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  1. How would i go about port forwarding the server itself? Like i know how to port forward but what ports etc would i be pointing it to
  2. Hey, so i've got a windows storage spaces server running at home i keep my plex and other assorted files on. I was wondering if theirs a way to grab that drive and view/edit its contents from outside the network on it.
  3. At the moment i'm trying to grab the sound the player can hear and fade it out the further they get away from it but then have a variable that changes to increase their hearing so they can hear further away. Basically i'm trying to have a hearing stat of sorts that affects that fade, would anyone have any suggestions on how to do that?
  4. So to give a quick synopsis, what I want to do is run a computer that either runs windows with two accounts logged in, one for gaming, one as a NAS basically for auto downloads of tv shows, movies etc and will be tied into Plex. Or I want to run something like unraid where I use one cpu and 1/2 gpus that branches off into two systems(like what linus does for say 6 editors 1 cpu concept) Now to answer those pre made questions 1. Budget & Location Okay so this is the easy one, my location is Australia, more specifically south Australia. My normal go to retailers are mwave, pc case gear, msy, all needs, scorptec, new egg(global au) and I believe that's It My budget is 2k-3k but I'm willing to spend upwards of 4k AUD 2. Aim Okay so the aim for this build like mentioned above is two things NAS(most important part): So the nas side of the build would be a video, I believe, transcode server that runs Plex and would stream to all the devices on my network(I have room mates who would likely use to but for ease let's say 3-4 devices at max would have access to it) . I would also ideally like this to house all my files(photos,documents,random stuff) and say game engine versions on it(I do game development and have 60 gbs of just game engine installs :/) so programs as well Gaming: So this isn't as big of a deal as I have my own personal rig, but ideally I'd like to put this machine out in our lounge room and just be able to have my room mates or I log in on the tv and play some video games on the tv. I can't exactly give specifics for what games but COD, Fallout, Destiny are 3 franchises that would be played frequently along with some games like Life is Strange. These would ideally hit 4k 60fps on mid-high settings(ultra if possible) Ideally the rig would be easily upgrable without any data loss etc(so adding a new HDD would be easy) 3. Monitors So the tv we have at the moment is pretty old and probably 1080p at best but as mentioned above I'd like to hit 4k 60fps as I'd like to when j move out put this in my own area etc or if we upgrade our tv it'll be to something 4k most likely 4. Peripherals Peripherals are not included in budget as I will use the cheapest stuff to start with and work with that, but since there will be a bit of couch gaming, likely a keyboard, mouse, controller(Xbox and duelshock). And all would need to be wireless. Again these aren't included but suggestions are welcome Software I've been looking at is either windows/unraid/both Then sonarr and an equivalent of it but these are more programs then os's I believe 5. Why are you upgrading? So I want a file server and media server that I can setup to just auto download the newest episodes of shows and movies easily. I also don't really wanna modify my personal rig as I don't want all the server aspects of it, impacting on performance to the pc itself Another thing is that the pc will have to have Wi-Fi as it won't be able to have LAN ran to it This is the spec list I've got so far, any help is appreciated https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/LsyD6s
  5. So what i've found is the tutorial i've been following and modifying doesn't improve itself. My population seems to keep hitting either a local minimum or it outright doesn't improve but the fitness keeps going up. I was wondering if anyone would be able to have a look, point me in a direction for more resources on genetic algorithms or on the project itself. An overview of the project is to simply get the population to move around a map and find an object eventually i want to put this into a neural network so it can predict player movements. Tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oXr16Tdfvo Project :https://wetransfer.com/downloads/16079695138c98a89d7e80aea8cfca2820190515023441/aa04d9
  6. Hey guys, So i'm looking for a test bench for my new case currently i have the corsair 460x and i'm looking for something that i can just get into the components a bit more easy and upgrade a lot easier. That's whats lead me to the test bench route. What are your guys experiences in this sort of situation and have you guys got any suggestions for test beds
  7. I can snag a Strix Scar II with a 1070 and a 256gb ssd, for about 2000(1436.36 usd) -2500(1795.45usd) aud(2000ish dollars from ebay with a discount code or 2500 from a wholesaler ) what are your thoughts on this laptop
  8. out of all those which would have the best colour accuracy. I'm out of that list looking at the two dells here. I was thinking about the 2060 one but i've heard the thermals aren't the best in 2060 laptops. also sorry if your not from the us
  9. Did you need more info Gene or is there something else? Sorry if I'm being a bit needy etc
  10. Hey sorry, so some stores that might include some of the laptops you recommend are msy, pc case gear, mwave, Harvey Norman, good guys, jb hi fi. No quadro is needed, most of the stuff I do is comparable to what a gamer needs but more cores I've heard is better(and I've noticed can be better but a 4 core minimum is good) My budget is ideally 2k Australian and I can go up to 3k but I'd rather not. That roughly translates into 1500-2300k usd. I'll mainly be using the laptop before I go to bed or during uni or whenever I'm out so a nice battery is good, so at least 6 hours would be good. With weight, id rather it not be some huge bulky piece of kit. And id rather something a bit more slim. Um if you need any more of the details just reply back?
