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    Charmin Ultra Strong

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    In a Galaxy where 42 is the answer to everything.
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    MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • RAM
    G. Skill RIPJAWS V 2x8Gb
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW2
  • Case
    Lian-Li PC-O11 DW
  • Storage
    2xAdata SX8200 250Gb, 1x Firecuda 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    SeaSonic Focus Plus 80+ Platinum 650W
  • Display(s)
    MSI MPG27C
  • Cooling
    EVGA CLC 280 AIO
  • Keyboard
    Reddragon K550 Yama
  • Mouse
    Logitech G 502 Proteus Core, Logitech G-Pro
  • Sound
    Sennheiser HD8 DJ
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. CharminUltraStrong

    What game is better optimized metro exodus or ac oddysey

    Here's the thing, AC Odyssey is very CPU bound since it's an intensive open world game. I'm running an i5 9600k + a 1070 FTW2 which is slower than a 56 and average at 60-70 FPS with ultra 1080p settings with an absolute minimum of 31 FPS. You might have an issue with drivers unless it's really killing your CPU, to have it not even hold 50 FPS on the lowest settings seems fishy to me.
  2. CharminUltraStrong

    Do limited edition cards have better chips?

    Founders Edition get the best silicon but as far as "good chips" go I stick to EVGA. The FTW and KINGPIN cards go through rigorous testing to determine if the silicon is any good, if the silicon doesn't overclock or run at their required speeds they put that silicon in a "FTW DT" card which stands for "FTW De-Tuned". These cards are the same as a FTW but they won't overclock as good because they have provably, inferior silicon.
  3. CharminUltraStrong

    AMP for DT 1990 PRO

    That's a pretty substantial amplifier @pizapower. My HD8 DJ's are 95 ohm headphones and they could run off a cheap little FiiO e10k, plus SMSL is a pretty well respected brand. Though @IkBeNbEn I would instead recommend this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schiit-audio-Modi-2-and-Magni-2-combo-w-adapter/233131349905?hash=item3647b61791:g:UIcAAOSwxy5cYzEz:rk:2:pf:1, unsure if you live in America or not but 169.99$ for this setup is a damn good deal.
  4. CharminUltraStrong

    Using a 200w Charger for a 230w Blade?

    Yes because it will try to compensate for the lack of power.
  5. CharminUltraStrong

    Using a 200w Charger for a 230w Blade?

    It will slow the computer down immensely when you have it on the charger, so you'd need a 230w charger.
  6. CharminUltraStrong

    Is “eaburl.com” a malware? How do I remove it?

    Bit defender and malwarebytes will be the best for you, McAfee will cause you more hassle than it will do good plus they're free.
  7. CharminUltraStrong

    Malware, HELP !!!

    They already did, read OP's post.
  8. CharminUltraStrong

    "Engine Error" in Apex Legends (Crash)

    Take off the OC, put it back to stock speeds and if that doesn't work roll the driver back and run an older driver until you find one that works.
  9. CharminUltraStrong


    Though of course you can always build one yourself on the Ryzen platform with similar, if not, better parts.
  10. CharminUltraStrong


    The price isn't that outlandish, he says it's negotiable. I'd probably pay 1,500 for it, an X99 Taichi is 250$ refurbed, 6800k is 300$, cheap RAM probably 90$, 1080ti FE is 750-800$, CPU cooler is worthless, SSD is probably 20-30$, The single 3TB HDD is probably 100-130$?(think it's a WD Black can't tell) and the case is probably worthless too as is the power supply. I'd say 1,500$ USD is fair price.
  11. CharminUltraStrong

    "Engine Error" in Apex Legends (Crash)

    System specs?
  12. CharminUltraStrong

    "Engine Error" in Apex Legends (Crash)

    Try a reinstall or DDU your graphics drivers then reinstall them. Device Hung can usually be a driver issue, whatever it ends up being just know it's software based not hardware based. Apex can be a tad glitchy, had it crashing on me yesterday anytime I tried to select my Legend until I restarted my computer outright. Otherwise, it's a damn good game that's been optimized quite nicely and is a pretty refreshing title to come from EA, it's quite polished for being an F2P BR.
  13. CharminUltraStrong

    Is “eaburl.com” a malware? How do I remove it?

    eaburl is a notorious virus that invades your browser and will redirect you to /eaburl pages that can fill your screen with pop ups. It runs as a taxing background process that obtains user data if I'm not mistaken. So yeah get anti malware software then delete it, you have to use an anti malware software because that's the only way you can properly purge its files. Otherwise, it will simply reinstall itself.
  14. CharminUltraStrong

    I7-9700k with Asus Strix z370-e

    I think it'd be a waste of your money to upgrade to a 9700k. The 8700k has 12 threads vs. the 9700k's 8 threads, and the 8700k has hyper threading which the 9700k does not. I think a hyper threaded CPU with more threads would be a much better pairing with a 2080ti. Granted the 9700k is an 8 core CPU whereas the 8700k is a 6 core but as someone who uses a hexacore CPU that lacks hyperthreading and the extra threads that the 8700k has, it is well beyond capable. I have my doubts that you'd see usage of all 6 cores, especially in an intensive manner. Also, your motherboards BIOS would have to be flashed to support the 9700k since the Z370 does not support the 9 serios CPU's out of the box.
  15. CharminUltraStrong

    Intel 9600k questions

    He probably could, the 9600k is a very efficient overclocker.