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  1. either spend a few hundred and finish a second "backup"PC. good to have sell them both and aim for 1080Ti ( my call)
  2. Im is Aus, and while prices have dropped at $US the AUD has dropped as well, and therefore increasing prices, I paid $1100 AUD for EVGA FTW3 12mths ago and today i still see it for over $1200 while in AU, i think the principle is the same, get what you can today save a bit and move on if you wait to get a better price, the card you want will be worth anyway, and it seems to volatile even the vendor cant price either,
  3. thankyou seems MSI will work over 3D mark, others may be able to get EVGA precision XOC but at default none of 3dmark would work, this said Time spy extreme 4306 fire strike ultra 7291 that with +100 on clock and +30 Mem power 100% and slider at max seems the CPU is holding is back a bit as no temps were above 65% This is half the fun
  4. system B350, ryzen 5 1600 (OC to 3.8 @1.3V) Geil 3200 16Gb, 16/16/16/36, EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 asus 1440P 144hz Time Spy 9179 Time spy extreme 4220 to 4300 varied results fire strike 20750 fire strike ultra 7185 but when ever I run EVGA precision XOC to try to OC the GPU all runs crash, even when I run at default, it seems just the EVGA precision XOC running wont work with 3dMark???? did i miss something, I cannot OC the Graphic Card at all as to to so need EVGA precision XOC running, how can I use EVGA precision XOC and benchmark?
  5. in school, learnt to rig the computer to play certain a songs when my dad played the same game, (here we go again by Alice cooper), even learnt to code ( fake video store library "check in/out" library) for a school project - on a LC475Mac, - now your getting age profiles.. ok , now not to sound to much older current ( and the latest, of 10 builds) ryzen 5 1600 ( OC 3.9), b350 tomahalk, 3200 ram, FTW3 1080Ti, asus 144hz 1440p, ( it took a year to put this together, yes the GPU is better than the CPU, but this is not a PC tech note) - all good . so I can Fart my way around the system/windows, youtube research and read. - and if I was called a product - I would be limited under warranty to domestic use only ( and at best general use) - Im looking to develop myself to a commercial use.... where do i start to get back, - please don't say where to do you want to be?......I don't know what I don't know, and 5yr plans are for my boss, I have had a few 5yrs plan and the best 5yrs block was when I choose the change it after 2yrs. self taught seems to be as far as I can get - ( and with respect Im not sure its far beyond what I was) "Ability to learn is driven when we Want to learn" - my interest leaning towards hardware ( but the way I have re-flowed/rebuild a lot of PS3s, few TV and several laptops) it is really a case of to many options but no direction - Has anyone really typed "change to IT career " into google, - 500M+ really.... hence seeking more real responses, or paths that others have taken I understand searching online course - but which one , there are thousands , this is the question, what to learn "officially" first , given Im not 17 in HighSchool It a bit of an open call, what is , where preparation, opportunity and realization are joined - from the outside other people call it luck......... (ps did go to university and have (reasonable) high ranking employment
  6. I have a screen locked lumia 520, and without hard resetting it is there anyway of unlocking the phone??, the owner of the phone has passed, and I have been ask to see if i can unlock it, no one from the family has the password. ( not stolen, not dogie and nothing untowards)
  7. I would like to apology for the vent. even through it surrounds a topic I may not full understand. it was nothing more than an opinion base on my current perspective . It just comes form planning and calculating what I can. then to realize I cannot get to that said level. All about timing. the tied will swing it always does. and I guess I'm ready when it does. If you mine sorry of is seemed out of line and if you don't mine. maybe we can set up a mining second hand site to give the miners a place to sell and for us to buy ( not just eBay) And I guess there rxVega some time......
  8. my mistake - I did miss this, im just concerned that the "money" is fictitious and, for the most part unusable, but like I said, people are still trying to get medicinal marijuana in the main stream for the past 100 yrs. and the basic premise remains true, unless you can make money, production and product from cripto currency then it remains no more that a share price value. - and we ALL know how the share market can work, no PE ratio, and no tangible asset backing. at least real mines for gold have based on assets and titles look, not to get out of my knowledge zone, the issue I have is, Ive been saving, waiting, watching, review .. and now I can ...........I CANT.... that is disappointing
  9. thankyou , I was thinking, the banking industry is a Trillion dollar intensity, and the gaming industry a billion dollar industry, yet cripo currency , is a million dollar industry and concentrated on a small percentage of that, while Graphic card manufactures have different view on the sale of their current stock levels and sales with inventory projections base on assumption ans cash low projections, BUT - what about the gaming producers , non of the miners are buying games to play on their 15 - 30 GPU SLI setups,?? are they?? ( thats a hell of a frame rate?? :D) and , ( while opinionated and based on my own thoughts) are the rest of us are left considering whether we should purchase a new game if our current computer cannot produce the games intended experience ( or the one we what form the purchase) Im not going to pay $100 pr a game that I cannot run properly)????
  10. OK. now not to rant . but I will I have graciously saved what i can and. watched review after review. all the things that we all recommend we do before we purchase I am have a really issue with matching a monitor with graphic card 1070 $800 1080 $900. 144hz $800 1080p $500 all $AUD Over kill on the gpu and under in the monitor. or over on the monitor and not enough on the gpu. And all I'm hearings the with mining cards are out of stock and the ones that are are way over priced This currency is not going main stream anytime soon. And as we know and technology is only good for 7yr Max. Until is can be regulated it is not going to be with more the what people invest and even then with ransom ware using it as a transaction method is not going to be a supportive argument , and please remember people are still trying to regulate medicinal marijuana for the past 100 yrs. So why cripocurrency in 5yrs???. I'm at a loss why people keep trying. unless you can make money from the actual currency generated it will not go further than very expensive SLI setup and unfavourable transaction practices No bank is going to allow someone to print money. the stock market requires tanagble transactions. and the price is based on the ability to "mine" that is clearly driven but the ability to source the equipment to do it. so in affect the success of mining will in fact become it's limitation . this may increase it value (supply and demand) but what can you use it for when it is unregulated???. Either way the majority of us cannot evolve (upgrade) with limitations from unrelated markets. Hats of who maybe able to absorb the affects of this current era. And opened this is a bit of a "vent" And I'll guess we should just sit tight for a bit. ..... Guess what I want for Christmas
  11. im running 6300 @ 4.5, with 1866 DDR3 , have done for 4yrs now BUT now ive already purchased the board, ram, and will be with aiming for the ryzen 1600,
  12. all benchmarks aside , ( and they do look good) - Well done like AMD and ryzen, - I almost feel like im starting all over again, clocking, timings, temps, - ALL THE FUN '( any it was only 3yrs ago I built me first build) now I get to go through it all again.
  13. so this is the mortar, back has printed Cross fire, but the books has it as 1X16 gen 3 and 1X16 gen 2 does this mean that ir might works but a 2X4 rather than 4X8?? I have asked on other forum, everyone is saying No cross fire, ( and I greed) but all MSI advertising, printing, actual board, and book all say that it does, Im waiting for R5, so I cannot test it but has any one tried?
  14. Im not as far experienced as most in this group, but if you have a second PC ( your brother), Id start with a process of elimination, starting with the easy swaps first just like you did with the CPU, try RAM, and GPU, then if you have a second SSD, ( disconnect all drives other than the drive with the OS) in each rig - if the ram has failed then it will not post, and if the GPU died then you wont see a post Do you hear any "sounds" out of the ordinary?