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    Intel i7-6700K
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    Asus Z170I Gaming
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    16GB Corsair LP 3000
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    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW
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    Phanteks Evolv ITX
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    Samsung Evo 850 (250GB) WD Blue (1TB) WD Green (3TB)
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    Silverstone Strider Gold S 750W 80+ Gold
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    Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q, Visio P55-C1
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    Noctua NH-D15
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    IBM Model M
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    Razor Naga 2014
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    Windows 10 Professional
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  1. It's been a long time since I've been around a consumer CRT. I remember a high-pitch whine from the ones I used to have years ago but these don't seem to have that. I can take a video if you'd like.
  2. Remember back when monitors didn't used to have motion blur or input latency? PVM remembers. Remember when 480i was all you needed and all this muck about HDR and Four-K was just a far off space opera fantasy that only existed inside the imaginations of science fiction writers? PVM remembers. Look, I get it. I have a modern 4K display for my console and comfy couch PC gaming. I even have a GSync monitor because why not, I shouldn't have nice things? But I tried emulation--Lordy I tried. Maybe I've got a screw loose but it just isn't the same. I can't always place it but games running on an emulator hardly ever feel *right*. I can live with scaling and clean scan-line free pixels but I just can't bring myself to enjoy emulated games in most cases (PSX on PS Vita being a notable exception). A big part of that is latency. I know I don't need to use high-end monitors such as these to get the feel of gaming on original hardware. I just need original hardware and any old CRT. But if you're going to commit to the sizable amount of space a CRT takes you might as well go bonkers and try to go for the best IQ possible. Enter the PVM. From a practical point of view I feel like these are significantly better than your average consumer end television. The boxy shape and handles (!!!) make them relatively easy to transport. I set these up a few days ago and I forgot how much I miss the hands on instant gratification of trim pots. Not having to cycle through menus is a breath of fresh air. Both of these were work-horses in the medical field. The Sony is a 600TVL 19" 1953ST which was part of an endoscopy suite. PVMs that were used in hospitals are nice because they're often in good condition and weren't running 24/7 unlike those used in production/broadcast/security. The Olympus is a white-label Sony Trinitron PVM-20M2UDU that was also used as a monitor for an endoscope. How do they look? Well, keep YouTube's compression in mind but...
  3. This really belongs here I moved and am setting the new place up. The TV is my main gaming station nowadays. Desk doesn't get much use but I want to replace it with something cleaner.
  4. To be honest... I don't use the desk or monitor that much since getting this TV. I usually sit fairly far back though. I hate my desk and want to replace it.
  5. I moved into a new place a bit ago and resolved to finally have a respectable gaming set-up. No more cables sticking out every which way and no more random bookshelves to store my games/accessories of multiple different shapes and sizes. When I moved in the first thing I realized was that my 55" TV was too small. I did a lot of research before buying it back in 2016 (Vizio P-55) and at the time it was pretty much the best bang for your buck set that money could buy. That is, you'd have to spend a lot more to not end up with diminishing returns. I digress... 1. TV is a Samsung Q8fn 65". I was torn between this TV, the Q9fn and the Vizio Quantum P. The Vizio Quantum P is by far the best bang=buck proposition as far as non-OLED panels are concerned but lags behind in 4K HDR/4:4:4 input latency performance. If gaming weren't so important to me, I would have gone with the Vizio (which is still an excellent set for gaming. My choice was aided by the fact that the Vizio P-Series quantum is next to impossible to find (I've only ever seen it for sale on Costco's website) and virtually impossible to find in a brick-and-mortar to see for itself. Part of my reasoning behind getting this TV was the fact that it supports VRR/Freesync and Nvidia recently put out an update allowing the use of freesync on their cards. I knew G-Sync was DP only but