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    Montreal, QC, Canada
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    PC ¦ Software Development ¦ Projects ¦ LAN Party
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    intel i7 3770k @ 4.3Ghz
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    16Gb - Patriot Viper 3 DDR3-2133
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti SC GAMING ACX 2.0+
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    Razer Ouroboros

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  1. AJJaxNet

    Why are you on Floatplane?

    So, what is this 'floatplane' thing?
  2. Wow, that topic sidetracked HARD. The video (or the OP question) is in no way, shape or form linked to Apple or MacOS.
  3. AJJaxNet

    How much does LMG make from sponsors?

    That the company is bringing in more money than it's spending on employees salary and operations (building, servers, electricity, etc). At the end of the year, the balance sheet is positive.
  4. AJJaxNet

    How much does LMG make from sponsors?

    Aren't vacation time paid where you're at? ^^
  5. AJJaxNet

    Questions About CloudFlare

    I'm pretty sure that if the path extension to your page ends in ".html", it will cache it since it means it's a static ressource. If it doesn't have an extension or something like ".php", cloudflare will forward the request to your server every single time.
  6. AJJaxNet

    Questions About CloudFlare

    The way Cloudflare works is just servers that sit between the users and your webserver(s). Your website is not actually hosted at cloudflare, but they're accelerating it by caching static resources from your website (scripts, images, fonts and more). So it won't actually remove a ton of load from your server if it's a dynamic website but it will still help since your server wont serve has many of the static content.
  7. AJJaxNet

    float plane missing

    We had a minor outage, should all work again ^^
  8. AJJaxNet

    High gain wifi antennas

    Depending on the performance you need, you could get a 100Mbps ubiquiti bridge for ~100$ (https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-Litebeam-Wireless-LBE-M5-23-US/dp/B015GWT42G/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1529039052&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=litebeam&dpPl=1&dpID=41LSj7GirLL&ref=plSrch) For 20$ more you can get 400Mbps with the AC version.
  9. AJJaxNet

    FloatPlane Censorship

    The reason Youtube won't actually allow a ton of stuff is because they need to be advertiser friendly to work with their business model. Floatplane doesn't actually run off ads so I don't see why we would restrict what creators want to do on the platform (if it's legal, of course), the only person that the creator can hurt is themselves (ex: Losing subscription because the audience doesn't agree)
  10. @a7mddiaa From the Community Guidelines : FYI
  11. Was implemented due to PopAds abusing their domains, sure it was a bit heavy handed (they basically have revolving domain names), As you see they register garbage domain names.


    We initially trialed out block of .bid domains (this was the first set of domains that was being was being blocked), PopAds then decided to abuse the .club domains, when we blocked this and start doing the same thing.


    All we blocked was a certain type of request from these domains (third-party script requests only). Basically the rarity of .bid and club domains, I thought it wouldn't affect anyone.

    I didn't relise you guys used the .club domain. My apologies.

  12. AJJaxNet

    Floatplane not loading.

    @FanboyNZ Hi ^^ Last night, I had to actually change our CDN domain to a new one (floatplanecdn.com) to make sure this wouldn't happen again or on another list. I still can't believe that Easylist decided to ban scripts from an entire top-level domain without any trace to why this entry was implemented. Thank you for your assistance
  13. AJJaxNet

    What are the basics of server hardware?

    Hi, You should really look into hosting it online using a VPS or a mutual hosting service instead than on premise. In the end it's going to be way cheaper and better network performance than if you try to host it yourself.
  14. AJJaxNet

    Floatplane not loading.

    You said? It's the damned autocorrector...
  15. AJJaxNet

    Floatplane not loading.

    @dronebynsa You're not subscribed to the floatplaneclub for neither LTT or bitwit, so that's why you're not seeing anything. It's working has intended.