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  1. Move this is it's not in the right area. With le floating plane actively being worked on, had an idea or 2 for you. 1) Removed Videos (i don't mean copyright) - add a box to add a reason for removing the video for the creator - so they can say, "Re uploading due to an error" - and have the default placeholder "This video was removed by the user" - Same with private videos, actually put some text there, instead of youtube's "This video is unavailable" - put "This video has been set to private" - Just so if someone clicks a notification, they don't get a generic error page 2) I'm sure you have heard of most of the following, but i'll say them anyway - Slow mode for chats - not that i expect it to be wildly popular with 100,000 people on every live stream straight away, but hey, it will get there - OSD (kind of like youtube? but maybe configurable?) - so if i pick 1080p, and hover over the video whilst its playing in full screen, i just get a bar at the bottom with pause and progess (and thats it, simplicity), and at the top i can see video title, quality, etc? I had more and i'll edit this if i remember, but i'm tired right now.. Happy 9AM UK time
  2. I think they are pretty much the same, but + is a little harder to work with (all my HFS partitions are HFS+, didnt think about that) - i'll look into it, thanks!+
  3. Yeah basically a bootable CD to clone the drive to an image that i can restore to a bigger SSD with the same bootable CD. Most of the windows ones i've tried can't seem to restore HFS partitions properly. Rather not use Linux DD to do it, but i'll give it a go anyway
  4. I'll give that a go, didnt't think about booting linux to be honest.. it's been a long day Cheers!
  5. No, i get that. I have no experience using dd really except copying and pasting some commands, and i just want the easiest method. For the locked thread, i get that, just thought it was important to mention as i know the behaviour of the drives can be slightly different, but yeah really just looking for a decent osx one i guess. If you have any experience with DD feel free to help The idea was to make an image of the drive, and restore the image. Most of the windows ones don't restore the partitions correctly, and can't find an OSX one with a bootable CD
  6. Ok, let's try this again To mods: THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT HACKINTOSH HELP Looking for some drive mirroring software to move from a 128GB SSD to a 500GB SSD. I'm currently running a hackintosh, so obviously i can run windows software too, however THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR HELP ABOUT THAT. The problem i have, it none of the drive mirroring software i have tried can mirror HFS drives properly (HFS=Mac's file system), does anyone have any suggestions for a drive mirroring software that will mirror all 3 partitions correctly (EFI (Fat 32), Recovery (HFS) & Main SSD Partition (HFS) ) via a bootable CD, so i can restore it to a newly installed drive again via a bootable CD. There used to be a nice free one that i can't remember the name of and can't seem to find anymore! Ideal requirements would be: Free Fastish Ideally block by block copy Bootable CD (this one is a must) If mods still think this is about hackintosh help, it's not - think of it this way. i need a drive cloning boot cd for mac, as none of the windows ones mirror HFS properly. (also moved to better section this time) Thanks!
  7. Sweet, sweet modbait here I'm an experienced hackintosh'er, i'm looking for a drive cloning software that will mirror HFS drives properly. All the ones i have tried, including windows based ones, for some reason don't restore HFS drives properly, and i'm ideally looking for a free one, going from a 128GB SSD to a 500GB SSD. Any suggestions on a good one?
  8. You could always build a small form factor PC with full desktop performance, if you're going to be staying in Hotels, chances are, they've got a TV, plus loads of games can be played with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controller, so you could go small form factor and have a wired (or wireless) controller. That's something that I have been considering for a while now
  9. Whilst these headphones are NOT ANC, e.g needing battery - they do have pretty thick ear pads and shielding so are naturally noise isolating - put it this way, i can't hear traffic or the bus i'm on when i'm wearing them and playing music. They also have an adjustable bass slider and are pretty good quality. - Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's (currently £99 on amazon in the UK) - and amazon has a good returns policy if you don't like them
  10. The Left is Quick Charge 3, something by qualcomm (who makes the processor for your phone) that enables faster charging if you use that power brick. I believe the one on the right is something to do with power delivery but i'm not sure
  11. As a tech guy i can agree with both ways. I have a unique, strong password for each service, so if one is compromised then they don't have access to anything else. But having a single, hardened login with access to everything else also works. most password managers work this way. I'm just not a fan of linking all of my services together with one login. If that login gets compromised, if it's because the service was hacked, a vulnerability, or a weak password and no 2FA for some reason - they have access to much more than that one accoung.
  12. Just got home and PM'd him, hopefully i get a reply Cheers for the help mate!
  13. So this is probably the wrong forum, Does anyone have any idea how to import an Outlook PST file into a clients cPanel account... both google and the cPanel forums are not being very helpful Mods, feel free to move this if it's in the wrong section -Norman
  14. I'm on mobile currently i can't even load the PM page so i'll tag him here until i get home! @colonel_mortis or not ^
  15. Right, i want to convert my account to just an email and password login, instead of logging in via twitter. On some forums, you can simply unlink twitter and it will ask you to pick a username and password, here i get this: Sorry, there is a problem You cannot disassociate Twitter because you have no other method of signing in. Error code: 1C122/I Is there any way to do this? i'm happy to keep my username but i would like to set an individual password, and unlink from twitter. - Norman