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    i7-2600k @4.4GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Sabertooth Z77
  • RAM
    Crucial 16GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Ballistix Sport @1866MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX1070 Xtreme Gaming @2101MHz
  • Display(s)
    ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q
  • Cooling
    Corsair H55

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  1. Go for 1070 without dubts. Performance roughly the same as 980Ti and in same moment 1070 has: newer architecture, better TDP (lower power consumption and less heat). http://gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTX-980-Ti-vs-GeForce-GTX-1070
  2. It was optional comment, just wanted to highlight this to you so you will know what to expect performance wise from 1070 at 3440x1440 resolution. 1070 is a great card, but you will need to sacrifice a bit in level of details for your chosen resolution. I have now 1070 paired with 2k display @144Hz, and although it delivers excellent performance at its price, it is not sufficient for modern titles at ultra settings; I'm getting max 60-90 fps with some minor setting tweakening (depending on game). Also, I would advise you to check if your new monitor have G-Sync. If so, then you will have very nice gaming experience even with 1070, if your frame rate will stay equal or above 35-40 fps. This may be another option for you to increase level of details, sacrifice a bit in frame rate but still have very nice and smooth gaming sessions.
  3. Hi there, Unfortunately two cards won't double performance. In games which will support SLI properly you probably will get 30-35% increase in average, which would be roughly same as single 980Ti. 1070 itself already gives same performance as 980Ti with much more lower TDP. As result, you will get more or less same performance boost with lower power consumption, less complicated setup as you will have less requirements for cooling, more modern GPU architecture and less problems with games which doesn't have proper SLI support. I would state that SLI out of two 970s is very marginal upgrade. Get single 1070 and make your life easier =) If you have an option to save a bit and review other cards - then I would definitely recommend you 1080Ti for 3440x1440 resolution. 1070 is a great card, but it is mainly designed for 1080p at high refresh rates (such as 90+ fps) or 2k at 60fps. If you want to play at 3440x1440 at 60fps or 2k at 90+ fps - 1080Ti is your best option on the market. Hope this helps. Cheers,
  4. Yeah, AMD didn't perform well last years, but what really matters is that their Ryzen, if it will be competitive, will make Intel lower prices on their CPUs and as result, you may get a good one within your budget in late February.
  5. Hi there, I would wait a bit till the end of February, when AMD will finally come out from the closet with their new AM4 and Ryzen platform. Despite the outcome, it will be beneficial for pricing and you may have more options within your budget. That was the reason I have decided to go with overclocking of my platform (which is from 2011), rather than switching to new one. In best case, if AMD will bring to market competitive cheap processors and new long-lasting platform (AMD is not changing it each year like Intel does), you may end-up with long lasting modern solution. In worst, this will trigger prices to go down a bit and maybe you will find better (or more modern) parts for your new build. From processor perspective, I would try to get an i3 (4th, 6th or 7th gen) rather than Celeron or Pentium. It will give you more space for further upgrades as your processor may bottleneck performance of other components (for example modern graphics cards). Regards,
  6. I actually have 144Hz monitor and i play in 1440p)) I have managed to keep RAM voltage to 1.35V and change from 1600 to 1866 by increasing timers a bit. So far, here is the result from AIDA64: before after I have also tried to raise voltage to 1.5V and set memory to 2133, but for some reason it doesn't boot, even when timers where increased. Not sure how to troubleshoot that. According to internet, my memory is capable to work on that frequency with 1.5V.
  7. Hi there, I did re-installation of windows 10 after upgrade from windows 7 and it did activation by itself. Seems that they link somehow windows activation with your windows live account. As per my understanding they have some kind of binding to hardware ID also. To be on safe side, you may want to extract your windows 10 key using tools like this one http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/windows/how-view-your-product-key-in-windows-10-3632749/ and try to install fresh windows 10 copy on new partition for example (just to have roll-back possibility if you won't manage to activate it). Hope this helps.
  8. Hello LTT community, First of all, sorry for my bad English (it is not native for me) and my apologies if similar topics were already discussed before. Few months ago I have decided to bring my old gaming rig to new life and after viewing dozen of videos and reading several articles, I decided not to go with purchase of new platform, but only do upgrade of my graphics card. My old gaming rig: Core i7-2600k @stock ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Crucial 16GB KIT DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Ballistix Sport (CR306f) (2x8) Gainward GTX680 After researching dozen of articles, I did overclock my processor to 4.4GHz @1.335V. I wasn't very lucky with chip, to reach stable 4.5GHz I had to use 1.550V, so I've decided to keep it at 4.4GHz @1.335V, and temps now are not reaching 80C under constant full load. In addition to this, I did replaced my old graphics card with recently released Gigabyte GTX1070 Xtreme Gaming edition (overclocked to 2107Mhz) and managed to get ROG Swift PG278Q monitor (don't ask, I was just very lucky to get it very cheap). I'm pretty fine playing modern games at 1440p with high/ultra settings, even when FPS falls under 60 G-Sync does his job very good. Question I'm trying to address is about my RAM. Currently it works at 1600MHz which was auto-configured by XMP. I found many articles in internet about this, in some people claims that overclocking RAM have significant improvement over gaming experience, in others is stated that there will be no difference. Guys, would you please guide me, does it make sense for me to overclock my RAM to 2133MHz and if so, would you please guide me how to do it with my MB and RAM? Many thanks!