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  1. White LED strip on RGB controller?

    Yerp as I was thinking, RGB pins aren't just colour channels, they're pretty much ground pins (or negative terminals in DC), and then there's the +12V pin which should power the thing. It's likely I won't manage to get working on it before I go on holiday, but I'll try to get back with the result in some photos in a week or two. Thanks for the input, guys, I think I can do it right from now.
  2. White LED strip on RGB controller?

    So you're saying connecting both +12V on the strip to the one on the mobo (and the two GND of the strip to two random channels) won't cut it? I can do the wiring work just fine and clean, and pins this size are available at at least two shops I know in town. Would the lights be too dim, you think? I eventually did find out what the numbers mean, but as far as I learnt, it's just a question of size and implicitly, luminosity. I don't want the case to be too bright anyway, it's mostly a dark theme that I eventually want to add a Xenomorph to, so if connecting the two +12V rails to the single + on the motherboard just makes it dimmer, then I'm willing to give it a shot. Thanks for replying, but please come back and clarify what you think the effect would be, and if the LEDs would work at all or this would maybe draw too much current (unlikely I think?). I understand some electronics and I'm confident with the handywork, but I still have serious lacunes in my knowledge and understanding of it, so I'm mostly trying to make sure that I won't set anything on fire.
  3. Lookin sharp. Also I can't help but notice we have the same keyboard and very similar LG UW screens. I'm just missing the second one atm
  4. Outer leds

    If the panel isn't sound dampened, it should be relatively easy to do some DIY work and make your own acrylic panel, as @Pangea2017 said. Even more, you don't necessarily have to cut through the panel, here's a video of how you can do it without butchering your panel. Dietec is pretty talented at working with acrylic, so trust him, have a look at this video, and you can also check out the one linked in the description about how to do this by cutting the panel. Now I know you had something else in mind, but trust me if you go this way you'll make yourself a favour in the long run. If you're not very experienced at using high powered tools, I'd suggest the first method, in the video I linked. You'll only need a drill, which isn't all that difficult to handle (the steel of the case is pretty strong, so make sure your drill bit is new and of high quality, so it doesn't dull out quickly, in which case you might end up pressing too hard on the case and bending it), a tap, four screws, paint to match your case, although that's kinda optional, and some miscellaneous items you'll see in the vid. I hope you'll go down this route and actually make your PC look better instead of making a Luke-style mess that you'll hate in a while, so good luck with your project. EDIT: Just thought of another option for you. My last case also didn't have any clear panels, but didn't stop me from doing all the RGB I wanted. They're not perfectly closed, and they do give out light through cracks or holes, so if you throw some decent power LEDs in there, it's still going to light up. You can also put some strips beneath the front panel and underneath the case. Could be pretty good when yout turn off the light!
  5. Soldering 0-4 guage wire

    I have a few cheapo soldering irons that I usually keep for dirty jobs, including this, simply said, large beast of an iron that I've only used a couple times for any real purpose. I'm sure you can just find one in a shop for cheap, as there's nothing special about them. Just make sure to get one with a beefy flat tip, with lots of surface. Plug it in, wait a few minutes for it to heat up, and then use a generous blob of solder on the tip to more efficiently heat the wire up. It takes a full minute or two to heat the wire up, but if you keep poking at the point of contact with a flux core solder wire, as soon as the wire starts flowing in, you can do a nice weld with full control over flow by just approaching the iron as needed, then you won't be burning any insulation or let the solder creep under it. They do a great job at soldering thick stuff, and NO you likely don't need 400W irons, this one I'm talking about is more in the area of 65, it just can get a little slow to heat up, but it's dirt cheap - mine was under $10. I'd send you a photo of the thing, but it's in my garage, and besides, there's really nothing special about it. It's just large.
  6. So it's time that I add my white LED strip, now that I got my power cover, only thing that troubles me is whether it's alright to plug it in the RGB controller on my mobo. Yeh I know I can't just plug it in, but I'll do the wiring right. The Mobo is an MSI X370 Krait Gaming, and the manual says something about using only 5050 RGB LED strips. Now I don't know what the hecking heck that 5050 means, but I can't figure why would I not be able to use this band I got... The LEDs are 12V 1.2W and have two power pins and two ground in the middle, as seen in attachments. The mobo RGB controller can be seen in the left side of the other photo as JLED1 and it has only one GND pin to the left, along with the three power channels. I'm thinking to connect both GND pins on the strip to the one on the mobo, and the two power pins to two of the RGB channels. You think there would be any problems? EDIT: According to the mobo manual, the one pin at the left is +12V so yeah...
  7. How do I set up my storage

    Moreover, you should check your browser's settings and select a download file located on your storage drive (HDD). Same with any sort of apps that you use in order to download or create files (eg. screen capture software). In other words, try paying attention to your warez that create data so that they write the SSD as little as possible, as they degrade after a number of writes. As for the Windows 10 media disk, yes you can use it on as many PCs as you like, however you will have to install the OS with a new key for each system.
  8. Zenfone 4 vs P20 Lite, what to buy?

    If I hadn't hold a Xiaomi just earlier today I'd not have known what Android One is. It comes with devices other than Nokia as well. But the wrapper flavor is unlikely to change my mind, unless it's spectacular, in which case I'm sure I could get it running on the ASUS in a matter of hours worth of reading and learning. As for price, the ASUS certainly seems to aim slightly lower than Huawei as well, at least on this Zenfone lineup.
  9. Zenfone 4 vs P20 Lite, what to buy?

