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  1. That seems like a fairly bad move if that's the logic they used. It's like Ford going "The new F150 doesn't have a bed. Please wait for the new F350 to come out if you wish to use the bed.".
  2. It's a cash drop. They likely enter the amount of cash they are entering, drop it into the chute, and then it drops into a safe that only certain people have. It's so that managers don't need to be around to the end of the shift and the money is secure.
  3. The cable that goes from the motherboard to the front panel is generally fairly poorly shielded so you get a lot of noise from the power cables around inside the case. As others have said, get an extension and plug into the back of your computer.
  4. I'm not saying that they cheated somehow using a VPN. I'm saying that the wording makes it sound like the ban is for multiple things and they're focusing on the VPN part. However if you're running a VPN to one of your own devices, you could use it for some kind of traffic manipulation. I'm not sure how Fortnite does their aiming and everything but you could have a trigger that causes moments of intentional packet loss or delay so that you can aim for a headshot as the game waits for packets.
  5. Have you got him to send a screenshot or something for the exact wording of the ban reason? Trust but verify. At this point since he appears to have done some significant steps to keep playing, he might have also been banned for trying to circumvent the ban which will be far harder to get repealed if the original ban was just for a VPN.
  6. Yeah, now that I've got a proper server to get rid of the drives in my computer, I'm starting to contemplate getting a tempered glass case and all the bits to actually make it look nice.
  7. I think the Strix is a more effective cooler than the Armour so it should be a bit quieter.
  8. Yep. Air cooling should be fine. The Noctua air coolers are capable of keeping up with a lot of the AIO liquid coolers out there if you're looking to drop some price but keep a lot of the performance.
  9. No, it was my solution to replacing my Logitech wireless headphones that kept failing. They do sound pretty nice. And I have to agree, Last weeks WAN show audio was atrocious.
  10. I have wired headphones. With like 20 feet of wire.
  11. Yep. But that fit their request.
  12. Actually, since you're looking at Volta from your other thread, why are you asking about these two?
  13. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/BcTrxr/dell-monitor-s2716dg
  14. I mean if you're running stock speeds, probably. If you're planning to overclock then it should be a good option. Either way, if you can afford it in your build it does mean that you'll have decent cooling.
  15. Most likely the Ti since you can OC it to very near the performance of the 1080 but it's a fair bit cheaper.