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  1. Porting spore to Android?

    i find it wizardry that the devs from panic button were able to port games to the switch
  2. Would you buy TVs made by Apple?

    Apple would need to source the panels from Samsung / LG no?
  3. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Anyone gonna watch attack on titan s3?
  4. well as you said wordpress is a good place to start. there are also wix and squarespace, all WYSIWYG tools. tho could be wrong but the latter two are mostly static websites or you could learn HTML CSS JS and write one from scratch.
  5. Borrowing books

    i used Overdrive previously. pretty good, tho i have a hard time reading books from a screen
  6. Borrowing books

    mostly because i can't afford books
  7. Looking for a car game

    don't think there is much apart from forza / forza horizon. maybe assetto corsa, rfactor 1/2 or pcars 1/2 but those games aren't totally arcade-style handling and have a long initial setup The Crew 1 / 2 are another choices. because of a large open map you can treat it as a road trip game. tho they diverge into offroad, and in the second game - boats and planes.
  8. Borrowing books

    apparently my library uses worldshare for interlibrary loans. said earlier, i've made a request and it has been submitted. but i'll ask them when i have some time (have a valid library card)
  9. Removing the n in my name makes it sound interesting 

    1. Lurick


      Add the n after the Te and you're an anime :D

  10. Borrowing books

    so apparently this is called interlibrary loan. my local library has this service and already requested a few books
  11. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    where do you start looking into those?
  12. If only Cars were as Plug-n-Play as PCs are...

    wish i could swap the infotainment system in the family car. it lags too much
  13. What was your first language?

    probably be hounded, but javascript
  14. Thinkpad X1 carbon

    whats the difference? new to thinkpads