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  • CPU
    r 1600 3.9ghz
  • Motherboard
    asus strix b350-f
  • RAM
    16gb 3200mhz
  • GPU
    gtx 1070
  • Case
    phanteks enthoo pro
  • Storage
    2x 1tb hdd, 1x 850 evo
  • PSU
    EVGA G2

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  1. Techicolors

    "G-Sync Compatible" Master Thread

    i happen to have one and after some gameplay in AC Origins it appears to be working quite well. maybe there is some tearing and ghosting but it's imperceptible to me. i also tried the pendulum demo and also appears to be working. vsync off and there's lots of tearing, gsync on and it's gone, and appears smooth as the fps fluctuates
  2. Techicolors

    Nvidia freesync driver update

    restart your pc
  3. Techicolors

    Nvidia freesync driver update

    enable freesync in your monitor OSD
  4. Techicolors

    retro outrun wallpaper

    hello fellow jimmy broadbent sub !
  5. Techicolors

    What cpu to pair with a 1070

    i have the 1600 and runs very nicely with 1070
  6. interesting thing i found out. apparently 1950s F1 cars had a tachometer that only updated roughly every second. looks so weird, tachometers nowadays are fluid and just seeing a tachometer jump suddenly as you shift, or seemingly stuck as the engine climbs revs not quite sure why anyone might know ?
  7. go into advanced display settings and make sure it's set to 60hz and also same in-game.
  8. Techicolors

    U like rap?

    forgot to add Pusha T. he kinda rose a lot after dissing drake but he's pretty good lyrically, plus with ye's production kids see ghosts is great too, collab with kid cudi and kanye. it's more psychedelic
  9. Techicolors

    What's your favourite open world game?

    red dead 2 as well. Horizon zero dawn is really good too
  10. Techicolors

    U like rap?

    im into kendrick lamar (good kid maad city, to pimp a butterfly are lit) and, admittedly, kanye west (mbdtf is lit)
  11. Techicolors

    60HZ vs 75HZ

    there is a difference, i can already tell it's smoother than 60hz. this is just in FFXV and forza horizon 4
  12. Techicolors

    Songs that You Can't Take Seriously Anymore

    money cardi b
  13. Techicolors

    Does anybody here like sports?

    do motorsports count ? i try to catch some Formula One when i can
  14. Techicolors

    What games should I get?

    FH4 can be played single player. you can race, drift, jumps, showcase events etc. i mostly play multiplayer now, pretty ok experience. the game has a problem with rammers and wall-riders i doubt the devs will do anything. there's some non-race events too but i don't usually play those performance-wise very good i can maintain 75fps. however, sometimes it crashes randomly with no explanation
  15. Techicolors

    What computer desk you got

    the wide ikea table. made mistake of getting adjustable legs, forever to get them lined up