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  • CPU
    I7 5820k @4.5 ghz 1.27v
  • Motherboard
    ASRock x99 extreme4
  • RAM
    G.skill 4x4gb
  • GPU
    2 x EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Hybrid @ 2124 Mhz
  • Case
    Thermaltake core x9
  • Storage
    Mushkin 120gb ssd X 2 raid 0 hgst 1 tb X 4 raid 0 w/ 4tb external backup
  • PSU
    Evga g3 1000w
  • Cooling
    280 mm alpha cool rad x 2 Ek d5 pump

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  1. Hey, you went for Howard Wolowitz. I respect you.

  2. Discord is open and run for anyone to use. Personally I have a home server that I set up to run a VM with teamspeak for me and my friends, but if I didn't have the hardware at my disposal discord would be my go to.
  3. its definitely a budget mother board. however it should easily handle the 3200g and most likely would be fine with a non oc'd 3600. I also mentioned upgrading to the pro4 version of the same mobo, however i was trying to keep under the budget he originally posted.
  4. As you wanted to take upgrade ability into account I have made a few changes. Single 8gb dimm in order to move to 2x8gb down the line SSD as its only a few $ more than the hdd and will have significant quality of life benefit. Larger psu to give future power headroom for cpu and gpu upgrades there is also the pro4 version of the asrock mobo that has 4 dimms and better cpu power delivery as well for ~$16 more PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor $124.25 @ shopRBC Motherboard ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $66.24 @ Vuugo Memory G.Skill NT Series 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4-2133 Memory $44.99 @ Newegg Canada Storage Intel 660p Series 512 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $74.99 @ Amazon Canada Case Thermaltake Versa H15 MicroATX Mid Tower Case $44.99 @ Memory Express Power Supply Corsair CXM 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply $69.99 @ Canada Computers Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total (before mail-in rebates) $470.45 Mail-in rebates -$45.00 Total $425.45 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-08-24 22:48 EDT-0400
  5. Link is still broken. From what you have given in your post 2x4 is technically better as it would fully use the dual channel memory bandwidth. However, you want to easily upgrade in the future adding a second 8gb dimm would be easier. Also ryzen tends to over clock better running on 2 dimms over 4, which is what you would end up with in the future trying to upgrade to 16gb ram (4x4). The stock cooler should be more than enough for the 2200g at stock settings, and may work with minimal overclocking.
  6. If you are getting an RTX 2080 ti you should be looking at 1440p , ultra wide or 4k high refresh rate monitors. Like @SenKa said a 1000 watt psu should be thrown in for good measure and to give head room for overclocking. Finally as it is make-a-wish night as well shoot for the sky and ask for a couple a 4tb samsung ssds for data storage instead of the hard drives.
  7. I usually shoot for at least 1 more intake than exhaust .
  8. Some boards. Depending on the traces and the quality of the PCB they have been able to transmit PCIe 4 signals to the top x16 slot. However i believe that AMD is removing this as a possibility in one of the next micro coded updates.
  9. Like @brwainer said that interference is really more of a concern then people try running high and low voltage parallel for a significant run. Also here is an explanation about the difference in Cat standards. basically cat 7 would be the most stable, however they state that cat 6a should be more than enough for most peoples needs https://planetechusa.com/blog/ethernet-different-ethernet-categories-cat3-vs-cat5e-vs-cat6-vs-cat6a-vs-cat7-vs-cat8/
  10. ya that looks close enough to the 24 pin connector that I would bet that at a minimum the mobo and psu are dead.
  11. In the bios you should be able to go to the oc tab and adjust the memory speed. Instead of just selecting the stock xmp profile set the memory speed to say 3200mhz. If you haven't done so already reseat your ram too. And finally not judging but review your mobo manual and make sure that you have installed the ram in the correct slots
  12. you could get new non rgb fans for the rad and then use the rgb fans as exhaust on the back and top of the case
  13. Have you tried setting the ram to a slower speed to see if its a ryzen ram issue?
  14. Are you going to have both your CPU and GPU in the loop? How many rads and how large are you planning on running?
  15. is the memory from your old laptop ddr4 and removable? a lot of laptops are moving to soldered ram which would prevent this. for $100 more you can pick up something like this with all new hardware and a warranty that i would more likely trust. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/acer-nitro-5-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-256gb-solid-state-drive-shale-black/6212602.p?skuId=6212602