    Right, gimmicky, that's the word. The same feeling I had as well. Anyway @twistedapple89 @Quibiss I just went full retard and ordered the Zenfone 5 for $487, like just half an hour ago. No ragrets though, and considering the reviews and comparisons I've seen (vs OnePlus 6 and the like), I don't think I will have any. I know the Oneplus 6 has way better results in benchmarks and gaming, but I absolutely do not intend to game on it, and I'm entirely positive the device's performance will be more than adequate for my needs, for at least the next couple years. Gonna have it some time next week, and worst case scenario, I'll return it if I'm not satisfied in the first days. All in all, thanks for the replies, they pretty much helped me understand that this is the phone I need.
  10. Zenfone 4 vs P20 Lite, what to buy?

    The design is what impresses me so much about it, too. Listening to music while cooking sounds like a pretty decent speaker, although knowing the P9 Lite speaker, I do have my doubts. I don't suppose one of those lenses on the back is a wide angle and I didn't notice that in the store? Can you let me know exactly what the dual lens thing does? I have reasons to believe it doesn't do much.
  11. Zenfone 4 vs P20 Lite, what to buy?

    What I meant to say about the talk with my friend was that although he had zero input, he basically gave me a chance to listen to myself lol The Pixel XL and OnePlus Three seem to be rolling at around the $450 mark round here, discounted from ~ $550 but they don't seem to offer anything mind blowing. Am I missing anything? PS Thanks for the links, think Gearbest and I are gonna be good friends.
  12. Zenfone 4 vs P20 Lite, what to buy?

    Wow I remember seeing the review now, it is indeed an awesome phone, however it doesn't seem to be on stock anywhere in the country. Other Oppo phones that are available here seem like pre-homo erectus era, sort of like Linus said, and way over priced by the importing companies. As for accessories, I'm under the impression that the Huawei might have more chances for a serious case (Spigen has several), but after all it wasn't the quality or lack of one that killed my last one after all. Regardless, if you do know any other manufacturer of quality phone cases that might support the Zen4 as well, let me know. As an update, I spoke with a friend that knows f**k all about phones as far as I'm concerned, and as an end result I realized that I'm leaning towards buying the ASUS. There's still time to change my mind though.
  13. Zenfone 4 vs P20 Lite, what to buy?

    PS: you're welcome to roast my phone or assume how it ended up in this state.
  14. Hi there fellow tech people, I've recently smashed my 2017 Huawei P9 Lite (see attachment) and am looking for a new phone. There are these two options that I'm particularly interested in, the Huawei P20 Lite, and the ASUS Zenfone 4. Let me break down for you what I like about these phones and what I want from a phone for the next couple years... They're both 4GB RAM / 64GB storage devices, and I wouldn't go for anything less. Both have dual lenses on the back, however, if I'm correct, the P20 Lite seems to have one of those scammy useless lens that adds blur to the background of the subject, which I'm absolutely not interested in paying for, while the ASUS actually has a wide angle lens which is highly appealing for me. Both have Android 8.0 (Zenfone 4 is advertised with 7.0 but the phone on display was updated to 8.0). Both run on 8 cores of relatively similar speeds, and both have the good old jack which I rarely use for anything other than collecting dust bunnies, though I do want that hole there for the rare events when I do want to blast some Pantera in my head while someone else is driving. As far as I remember they both have glass backs (which support wireless charging I guess? Don't think I'll bother soon enough, this is not a tempting luxury for at least a few years from now) and both charge via USB-C, which means I need to get new and more expensive cables and chargers for my cars, PC etc, but such is life... Although I love and need the functionality of the wide angle camera on the ASUS, there is one more thing. I have developed a strange fetish for the notch in the top of the screen that the P20 Lite puts on display (might as well go all out Freudian and call it a camel toe), and also the more modern (and why the hell not, SAXAY) looking screen to body ratio and rounded corners. So at this point it's a tie. What could throw the tie off is if any one of you could tell me more about build quality on these two. Important thing to note, both the P9 Lite that I had as well as my wife's developed a bend in the chassis just below the buttons on the side after just a few months of use. On top of that, my wife's P9 in particular started showing some pretty ugly yellow areas on both sides of the screen, which, according to a phone repair Jedi, may most likely have appeared due to overheating. I trust Huawei have a strong R&D team and may have solved those problems on the newer models, but I don't want any bending or screen colouring, or any other crap happening to my phones (like fatal drops but that's on me), so if you're familiar to those models, let me know. Another problem that I had with my P9 Lite was related to accessories. First of all, I couldn't find any decent case for it, and the other problem was that the only glass screen protectors that I could find were either made for the '16 P8 and just a tad to narrow, or were the "correct" size for the screen, but screen was rounded at the edges, which caused the glass protection to lose adherence and eventually start breaking. Now I know all the major phone accessory manufacturers focus on the major brands and most popular models out there (Spigen only does stuff for the P20 Lite and nothing for the Zen4, Dbrand doesn't care about either, not that I need a skin), so any info on rugged accessories for either of those could change the game for me. As a final note, I'm also willing to consider other brands and models, according to what you understood I need, and as far as they are on stock tomorrow morning in a shop near me where I can grab the thing and hold it. And show it to my wife. I don't do phone gaming, 64GB storage and >4GB RAM is a must, I love the notch and sexy screen to body ratio that I see on the Huawei, and the dual lens on the back has to have an actual purpose, like the wide angle on the ASUS. Both the models I mentioned are on sale in my area for ~$350 give or take a few, and I wouldn't go too much above $400 as I don't like how the market is artificially scaled nowadays, and truth be told, nothing spectacular will happen if I invest double that in a phone, whether I'm considering my real needs or not. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread tonight, need to get a new phone ASAP (not sure if I get paid tomorrow or Monday but it's the first thing I'll do), so please discuss between the two that I mentioned or suggest something new. I like actual arguments so please go ahead!