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    3D Modeling


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    1700x @ 3.8Ghz
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    Asus B350-F
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    16GB G-Skill 3200Mhz
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    KFA2 Ref. 1070
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    Phanteks P400
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    Samsung 850 Evo 250GB + Seagate 4TB
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    Corsair TX850
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    Acer X34
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    Custom Ghetto Loop
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    Ducky Shine 3 TKL (Brown)
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    Logitech G203
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    KEF Q300 + Denon PMA-50 / Philips Fidelio X2
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  1. And to make matters even more confusing, Using Ryzen DRAM Cal. I can boot 3200Mhz CL17 no problem, but I haven't got around to leaving it to do a long HCI Memtest to see if it is actually long term stable so I haven't been in Windows with those settings for very long
  2. Ryzen 1700x + B350-F + F4-3000C15Q-16GRR So I have never really had great times with the RAM, I expected it as 4 sticks non samsung b die but o well I enable DOCP and it will only boot when set to 2666Mhz instead of 3000. I felt like that was good enough for a while so left it like that. A few BIOS updates later and I thought maybe I could push it further, tried 2800Mhz and it works fine (or so I thought) So running HCI Memtest it got to 400% without a single error so I called that stable, but sometimes it will fail to boot even into the BIOS, just restarts 3 times and then uses safe bios settings where I just put the settings back to 2800Mhz etc and it boots fine So what is the issue here? Once the system has booted the RAM is stable but why would it sometimes fail to boot whatsoever? I've set the RAM Voltage to 1.36v and SOC to around 1V (This mobo only supports offset voltage so I just gave it a 0.025v boost as sometimes it says its at .875v or 1.125v)
  3. roughavoc

    Two GPU question

    Drivers.. I didn't even think about that... I guess another question would be, is there a way to limit a program's GPU usage? Like you can limit FPS or core affinity, is there a way to do that for GPUs?
  4. roughavoc

    Two GPU question

    The CUDA processing isn't the issue, V-Ray already has that option
  5. roughavoc

    Two GPU question

    The situation: I do 3D work and when it comes to rendering, I use V-Ray RT CUDA which uses 100% of my GPU which causes the entire system to lock up and for look development it is very annoying having my cursor lag and skip around the screen whilst it is rendering away. The software has an option to put it on low thread priority but the issue is that it reduces the performance of the rendering by an amount it is quicker to just use CPU rendering which defeats the point Here is what I want to do: You can solve the whole system lagging to a laggy mess by using a separate GPU for the rendering and one for Windows, that is fine as I have a GTX 460 sitting here collecting dust The issue I think I'll face: If I plug both GPUs in and connect the screen to the 1070 I have haven't done anything, the system will still be laggy as the one GPU is still doing the rendering as well as the Windows UI. BUT if I plug the screens into the GTX 460 it should work all fine. But what happens when I want to game? Will I be limited to using the GTX 460 level of performance? or is there a way to route the processing from the GPU somehow through the GTX 460 videos output? or will I have to actually change the cables every time I wanna play something?
  6. roughavoc

    Two of the same model HDD, very different speeds

    The drives are 2 months old, both 1% fragmented I guess I have just lost the luck game
  7. roughavoc

    Two of the same model HDD, very different speeds

    Standard ones that come with the motherboard, both new cables (Z87 / B350) so it shouldn't be those : (
  8. Me and my brother both have a Seagate ST400DM004 (4TB) drive in our systems, both have roughly the same amount of data written, same hours powered, same basically everything The issue is when I run any hard drive benchmark software, lets go with CrystalDiskMark for now His Drive -- My Drive What could be the reasons for the difference in speeds? I know it isn't the platform as his system is my old system and my speeds haven't changed since going from Intel to AMD.
  9. roughavoc

    Batman Tumbler by F3nix Mods

    For the rest of the log could u tone down the vignette about 99% 8)
  10. roughavoc

