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    Patiala, Punjab, India
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    Automotive Enthusiast, Football Player ⚽, EDM lover , tech savvy, pc geek, SPACE and ASTRONOMY enthusiast 😍🌌
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    Got a badass 💓. A person with a nature-observing, sublime and evaporative behavior.
    Always trying to accumulate interesting things up my mind!
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    Automotive Engineer


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    AMD A10 7890k Godavari 2016 Black Edition
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    Asus A88XM-A/USB3.1
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    G.Skill Ripjaws 8gbx1 1.6 GHz Single Channel
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    MSI GAMING X GTX 1050-Ti 4G
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    Deepcool Dukase v2 white 2016
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    128 gig Kingston SSD + 1TB WD Caviar Green + Seagate BUP Slim 2Tb Blue
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    Deepcool DE580 580W
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    Dell S2240L 21.5" fhd 60hz
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    AMD Wraith Cooler (stock)
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    Razer Cynosa Pro
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    Razer DeathAdder 2000 dpi
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    Classic 3-DvD Sony HiFi MHC-GN88D 5.1 channel Component System (Dolby and DTS + Prologic II
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    Windows 10 x64 build 1803 ver. 17134.81

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  1. Contact me for exchange for Sony's MHC-GN88D Hi-Fi 5.1 Component DVD System. I critically need a modern audiophile setup in exchange of it.

  2. Update 3: The problem has worsen even more and now I can't even drag and drop my music files to my phone or back from it. And this is not limited to just my music folders. It happens arbitrarily at any time at any random explorer window. 6 or 7 outta 10 times, this abrupt closure (Partial or Complete) of the explorer happens and I'm already freaked out. The worse part is that any file transfer operations that are going on also shut down completely. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, I think it's time for me to be ready for the consequences when the time comes.
  4. PERFORMING THIS NOW: http://windowsinstructed.com/fix-right-click-causes-runtime-error-in-explorer-exe/ Update 1: Did not resolve the problem. Update 2: Renaming the folder/Changing the directory of the victim folders cures the problem. But again undoing this to the original attributes restores the nature of the problem! WTF?!
  5. Already checking daily with Hard Disk Sentinel but health is consistently at 100% with nominal temperature and zero bad sectors. I thought of damaged clusters too but this is just sooo random that I can't say that there's any. Refer to my above reply to LinusOnLine.
  6. Everytime I try to browse through my folders arbitrarily located on my WD Green Caviar 2TB (most prominently I noticed the stuff on that drive only) I am faced with an abrupt and entire Explorer shutdown. As per my dealing with this terrible issue, it has only happened in especially my music folders where I have multiple files and sub-folders. Lightweighted folders haven't experienced this yet. What could possibly be the reason behind this? Does this relate to my Mechanical HDD that might possibly be failing or something else? P.S. - Does not happen everytime for that particular hung folder. It happens randomly for just any folder located in specially that drive. PFA Desktop 2018.10.16 -
  7. Some Engg. semester-1 physics lecture there.
  8. I own a pair of E10C in-ears and as per your appreciably comprehensive review of M50x, I have slight feelings that even they'd beat this guy in most of the aspects.
  9. My friend just got his unit and his device is killin' PUBG at extreme FPS and HDR graphics. The acclaimed review is buttery smooth! He's getting a day and a half at heavy to moderate usage.
  10. Despite of your concerns being valid, you should be aware that this is pure raw performance under 300 Euros and that's what's the company slogan is: "Master of Speed". So you shouldn't expect anything better than it's rivals in departments other than performance, so to speak!
  11. Why would you do that! Of course, you should go for the latest tech as long as you got that budget. The cheapest sd845 you can buy rn is the newly launched Xiaomi Poco F1...starts at just €250 for 4, 64 variant with an added limitation of exclusive availability in India as of now.
  12. Can you think of any other device at €300 point that has such insane specs or at least that rocks a full TDP sd845? Do you think this device will leave every other mid-ranger in dust including the best-till-today One Plus 6 ? https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/22/17760932/xiaomi-pocophone-f1-low-price-high-end-processor
  13. accepted....now this news is past
  14. D33P

    when is the new iphone coming?

    11 September, 2018
  15. I have no problems being it in phones and tablets section. People should at least know about leaks of such hyped smartphones and that's what matters in reality. Abiding by community guidelines is one thing and being a first poster another so idc if it is movef to another section. Coming to the video quality part. Leaks are never supposed to be in 4k HDR and what on Earth are you even thinking about it's quality not being perfect. This is undoubtedly the dumbest thing I've ever heard from someone in a while. A leak should get the job done and when someone purposefully posts something like that on a forum it is not mandatory to actually take part in the conversation. Posts are for people and they can discuss as much as they want. Wherever my attention was needed I actively quoted and replied to that particular person and you still complaining of me not having a convo, that's absurd. Finally, your complaints are mostly irrelevant and unnecessarily revoking other members to share their views regarding this major and exclusive leak (this video is by far the only one on YT showing pixel 3xl in it's final form). It's such a shame to the overall community that moderators are unstandardizing posts in whatever way they like. As far as my post is concerned, I agree to you on at most one of your complaints that says "No mention of any link to a particular website or no personal views in form of text included." I shoulda abode by that part but but but as I've already said that and you can check for yourself too, that at the time I posted this, there was only this video going viral everywhere.