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  1. Hi, a few weeks ago I got a rasberry pi, It came with NOOBS (new out of box software) and with it I downloaded recalbox OS, powered by emulation station. now, with NOOBS, the wifi worked perfectly fine, just clicked on the network, entered the password, and downloaded stuff normally. now, with recalbox, I have to enter the ssid and password, along with hostname. I cant change the IP address, and it is . it simply wont connect, when trying to force it to connect with the router, it either doesn't notice it or tells me that it failed to cnnect with no explanation of why. every site I have looked at regarding this problem gives me a load of tech jargon that makes no sense to me, so an answer ith as little jargon as possible would be appreciated.
  2. look, sir, you are obviously determined, no matter what we say, to hate on ryzen. windows 10 is much more lighweight than windows 7, ryzen 7 was not meant for gaming, it was meant for a workstation, so designed for video editing, which favours cores over clockspeed
  3. might I add that in REAL WORLD testing (not benchmarks) that the issues were at 1080p, but when cranked up to 1440p and 4k, It was right up there with broadwell-e, and is it reellyy worth paying twice as much for X99? from a value for money and workstation perspective, the r7s start to make a lot of sense
  4. cant say anything about this given that I play games on a $600 laptop.
  5. I would love to have a squad in planetside 2 to fight alongside. maximum of 11 other people. I would like if there was at least one of every class, but its no biggie if say, there's no heavy assault. I just reckon that a squad with every class will do better than one that's all light assault. Leave your applications below
  6. so, why did you post this needless and unnecessary post?
  7. baconbuilder99


    erm, good question
  8. they would probs ignore me (which is justified)
  9. Right, first off, my name is baconbuilder. and this post is an apology for all the grief I have caused on pc part picker. when I was there I mainly did insubstantial spammy posts before deleting my account and making a new one, on account of the reputation of my old one being tarnished, and then proceeding to do the exact same thing on my new one. unsurprisingly, I was banned. I then proceeded to appeal to all of you to request an unban for me. And this is where I thank you, for not telling me what I wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear. at first, I denied what you said and fooled myself into thinking that I was a poor victim. but after 2 pages of comments, I finally saw all the damage I had caused. But none of that matters now. For as much as I would like to change the past I cannot. so what I would like to say is that I am turning over a new leaf. P.S. could you do me a HUGE favour and get will_rippey or some other pcpp user to tell phillip that I apologize for all the grief I caused him?
  10. I would just get a regular ps4, the pro is no faster
  11. really? there isn't a bus service, does h know that cars often are an unnecessary drain on your bank account?