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  1. Today nVidia and Dice finally rolled out drivers to allow players to enable DXR Ray Tracing. The results are laughable for some, and expected for others. RTX2070 is simply unable to run RTX at 1080p 60FPS. 2080 and 2080ti can barely hold out at 60FPS 1080p. What do you think? Is it just another gimmick like PhysX and Hairworks? https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/battlefield-v-raytracing-features-are-now-enabled.html
  2. PopsicleHustler

    Question fan noise cpu in game

    It depends on what you're looking at. If scene that you're looking at requires more CPU power (For example a large crowd of people), then CPU get hotter because it has to process more data. Its absolutely normal.
  3. PopsicleHustler

    Your thoughts on Alienware.

    Thank you all for responding. I will be picking AW3418HW as Christmas present for my brother. I saw one in my local PC store, 1080p on 34inch ultrawide doesn't look bad, in fact when you're playing games and sitting 3-4ft away, I could not see individual pixels, and that is coming from someone who is gaming on X34. I was a little worried about getting monitor from Alienware since I never used their products, but from your responses and other reviews, it seems like a solid choice. Case Closed.
  4. PopsicleHustler

    Tearing with Gsync

    Have you tried turning it off to see if tearing gets worse and gameplay feels less smooth?
  5. PopsicleHustler

    Your thoughts on Alienware.

    Hi Recently I've been looking into some Alienware products, particularly monitors, and they seem very good. Priced fair, and quality seems very good. In EU Alienware isn't very popular, probably be they have same reputation of Razer, selling overpriced hardware. So I would like to hear opinion of others, maybe even some first hand users.
  6. PopsicleHustler

    Tearing with Gsync

    Is Gsync enabled in the Nvidia CP?
  7. PopsicleHustler

    Difference between 100hz and 144hz

    Recently I went from 75Hz to 100Hz monitor. Difference is very noticeable.
  8. PopsicleHustler

    Predator Z35 - What do you think?

    Hi, I need an opinion/first hand experience on Acer Predator Z35. My brother wants this monitor, and I thought I'd make him a Christmas present. I've heard some good and some bad things about it. Some say its amazing, others say its horrible because of ghosting. I was also debating to buy it for myself, but ended up getting a X34 This monitor is only 1080p, but his system is i5 8600k and GTX1070, so getting 1440p ultrawide will be stretching his system beyond its limits, hence why 1080p ultrawide is ok. Before you say "Omg it will look like crap with low PPI*, I've been to my local center and seen 34 inch 1080p monitors, they more than acceptable. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B014F9QHVC/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A2NVH5TXDWZ5IT&psc=1
  9. PopsicleHustler

    gtx 1080 low performance ?

    Try putting resolution scale to 125%.
  10. PopsicleHustler

    why do people spend so much on Fortnite skins?

    This depends on country and culture. I was born in small slav country where cloths, phone and your car was a symbol of status. You won't believe that people with salary of 300-400 euros are taking a debt just to buy a shiny new Galaxy S9+ or some expensive AF jeans only because they want to look cool and rich. Then I moved to Ireland where situation is completely opposite. People here could care less what phone to use as long as it can open instagram. Need new pants? Goes to Penneys, buys new pants for 10 euros - solved.
  11. PopsicleHustler

    why do people spend so much on Fortnite skins?

    Because why not? If its a good looking clothing skin for your character in a game that you play alot, don't see a reason not to spend some cash if you have some to spare.
  12. PopsicleHustler

    Motherboard went nuclear, what now?

    If I get it correctly, those are CPU power delivery fets? So your CPU might be dead. stuff like RAM/drives,GPU should be alive.
  13. PopsicleHustler


    Have you checked input device in the settings? Right click your volume button in the windows tray.
  14. PopsicleHustler

    GPU Upgrade Advice

    Don't do SLI. Its a hit or miss, some games benefit from it, some will perform worse, some won't even support it.
  15. PopsicleHustler

    Trouble in getting stable FPS

    You're either CPU or RAM battlenecked. Get MSI Afterburner and monitor usages for CPU/GPU/RAM.