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  1. Samsung launches new 970 EVO and 970 PRO NVMe SSDs

    I don't really see the point of big SSDs for the average Joe unless you're going for pure SSD storage. Otherwise a 120/250gb SSD will have all the same benefits while costing a lot less. I understand if you're heavy duty video editing or something though
  2. Just FYI heat rising through expansion isn't a factor in PC cooling, the air is moving too fast for it to make a difference. OP: I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean having the GPU fans on the front of the GPU blowing out through the rear case vents?
  3. Well seeing as even the OEM ones don't work when installed by a third party I'd say this is pretty obviously targeted at third part repair services.
  4. Xbox One S 27" Monitor

    Just FYI guys, if you hit the backwards looking arrow button under a post or you drop a tag @toobladink, @Witton7117 then the person yore talking to you will receive a notification that you've responded to them. For the original question: I would go for an IPS panel unless you're going high refresh rate. It depends what kind of PC you're going to be building. The whole 1ms vs 5ms thing is BS, it's marketed to seem like input delay, which it isn't. What you're actually looking at is the time it takes for the pixels to change colour. So a lower number will mean less ghosting. 5ms is fine, it's only really an issue on crappy screens with like 40ms and the better colours from an IPS will be much more noticeable than a very tiny amount less ghosting
  5. Intel Crimson NUC

    What are these actually for? The specs don't make it close to a mobile powerhouse and they command a hefty price premium
  6. Samsung launches new 970 EVO and 970 PRO NVMe SSDs

    I would imagine buying one of these fast drives and using it as a RAM cache (in conjunction with normal storage) would make 8gb RAM very livable while the prices are still so crazy. My 750 Evo was getting shredded by page file use without me noticing and using my HDD as a cache is pretty slow
  7. If G-Sync needed a redesign will we be seeing Free sync versions?
  8. Yup. Even if it's a crappy dual core "i7" with a GT 710 people go crazy for the stickers without knowing what the hardware actually is
  9. I don't understand why autocorrect software doesn't have swearwords as part of the dictionary... All it means is that everyone has to train it and it's frustrating. 

    1. Windows7ge


      Probably for publicity or lawsuit reasons. At least web browsers, cellphones, & text editors let you add them to the dictionary and don't censor them.


      Though that day might come as more and more sensitive people keep voicing that they're offended by everything.

  10. So this was sponsored by Steelseries!? I can't believe this is a thing. My brother was telling me about this a couple days back and I called bullshit, thinking it was a clickbait article or something
  11. It depends. You're going to be getting high FPS at high settings, but you definitely won't be maxing out settings and 144fps all the time. There's no necessity to be sitting at 144fps all the time but for some it's all or nothing
  12. AMD Combat Crates

    Huh? My 1060 Armor was hot and loud, on summer at stock settings I needed 90% fan speed to keep it from going to 75C. Eventually I just lowered the clocks with a hefty undervolt. Granted my ambient in summer is like 38C but the cooler was inadequate on a 1060, nevermind the 580 which has 1080-like TDP
  13. GPU fan spinning out of control for no reason.

    You might be able to run the fans manually using some wires, then spoof the fan controller into thinking there's a fan plugged in, this is kinda dodgy to do though
  14. How to buy 1180 GPU for MSRP on release.

    https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1180-specs-performance-price-release-date-prelimenary/amp/ Think this is the right one. I just took the top Google result
  15. How to buy 1180 GPU for MSRP on release.

    Everyone is raving over a WCCFtech article