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  1. 1444330992_linussalutememe.PNG.b4fe6d2c50d0c6c788cb07a89b837b6e.PNG


    For helping with the forum return back.👏👏

  2. Please contact support directly at support@floatplane.com.
  3. Exactly. When using the backup code, it will also disable your 2FA token to make sure you're not locking yourself out of your account.
  4. That would defy the goal of 2FA if you could just easily disable it. When you enabled your 2FA, you should have had backup codes displayed for you to use in cases you lost access to your 2FA code.
  5. It can be found in your account settings under "Help & Support". We will look into adding a link to this page somewhere more visible.
  6. Support form can be found here : https://www.floatplane.com/support#support-help Also, the forum always was supposed to be a temporary solution while we were working on the main website. With recent changes, we would have had to put some efforts to fix support for the forum properly. People were supposed to be competely migrated off the forum since the 31 of January (we gifted 2 free months for the trouble of having to re-register your payment on the new platform and to say thanks for early supporters) but because of a bug, some people kept access to the forum without any payment renewals. We effectively just fixed that problem.
  7. Okai so I've tried reading the code and I just can't, the formatting and the writing style is just not making it for me. So I understand what you're trying to do, and where you're coming from with those needs, but that's just a single poorly structured script (sorry) that does some things, yes, but is tailor made for your needs. It's not easily adaptable (at it's current state) to other situation and has references to executable that should be included in the script folder (Chrome, Flash, Air.) and that is not explained anywhere. Also, before trying to push your project to people, you absolutely need to have some documentation (at least a Readme) to let them know what your software does and how to use it. Because of the comments found in the script and the code that almost looks obfuscated, I wouldn't run that on my PC since I can't trust that it's safe.
  8. I'm 99% sure that's not why you're getting banned or your post downvoted. Right now, you're telling a whole lot of sysadmin terms but they have no real correlation to each other. Example, you're saying that your tool is a "Backup and Restore software" and then say that it can replace SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). SCCM is a deployment tool, and a windows infrastructure management system, and doesn't do anything related to backups. Also, what's the connection between certificates and backups, because I really fail to see any in the situation you're describing. Also, if your tool was any good, I can tell you that people would use it and upvote it. They have no incentive to try and take it down. If they can have a better tool fo free, they will want it. That's the whole shtick with OSS (open source software) and why people contribute and support them, because they go against the "big corp" charging massive license fees for things. Lastly, we have no clue where your project is. Can't seem to find the repos that can be seen in the screenshot.
  9. https://www.floatplane.com/video/LinusRoast
  10. Stratocast isn't really targeted at individuals and is rather expensive last time I saw the pricing sheet (10-15$ per month per camera for the base package) and they only support Axis ($$$$$$$$) and some Vivotek cameras. The product is solid tho, had it for 2 months in order to test it and it everything worked great.
  11. If you need more than 50Mbps, I'm afraid Bell is the only customer choice that fits this requirement. Soon, bell is supposed to open up their fiber network to TPIAs which might help bring the cost of the service down, but nothing certain.
  12. So, what is this 'floatplane' thing?
  13. Wow, that topic sidetracked HARD. The video (or the OP question) is in no way, shape or form linked to Apple or MacOS.
  14. That the company is bringing in more money than it's spending on employees salary and operations (building, servers, electricity, etc). At the end of the year, the balance sheet is positive.
  15. Aren't vacation time paid where you're at? ^^