unfortunately I erroneously assumed that since freesync works over HDMI on AMD GPUs that it'd work the same on my GTX 1080 Ti. Not so. You need to connect it to display port. No other way around it. This kind of sucks because it was a big factor in deciding to get this TV. 2. Sound bar is a Polk Magnifi Mini. It's okay. Way better than the TVs built in sound but I've had it for a while and it was a holdover from back when I was more constricted on space. Unfortunately, as I currently live in an apartment I don't see myself upgrading any time soon. 3. Inputs are as follows: Input 1: PC Input 2: Powered 5-in-1 HDMI Switch -> XBox One S, PS4 Pro, Switch, PS3, GameCube (w/ CARBY HDMI adapter) Input 3: Wii w/ HDMI adapter Input 4: ARC (Soundbar) 4. The TV stand is from Best Buy but I got one for $100 from a store that gets a lot of used/open box stuff from Best Buy. Here's my exact stand that I quite like a lot although it's a bit small for this TV. I'd prefer to have a stand as wide as the TV but you can't always get what you want. *shrug* 5. Media shelves are 4 these Ikea Besta units and glass shelves. I don't love these as they don't sell the shallower ones like what I've got in a taller unit. You've got to buy two and stack them on top of eachother. Plus, it's not possible to stack 3 layers of DVD size cases on top of one another which has caused me to have to get creative with how I space out my media. I suppose I should be glad because it's been a heck of a time trying to find stuff like this. Before I just had misc stuff I found at various salvation armys and goodwills. Because my desk resides to the left of my TV/entertainment center I don't have the space I'd need to ideally set each shelf several inches away from the TV. The only solution to this problem would be for me to get rid of my desk which I've contemplated doing for a number of reasons. 6. I have too many games. Between Price Charting and Steam Calculator I've got about $10,000 tied up in physical media and $1500-5,500 in Steam. Not counting GOG, Origin, and uPlay. I'd like to think of it as a bit of a curated collection. All killer / no filler. Vast majority of anything I own physically is stuff that's hardware exclusive as that's pretty much the only thing I'm interested in on consoles. If something gets a superior PC release I'll just play it there. Otherwise I stick to original hardware unless I'm priced out of collecting and near-perfect emulation is possible. My thoughts on this are muddled and inconsistent. I'll buy physical versions of indies on Switch because that's my preferred platform for non-graphically intensive pick up and play sorts of games. Switch just feels like "home" to a lot of games from Okami to Monster Boy. 7. Cable managing this shit wasn't as hard as I would have thought. I ran adhesive strips of velcro along the rear edges of the back of the entertainment center and bundled cables together with strips of velcro that I stuck to the edges of the stand. The end result came out pretty good although I wish there were a better way to hide the power strip/surge protector and cables. 8. My walls are barren. No joke, I want to get a giant print of this to hang on the wall behind my couch. I feel like it's a good idea to do something on the wall behind the TV but I'm not quite sure what. I plan to get a new recliner as well as the one I have doesn't exactly go well with my couch. I've been in the new place about a month and some change and I'm trying to make it my own. What do you guys think? Any advice? I wish I had a better desk but I just don't have the space...
  6. I didn't actually submerge my card in water. However, I did disassemble it to try a repaste. I noticed that the etchings on the GPU die were mirrored on the heat sink surface which, first of all, wow. But then it makes me think the cooler was torqued down so hard that it actually stamped the numbers onto the cold plate. Maybe that squeezed out so much of the TIM that it caused the issues I seeing? Maybe I should call MSI.
  7. What the fuck why would it ruin the card if I let it dry out for hours in front of my space heater?! What the FUCK?.
  8. Well I did that and now my card doesn't work at all. I let it dry first but now when I turn it on the fans don't spin up and the lights don't come on.
  9. Will those brackets even fit the MSI Gaming X?
  10. Are the aftermarket air coolers any good? I've read mixed reviews...
  11. Maybe I can find someone who wants to trade with me. Someone who's water cooling anyway and wants to trade their Strix + $100~ cash on my end. Think anyone would go for that?
  12. I bought the card close to launch, it was the only aftermarket card available for a couple months. Companies whose products I will never buy again. 1. Gigabyte 2. MSI
  13. This is freaking me the fuck out. Why am I getting in the upper 70s bone stock with the fan going up to almost 80 percent?
  14. Any opinions on the Morpheus 2 cooler?