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  1. dunno if they have a app but i really like protonvpn if you really have good reason to using a VPN i would pay for it if you dont pay for it you are the product
  2. could could install it on your own pc and see if the connection is getting disconnected otherwise you could make her screenshots step, by step how she has to install the software shouldnt take to long either
  3. maybe try something like: https://chocolatey.org/packages/malwarebytes its like apt-get but windows compatible
  4. depending on the codec the video is using you HAVE TO re-render it you can use ffmpeg to trim videos, if you know how to script you could even make a script that does multiple videos after each other ==>
  5. you prop have overwritten some styles.xml (src/main/res/values/styles.xml) if i where you i would try to change some colors till i find the right tag, the tags could be something like android:colorAccent | colorPrimaryVariant | colorOnSurface
  6. you can also write in the console would have given you just like intellisense
  7. what date are you talking about? last modified of a file, creation of a file, current date ...
  8. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5443304/how-to-change-an-android-apps-name changing the name in the header => val actionbar = supportActionBar actionbar!!.title = "YOUR NEW TITLE" i would use String resources instead of a hardcoded String btw if you are using java instead of kotlin just google actionbar title java
  9. you can implement everything you can think of in theory so just think of a design and implement it
  10. https://www.google.com/search?q=navigation+bar&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X
  11. if its always "x=y" and x & y are strings that dont contain "=" you could just split the string with '=' as delimiter and take the last part of the result "pseudo code" 1) input : String = "x=bla" inputSplitted : String = input.split("=") result : String = inputSplitted[1] //would give you "bla" 2) if its always "name=y" and y is any kind of string you should just do input : String = "name=test" result : String = input.remove("name=") 3) if "x=y" and you have a set of values that x could be you could use regex (would work for version 1/2 aswell) "test=y", "name=y", "tag=y" etc you could do something like patter := "(test|name|tage)=(.*)" where "(x_1|x_2|x_3|...|x_n") contains all your x_i of your set of possbile "tags" and use regexp to get the match for your "y" string
  12. @EL02 if you have question just post them im not sure if you know about bootstrap https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/examples/ maybe this makes stuff easier for you
  13. looks good - i esp like the feature & updates part! i would problem change the font-color of your loupe to the same color of youzr title-text-color same for the placeholder text-color (this placeholder doesnt have to be same color as text-color but i would make it a bit brighter) __________ i would fix the burger menu to the top so that if u scroll it doesnt float or i would fix the entire header and make it float, this way you dont have the problem with scrolling => white background => you cant see the burger-icon anymore ___ if you have fun making websites i maybe would take alook at some backend stuff like php (laravel) so that you can build fully functional websites your frontend already looks very good!
  14. for game dev i would say c++ if you know c/c++ most other languages are quite easy to learn if you know c++, c# should not be a problem to learn in a reasonable amount of time