

    What motherboard do you have? It may just be Sennheiser's sound signature. I find the vocals to be a bit too veiled, and the overall sound too smooth, but this is of course personal opinion and most people love their 599
  9. The Cosmos seems to be the same idea as WMR (which I think is very underrated) but no wires. Great for no hassle VR is there aren't signal issues and the price is right. I really like the idea of VR but the current implementations aren't really something for the masses
  10. Froody129

    GPU for CAD?

    Not really. One of the options is a 980ti in my current build, and I was looking at RX 570s or maybe a 1070. So it doesn't have to be dirt cheap but I can't just spring for a 1080ti either
  11. Froody129

    GPU for CAD?

    I'm looking for suggestions on what range of graphics card I should be looking at for a CAD build. Obviously CPU is pretty important but I'm interested in how important things like CUDA, VRAM amount and type etc. are. Program is Epic, and some other programs I can't quite remember. The build is for someone else studying architecture.
  12. Froody129

    RTX 2060 Announced

    So it costs almost as much as a 1070...
  13. Do they already have a Spotify app? I have Samsung TVs but I don't really use any of the "smart" features
  14. Froody129

    Headphones recommendation

    Ignore the calls for overpriced gaming headsets. Get nice headphones. Sennheiser is good, but personally I find the sound signature to be a bit strange. There's a world of options, I would go to a store and ask them.
  15. I think the resale value would be lower because it has a power mod and is on water