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    Edmonton, AB
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    Heavy metal, anime, video/board games (especially Guilty Gear), and Magic: the Gathering.


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    Intel Core i7 3280
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    MSI Gaming X 8GB GTX 1070
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    EVGA Supernova 750W P2
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    Steelseries 6G V2
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
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    Windows 7

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  1. brningpyre

    Floatplane Support

    My Floatplane stopped working (subbed through the forum when it first started). After struggling with the website and searching for help threads, I finally managed to find the support wizard, which said it was a Paypal problem, and I should cancel the subscription and try again. There's no Cancel option, but I assume Suspend is what it meant, so I did that. But now, when I try to re-purchase, the price is $2.99 per month, instead of the $29.99 per year I had been paying. Has the price just increased, and I'm out of luck? Or can I renew my subscription at the original price somehow? I checked, and there's been no problems with my card or Paypal account. As a bit of additional feedback, the whole process has been pretty frustrating. There's no help link on the Floatplane website whatsoever, and I had been searching through the website for a while before I finally managed to find this support thread. Trying to manage the subscription was frustrating, as I had to figure out you had to click on Store on the forum page, then to see subscriptions, then spot the faded gray button to Suspend the subscription, even though the Support Wizard says to look for a Cancel option. EDIT: Emailed, as well.
  2. Did Linus's naming scheme backfire? "... what we have is simply a fully-enabled GP102 GPU coming to an NVIDIA prosumer card, making it the most powerful video card NVIDIA offers." http://www.anandtech.com/show/11253/nvidia-announces-nvidia-titan-xp-full-gp102-for-1200
  3. brningpyre

    Should I upgrade my CPU?

    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check out some guides on that, since I haven't done much overclocking since the days of Starcraft 1 and old CS. Saves me some money, lol.
  4. brningpyre

    Should I upgrade my CPU?

    I don't have any free headers. Could you recommend a good PCI USB card? I was looking at something like this.
  5. What's a good benchmark to run to test if my CPU is bottlenecking my system (in general)? I typically play Overwatch, DotA2, Dungeon Keeper-style games, and fighting games (Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, Street Fighter) on my PC. I recently upgraded to a GTX 1070 and platinum EVGA PSU after cashing in on some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, but I still have an old i7-3820, and I'm wondering if I should check out some deals on Boxing Day for a new Mobo, CPU, and RAM (my RAM is also fairly old, 2000 or 2200 I think, DDR3). In terms of budget for an upgrading, I spent less than I budgeted this Christmas so I have some extra cash lying around. Have a cool/flexible $1000 for Mobo, CPU, Ram, though I wouldn't mind spending less. Only priorities for motherboard are more USB ports, since I ran out of them on my current system, lol. Or should I wait for RYZEN? (EDIT: I'm open to AMD or Intel, not a huge deal to me, but I'm looking to move into something higher end)
  6. brningpyre

    Apple's Airpods are now on sale

    I would get some wireless headphones if they came with a cord that hooked onto my phone so I wouldn't lose them. Oh, wait...