    Not sure why my CPU temps are so high

    Yes, temps would be shit load higher if I didn't
  11. (Just a question to see if I am correct in my thought process) So I have a ghetto custom loop which I posted here a few days ago, my CPU temps are super bad, 80C max with 1.16V on Haswell. I have a strong feeling the block I am using (A Corsair H100 block) is the reason. When I run a GPU intensive benchmark the max temps top out around 45C and the airflow coming out of the case is somewhat warm however when doing a CPU benchmark with it's temps being around 80C the air coming from the loop is still room temp. I also roughly checked the temps of the tubes themselves, the intake to the GPU after going through 360mm of rads is room temp whilst the exhaust is warm which makes sense. When doing the same with a CPU test both tubes are cool. So with this very basic testing does this mean that the block is the reason for poor temps? I have bought a new block which is on the way already but I am just wondering what others think.
  12. roughavoc

    Ghetto watercooling project

    I feel like I should post how this project went: I found a pump / res combo on OCUK for £30. At that price I decided it is better off to not be super cheap and get something that should be somewhat reliable. Still stuck with the H100 and H55 as the blocks, bought some 6mmID/8mmOD tubing off of eBay along with the Mayhem X1 Oil UV Black Liquid and 2 Bitspower G1/4" to 1/4" fittings (needed to get tubing from the pump to the rest of the parts. I also De-Lidded my 4770k using the Vice only method, super easy to do (If I didn't have a vice made of rust) After cutting all the tubing off of the Corsair units I started removing the pumps from the blocks as well as looking for any gunk that may have been in the loop from the factory, both blocks were completely clean (This also allowed me to tell which was intake and what was outtake of the blocks) After that I started work on getting the tube distances all measured out roughly and started cutting. I didn't order much tubing so I made sure that I wasn't throwing any away. With it all fitted I moved onto filling and bleeding the loop, was a lot easier than I thought it would be, apart from I made one massive mistake and didn't somehow forgot there was still liquid in the tube + funnel I was using to pour into the res, lifted it out of the res and it went everywhere, that set be back about an hour as I had to check that everything was dry and even I wasn't sure so took apart the case to double check there was none left on the bottom of the motherboard. Powered it up and bleed the system, all the major bubbles went in about 5 mins, left the pump running for about 2 hours before I put the system back together, since then the liquid level in the res drops about 1-2mm each day. Images: IMGUR What I have done since then; I bought 3x Phanteks PH-F120MP and 2x Phantkes PH-F140MP which helped with airflow a lot. I swapped the direction of air flow as well I just bought the EK Supremacy Full Nickel for £40 and some more fittings as the CPU temps are just as high as using the H100 on it's own as after some testing I am sure the block itself is limiting the cooling Why I think this: When running a GPU benchmark I can feel the difference in temps between in the intake tube to the GPU and outtake even though it only running at 45C, when doing the same with the CPU running at 75-80C the tubes feel exactly the same. As well as despite De-Lidding, one core stays 10-15C lower than the others (I checked the TIM was applied correctly etc) The next change I want to do is to either find some very stick thermal pads to put some tiny copper heat sinks on the VRM section of my GPU as since water cooling I can't OC as much as I could on air with 100% fan despite running 40C cooler. This has to do due to the lack of heat sinks on the VRM.
  13. roughavoc

    Crazy high data written to SSD

    I'm back, it has been 10 days with the drive set to reliability mode and 2 TB has been written. There has to be something that is causing this, my PC is never slow and whenever I look at the task manager it all looks normal. I am pretty lost as to what it could be.
  14. roughavoc

    DSLR vs Mirrorless (clickbait)

    I'd grab the D3400, more versatile than the sony.
  15. roughavoc

    Ghetto watercooling project

    Kits are far too expensive, this project should cost £15 tops versus £150+ for a starter kit just to save some hassle here and there Thanks for the help with coolant though! would have made a mistake and just bought some distilled water.