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  1. Seeing as I'm new to building PCs I decided to look on amazon and found this on amazon. I was wondering if there are any mistakes I'm making before buying it.
  2. @aisle9 forgot to tag u in previous post
  3. @aisle9 mind sending me a link so i can see how it looks/works?
  4. @aisle9 dont i need to install something on it and then make it an active usb or something like that
  5. @aisle9 i also dont know how to really install an os
  6. @aisle9 nah just build it where u are and then send it
  7. @aisle9 either you help me or i have no pc D:
  8. @aisle9 ill cover everything and give you a £10??
  9. @aisle9 build my pc for me and then just ship it over
  10. @aisle9 but what if i mess up and break a pin or two?