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    Games and Books


  • CPU
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    Gigabyte H110m ds2
  • RAM
    8gb 2400MHz Corsair Vengence
  • GPU
    RX 460
  • Storage
    500GB 860 EVO & 1TB seagate hdd
  • PSU
    Corsair (something) 450w
  • Display(s)
    a Samsung TV (1366x768)
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    $6 generic
  • Mouse
    $4 generic
  • Sound
    Superlux HD660 Reference Closed Back Headphones
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 (1809)

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  1. If you are gaming; in productivity I doubt that it will be bottlenecked unless doing something over-the-top like video editing with RAW files or something like that
  2. If you guys (LTT) install brave, then you guys can apply for the brave rewards program ( doesn't take too much effort). It's really easy to donate to you guys this way, cuz it's right from the browser. I don't have a bank account and as much as I like LTT I can't do anything to support my favourite creators, it would be really nice if I could donate via Brave (it's a pretty decent browser also). Here are a bunch of links going more into detail (cuz I feel I've been quite incoherent): <links removed>
  3. 8lec

    Temporary MOUSEMAT replacement

    It's a glossy wood surface, too slippery
  4. I've just washed my mouse mat (was getting quite dirty) and it's take sometime until it's completely dry. Any good alternatives for the next 24 hours? I wanna game casually and edit videos.
  5. I'd highly recommend waiting for the ryzen 3xxx series to be released. You'll be able to get a 12 core cpu for a lot less with higher single threaded performance. If you cannot, then wait for a sale and get the 2920x. Seems to be a good one for your workload. Edit: Typo.
  6. 8lec

    Writes on USB 3.0 are slow.

    I've watching LTT for 3 years straight, I wouldn't do these beginner mistakes ESPECIALLY for 2 years
  7. 8lec

    Writes on USB 3.0 are slow.

    No, it's not a generic drive, it's Sony 8GB drive which does really well on other PCs
  8. 8lec

    Writes on USB 3.0 are slow.

    Nope, all files, from big movies to many small files. Never goes above 4 mbs. I've been suffering for 2 years
  9. 8lec

    help a newbie

    600 watts should be plenty
  10. 8lec

    help a newbie

    Long story short, 2 sticks of RAM is like having 2 straws to drink from instead of one. This is not the best analogy, but it's kinda what it is
  11. 8lec

    help a newbie

    Holy crap, that's a lot of money. Get a 1080 with a decent cooler if you can find one that's not overpriced around 600 bucks should be good
  12. 8lec

    help a newbie

    Honestly, don't get the 1060 3gb unless you really really need CUDA. Get the RX 580 Faster RAM would help a bit if can spare the change, and buy 2 sticks of RAM so that you can use dual channel memory. So instead of 1x16gb get 2x8gb
  13. Writes on USB 3.0 are slow. They are usually capped at 4MBs. Reads are at ~150MBs. MoBo: Gigabyte h110m ds2 I checked the motherboard's website, but they don't have any drivers available for windows 10. I tried installing windows 8 drivers but they wouldn't work, it would say the drivers weren't compatible with this version of windows
  14. Thx for the advice. But I'll just install windows on my SSD which I bought. I was going to install it later today, but I guess I'll do it RN