  11. (Im from australia so if suggestions are made could you please use links from there . Thanks) Hey guys, so I'm in a dilemma. I don't want to spend 3k on a laptop but its looking to be that way. I want a laptop that can do low level vr development, c++ encoding, unity development. And also from time to time play some games(I don't mind play mid low settings and play a lot of games from 2015 and before) Can someone please help me to figure out laptop suggestions?
  12. I have considered some but I don't believe they'd be as capable as what I want plus they end up costing more than this pc I have linked above. If you have any suggestions within the price range I'm more than happy to look over them
  13. do you reckon the build is sound? or do you think theres parts that can be lowered down maybe R5 instead of R7 etc
  14. sorry i should of mentioned above im looking to get the gpu used as im thinking a 1070 or 1070ti and there about 700+ dollars new and used there around $450 Plus i'm not opposed to taking the 1080 strix from my current build and placing it in this one since my current has an IGPU
  15. 1. Budget & Location So my budget for this build is 1000 to 2000 AUD(Australian). If people could suggest builds at around 1000, 1500 and 2000 thatd be great but 2k is the maximum I want to spend 2. Aim My aim for this build is programming for unity 3d. I would like this build to be able to do some vr work ideally. The programs I'd use on this would be unity 3d, visual studio, obs, unreal engine(but unity would be the main engine I use) and I would end up playing some games such as Destiny 2, the tomb raider line up, fallout new Vegas and fallout titles before this. This pc would have to be able to fit in a back pack 3. Monitors I'd be planning on running about 1-3 monitors on this system. Since its a portable rig itd be mainly for uni which already has 2 monitor setups(there systems have 7700, 1060 systems with 32gb of ram) but monitors should not be included in the price as they will be everywhere I bring the pc 4. Peripherals I do not need to buy any peripherals(if I do I'll end up buying cheaper wireless peripherals as response times will not be a huge concern as it's not a serious gaming machine) 5. Why are you upgrading? The reason I want this build is a little impracticle. I simply want a portable pc with as much performance as possible Things I'd prefer in the build: I would prefer to use the node 202 case for this build as it's a nice size and can easily fit in a back pack. Here is a link to a list I've already tried to price out but if anyone has suggestions I'm open https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/RpVxjy Excuse the picture if you need a list of prices happy to provide
  16. I'll definitley try that, i have everything but the communicating via Bluetooth down but again thanks for the suggestion ?
  17. like i mentioned in the post above a shuttle pc or just cheap pc is out of the question otherwise i would of done so.
  18. As much as i'd love to do that the NAS in the household i'm in is a much simpler option or i'd have just done the shuttle pc
  19. yeah doing the research i'm not going to be able to just go out and buy it gonna have to save for a bit but hey if you have any cheaper than the one listed above i'd love to take suggestions
  20. Yeah i could also use teamviewer or chrome desktop support but this is to execute code like the code for locking a computer remotely from the app. I want to do this for the sake of making it. As i said before i've made this work on pc it's just now getting that command executed remotely
  21. I have an adapter to make the computer bluetooth compatible Edit: so thats the reason i use bluetooth not wifi. so i have a portable option
  22. So heres something i've found https://imgur.com/a/nZnu0. Its compatible with plex and would do what i need. Its also the cheapest compatible device i've found when refrencing this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MfYoJkiwSqCXg8cm5-Ac4oOLPRtCkgUxU0jdj3tmMPc/edit#gid=1274624273
  23. I've tried stack overflow and haven't gotten anything yet. I'm not sure really anyones tried to do this where they have a android device interact with the pc directly but who knows. But hey documentations better than nothing. Client apps easy mode just the connection and the sending of the command
  24. Yeah i was looking at those but i think the normally cheap store(MSY) the cheapest was about $400 without drives. I was using the plex compatibility excel spreadsheet to double check.