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  1. Navin

    how fast can you type?

    This fast
  2. Navin

    XFX r9 290 GREEN lines on screen

    Whoah ! OK Then ill just do it. Thanks for the reply guys.
  3. Recently bought a new system gigabyte b85 ds3h A mobo xfx radeon r9 290 core i3 16gb crucial ram crucial ssd 120gb The system runs fine when run from motherboard HDMI. As soon as I plug the gpu HDMI the monitor shows green lines on the screen and random artifacts. After some time the entire display goes off but just the hdd light is ON. Any idea what the problem could be?
  4. Sccesfully got my lane working... All I did was completely remove the system power and re start, everytime I relog without completely removing power from motherboard the lan stops working. my dynamic and static ip gets kind of overwritten for some reason and make the Ethernet un detectable. so powering off completely wipes everything I guess.
  5. Navin

    System powers on but does not boot consistently

    Try reinstalling the gpu. If that does not work remove the gpu and try to boot.
  6. Navin

    Super PSU problem

    If u can try to open the PSU and see for loose connections
  7. Navin

    Super PSU problem

    I had almost the same problem with seasonic 500 w so was checking for loose fittings. Installed the PSU and I saw sparks after switching on the system. It's better to send them for a RMA before it gets out of control.
  8. I am now away from my pc I'll get one as soon as I get to it .
  9. The device manager does detect the LAN chip but it says unidentified network in the network options
  10. I want to test some programs on win 10. That's the reason I installed the preview. If I get back to win 7 and install win 10 after release using the reserve option I still have to wait for the drivers which I don't know how long it will take Asus to release .
  11. Yes i did reinstall all drivers .I haven't tried the compatiblity option yet I'll try it .thanks for the reply
  12. All other drivers are working fine. So anyone with a Asus z87 board will face this problem. But I don't see that cos a friend of mine has the formula board and it works fine .
  13. Yup my previous version was win7 .literally wiped all drivers and re installed
  14. LAN not working on Asus motherboard after installing windows 10