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    Patiala, Punjab, India
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    Automotive Enthusiast, Football Player ⚽, EDM lover , tech savvy, pc geek, SPACE and ASTRONOMY enthusiast 😍🌌
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    Got a badass 💓. A person with a nature-observing, sublime and evaporative behavior.
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    AMD A10 7890k Godavari 2016 Black Edition
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    Asus A88XM-A/USB3.1
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    G.Skill Ripjaws 8gbx1 1.6 GHz Single Channel
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    MSI GAMING X GTX 1050-Ti 4G
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    Deepcool Dukase v2 white 2016
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    128 gig Kingston SSD + 1TB WD Caviar Green + Seagate BUP Slim 2Tb Blue
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    Deepcool DE580 580W
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    Dell S2240L 21.5" fhd 60hz
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    AMD Wraith Cooler (stock)
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    Razer Cynosa Pro
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    Razer DeathAdder 2000 dpi
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    Classic 3-DvD Sony HiFi MHC-GN88D 5.1 channel Component System (Dolby and DTS + Prologic II
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    Windows 10 x64 build 1803 ver. 17134.81

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  1. The Intel Xe GPU represents Intel’s first foray into discrete graphics since the ill-fated Larrabee project many years ago. But let’s not dwell on the past, this is a bright new future for Intel, and potentially PC gamers too, as it means we’re going to have a genuine third player in the graphics market and that can only be a good thing. For us, at least. It looks likely that the initial Xe GPUs will largely be based on the building blocks put in place by the Ice Lake Gen11 graphics architecture. It's expected to have 128 EU, 256 EU, and 512 EU parts for the entry, mid-range, and high-end markets. Not a lot is known about the potential performance of the new Intel graphics cards, but Gen11 GPUs with just 64 EUs are capable of decent 720p gaming. So with many times that figure, the Intel Xe could be genuinely competitive cards. If they clock high enough… Spanning entry-level, mid-range, and high-end, you’re looking at a spread of graphics card pricing potentially from $200 all the way up to $1,000… depending on actually how powerful that 512 EU card turns out to be. OA - https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel/xe-gpu-release-date-specs-performance
  2. But like @Mateyyy said it could very possibly be a server issue so I am more inclined to wait than performing a fresh reinstall of drivers. I am not in any critical issue related to GE as I got other stuff to do rn.
  3. Oh yeah. @Slottr made a lame blame on GE. I mean although I prefer XBOX Game Bar Recording over Ansel because it is more lightweight and convenient to use than the latter and I don't stream as well.
  4. You mean those that come bundled with purchase? Fuck no. I've never installed them since Day1. I'll reinstall the graphics driver. Is DDU in safe mode necessary af or should I proceed rn?
  5. I have A10-7890k based pc, coupled with GTX 1050 Ti MSI GamingX 4G, G.Skill 1666 MHz 8GB x 1 mem., A88XM-A/USB3.1 Mobo, and 580W unrated Deepcool PSU,
  6. What could be the is sue? It stays like this. Reinstalled several times but same issue.
  7. Yea it seems so. Anyway, don't worry. I haven't kept any important data on it.
  8. I have this drive from like early 2010 or so, really no exact guesses here. So I just recently (this March) hooked up my drive to my 2016 PC (my present machine) and it is behaving abnormally since the past few months. As you can clearly see in the following images, it is just lethally going down in health consistently with some exceptional rises (as it just went up from 68% to 73% on 8 August). Should I feel worried about the data on it or is this curable? I mean I've put it currently on some Short and Long Self-tests as there are some reported bad sectors on it but I did the same test 2 months back and some sectors were repaired but not health and has been on the course of deterioration. What can be done now to prolong its life? This drive's history: Used originally for the first time in 2010-ish (Athlon-powered PC) (the only primary drive back then) Transferred to 2012 Sempron Rig and worked quite good without any issues Took out of that rig in 2014 when it went rogue on me (Read/Write speeds fell back drastically due to unknown reasons and the OS on it at that moment couldn't load properly for 7/10 times) and hooked a WD Green Caviar 2 TB and kept it that way. Never used my Barracuda since then until March of this year (stored it safely after formatting it completely and losing lots of data, kept in its Antistatic cover) Finally swapped it into my current 2016 build (A10 7890k-powered) in March 2019 and to my surprise it performed quite well without any hiccups. This was only a matter of a month or two that it has been behaving weirdly since May. Unexpected freezes, File Explorer unresponsiveness, read/write errors, and you name it all. Please go through all the images below for more info on my drive and thank you for your patience and extracting some valuable time of yours. Please Just in case, here's the amazon link.
  9. thnx man I almost forgot rtings! They're like the most reliable tv and headphone reviewers and my favorite too. As for my decision, I ain't earning yet so I'll be totally using my dad's wallet for this but he's also completely fine till 11k-ish so I'll order the Senns first. If any issues (renewed/new) I'll return it under 10-day return policy (I'm saying this because it's 4.1-rated and many users are complaining about the lack of low-end magnitude but they say the quality is perfect for the price so I believe them in that aspect). What can we expect at 7k, anyways, huh? Planar Magnetic or electrostats??!? After Senns, I'll give Back Beat Pro 2 a shot.
  10. Yea, that's why reviews can be sometimes helpful in forbidding ourselves to go for the wrong products. Because all that matters is our basic requirements and expectations for a particular thing and how much are we willing to pay for it. So I think I've narrowed it all down to 4.40 bt, Plantronics backbeat pro, JBL and 650btnc. Any other suggestions bro? I am willing to go upto 13k Not a dime more than that.
  11. Ofc yes. Some golden words right here! I believe in this too. My SoundMagic E10C probably sound much better and wider than fucking beats pro or whatever they call it! 3 yrs in and they still didn't sound the same as day 1. I am also soon gonna get YAS-108 + NS-SW100 combo for my TV. It's such a banger value combo for just under 37k INR whereas that entry-level Bose soundbar costs as much as this entire combo!
  12. Okay. Thanks for your recommendation. I think I might need to dig a bit deeper to get a perfect choice for me at around 10k INR. As for choosing bw 4.40/4.50, people say better get 4.40 instead.... I get it that every one has different ears but I won't rush onto the reviews alone, thats fo sho.
  13. Ok. I'll be mostly watching stuff on Netflix, YT and Plex. Music on TV is my second priority. I want a wireless headphone that won't clip easily and is capable of EQing to my own desire and taste. Like sometimes I like to watch silent movies and therefore I want ambient effects and vocals to be clear and accurate af while at other times I want a full-blown theatre-like experience for action movies with a heavy yet tighter response. Can 4.4/4.5 BT and ky50 do that?
  14. Man, what makes you think I'll be carried away with those reviews? But what other option so I have to form an opinion? I wasn't able to find any of these headphones except 950b1 here locally to give them a test shot. 950b1 sounded very boomy and the bass effect made it worse! I want a cleaner sound signature. Can you please help me with that?
  15. wtf?! i didn't expect that. Anyway, these were just Amazon.in links for individual ones so you might wanna check them there yourself. Please do that and read reviews, I shortlisted the best of the best already. I heard Plantronics brand for the first time so if you got any insight to it please leave it here.