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    r 1600 3.9ghz
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    asus strix b350-f
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    16gb 3200mhz
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    gtx 1070
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    phanteks enthoo pro
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    2x 1tb hdd, 1x 850 evo
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    EVGA G2

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  1. i was debating 2070s, it's kinda outside my budget tho. wanted the evga cards but way too high premium uninstalled msi afterburner and rivatuner, stutters slightly less but still poor performance. for reinstall windows 10, should i do a fresh install or keep settings and stuff ?
  2. so i just got the Asus 5700 XT strix. very neat card (matches my asus board very well), but sadly running into bad stuttering. i already DDU twice (safe mode), disabled all overlays, latest drivers. all games i've tested are on an ssd. i had the 1070 previously and it hasn't stuttered this bad. gonna try reinstalling windows 10 but that's a major pain thinking about either RMA or just returning it
  3. Techicolors

    Python IDE

    Jetbrains has one called pycharm. really nice with lots of customization
  4. i had my last 2 phones for about 2 years each. intend to keep my current phone for 2 years as well, maybe longer since apple is pretty good at support
  5. hardware unboxed is attempting one but apparently the game dynamically changes the settings depending on gpu, plus scripting the settings don't work
  6. i don't think it'll be discounted that early. and honestly if i were to get it on steam, it'll use rockstar launcher anyways
  7. breaking bad, especially since the sequel film El Camino is coming out soon
  8. No Wyld. not sure if he's indie but sounds pretty indie
  9. good that ghost games went back to NFS 2015, IMO Payback was a huge step back there is word that the handling model has been revamped so now there's no annoying ghost steering crap from NFS 2015 and the drift speed boost is removed, even if the car is tuned to drift. also the terrible rng lootbox upgrades from Payback is changed back to the system from NFS 2015 daytime is finally here, that was always missing in NFS 2015. though i am not sure about dynamic racing depending on the time. so during the day there are 'legal' closed racing and less to no cops, and at night illegal racing with aggressive cops that incentivizes risk for better rewards there is some passing around a fan-constructed map of the game from latest gameplay videos, and it looks pretty large. definitely the setting is inspired Miami but there's also woodland and swamp areas.
  10. just FYI it is also streaming on youtube (finally)
  11. just sent out my macbook pro for keyboard repairs. hopefully i get the top case from the newer macbook pros, tho my macbook is the non-touchbar version so may be unlikely. 

  12. i think a downside to glasses is that when you go outside from a conditioned building they fog up. annoying but same time pretty funny when your friends happen too
  13. funny enough i also ordered a hat from a vaporwave shop around a month ago and hasn't shipped. i contacted support and said that they ramped production lines and should fulfill my order by end of this week. meanwhile i get emails from them about new products and new store opening at some locations.. though it was very nice of them to give me a discount voucher after such a long time
  14. UPS messed up delivery today.. :/ 

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    2. Creed1


      lol. I work for a medium-scale shipping company and wow, its a huge production 

    3. ARikozuM


      Imagine if they had to fund pensions 70 years in advance... #USPS

    4. Creed1


      Yeah lol. Thankfully this is just a summer job. 

  15. iPhone X Macbook pro (probably gonna swap it for a windows laptop), mostly use it for development airpods so pretty engrossed in Apple ecosystem